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First slot

  • emma needs a TD
  • has a sort of set designer , June, who can assemble pieces but not draft
  • megan would be willing to draft? Or at least walk emma through?
  • adam wyron! He should be the td! How do we make this happen!


  • is owed Grant Money. For serious. For the bonas Grant
  • wants in on our listserve Server in the way that mf is
  • except that our listserve is relatively illegal, so we don’t feel so ok about that
  • WITS: they want the downspace for mini musicals in the spring,
  • need a larger space than the upspace ideally, they will apply possibly with mf for a week of musicals!


  • is set.

Strike Jobs

  • sam: furniture, floating, upspace
  • megan: run it
  • drew: shop
  • lily: costumes
  • justin: b.o
  • daria: props and hot room
  • oona: electrics in the room
  • serge: electrics in the space
  • jess: paint room, floating


  • jess will run, daria will mentor
  • support team! Everyone but megan
  • timeline:
    • scripts due wednesday at 11:59, decision on friday at 4, directors due monday at 5, we read and decide that night, auditions, weds, thurs. Start publicizing audition times now, tell directors the audition times
  • all work is submitted anonomously:
    • 3 copies of script without name, put in box office, put name and name of play in an envelope and seal it. They can submit more than one. 10-15 min.
  • going into class:
    • daria does guhahamutra
    • oona: screen II (mon 3 at wilson 109) ta3 (11:50 on tues.)
    • megan: ta3 (3pm)
    • justin: play writing I (3pm monday, becker)
  • lil is making fbook and the twitter!!


  • auditions 3-6, 7-10 in Wilson TBA (jess will book 5 rooms)
  • meet and greet with creative team (directors/writers) upspace 11:15
  • serge will put plays up on the website
  • jess will email professors of writing classes
  • need an sm and lighting designer- all publicity should say that, it’s an awesome froshie opp!


  • jess will board buddy ellie swyack
  • lily will “buddy” morgan if he proposes
  • brian cross will figure out rights, he will contact daria
  • daria will deal with rights
  • wait until dark (lee), three sisters (??morgan), alice in wonderland (Andre Gregory) (ellie), agamemmenon (ariel), the pillowman (brian) play about the baby (doug)
  • decision meeting: sat. at 9am, stop at 5 or 6 depending on daria’s boston trip,
  • interviews starting at 10:30, everyone bring in a question and we add stocks
  • buddies will follow


  • preliminary cleaning of the shop would be great
  • we will have both strikes, we are not too worried


  • we need to make a list of money that is owed to various people, how much they’re owed.
  • everyone who is owed money needs to be emailed
  • do we need to see bank statements?
  • can we get a credit card from the sao? Can that be how we give shows money?
  • we need to make a protocal about reciepts, have a file in the b.o for copies of reciepts; this is all visions stuff.
  • bozos need to talk to their production managers.
  • megan needs to get signatory training
  • CONCLUSION: we need a money meeting to figure this all out.
    • 8pm on Tuesday, green room.
  • board calendar and general calendar: lily can find the pw cal online, and she will make our own special one herself. Everyone email lily their gmail thinger.
  • we haven’t set second semester slot dates, lily will set them and I will them put them in the minutes.
  • pw is not just for brown, is for the world! Visions meeting, publicity
  • publicity person should be on the proposal
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