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Minutes for September 13th, 2009



Elegy to IKEAfutura

ROSES: “Tom Goes to the Mayor”, Pop Tarts eaten raw, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, opening NFL weekend, sausage/quinoa/grilledcheese extravaganza, rink opening, excited about design for Tartuffe, help for Danube/fantastic.

THORNS: Eggs on your stomach and frozen Tim Gunn, Rafael has a collapsed lung (DEAR GOD ACTUAL THORN), still need to find a 4th class, need a source of music, sausage/quinoa/grilledcheese extravaganza, broke up with boyfriend, starting year off on the wrong foot- no sleep, only one pair of bright green Cosco socks/already missing family.


  1. they’re pretty hot and thus can offset Drew
  2. 8 notebooks of names!
  3. sending just the froshies a welcome email?
    1. too much work. Just the weekly.
  4. JESS will type up the names into an Excel document


  1. cigarettes are winging their way to Seekonk
  2. house manager shifts next weekend
  3. Serge has a friend who’s coming to see it.


  1. Justin’s had no emails


  1. Dylan Nelson: sound designer!
  2. Production Meeting: still seeking Asst. Costumes and Lighting
  3. We help with Publicity, but they make it and we fill in the blanks
    1. Publicity Manager? Did we forget about this?
    2. Proposal buddies are supposed to talk about publicity

-They want half a white wall. We are telling them they have to paint the whole wall back, but we will pay for half.


  1. Decision Meeting: October 3rd

-Vision Meeting: Oct. 17th

  1. New Membs: Nov. 7th


  1. We’re gonna clean today!
  2. Room people should talk to TDs of the show about cleanliness?

-Say something at strike. Instill the gravity of the PDubs. And bring the fear. -Names should go up on room doors.


  1. MF would prefer a week in the Spring rather than now.

MARY POPPINS?? That would be cool

  1. Lily G.

JOBS (Changes)

  1. Writers: Sam
  2. Archives: Daria, Lily
  3. Calendar Strumpette: Serge
  4. Activities Fair: Megan
  5. ADOCH: Megan
  6. PWAQ: Daria, Megan
  7. Alumni Grant: Daria
  8. Chair Inscriptions: Lily, obviously
  9. Fundraising: Megan
  10. Wizards: Sam, Oona, Megan
  11. Pawn Broker: Megan
  12. Daria: Chair Stacker/Chacker
  13. Daria: Props
  14. Justin: Utility Closet instead of Sound Pile
  15. New Plays: Sam
  16. Daria: SOTG Liason
  17. -Megan: BBrokes Liason
  18. Serge: SandB
  19. Megan: RandR
  20. Serge: AHAB folks (BUGS, BOP)
  21. Daria: BSR
  22. Press Contact: Lily


Serge -Megan, Serge, Jess need card access!!!


  1. Andrew’s magic show shit is being dumpeeeed
  2. Sam will call Andrew and ask if he wants to keep it.


  1. Reimbursements from last year
  2. Check the Bursar’s office.
  3. Lacey Drucker needs her cash. Her money. Her moola.
  4. Jess will get Lacey’s address.


  2. Commencement Week Celebration
  3. Daria, Drew, Megan, Jess, Lily
  4. Drew will send out an email to find a meeting time
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