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Minutes for September 7th, 2009

ROSES: finally DJing today, couscous, excitement for the year, smaller numbers, “We are Golden” by Mika, being back and getting life in order, feeling actually together (gasps and applause), size of room

THORNS: finding a 4th class, reduced numbers, moving in and mold, carrying ugly smelly stroke couches, the state of upspace couch, never enough time, already behind.

“Karma. Not Always a Bitch.” -Lily


  1. Theater Orientation- 9:00 Wed. Night in Stuart Lobby
    • DREW can get the script from last year
    • more descriptive of us, less splashy
    • descriptive/splashy ratio will be decided by LILY, SERGE, DARIA AND JUSTIN. 10 at Georges.

Activities Fair

  1. 6:30 in the OMAC (runs 7:30-9:30)
  2. DARIA and MEGAN organizing
    • to bring: flyers (DARIA), posters, photos, programs, candy, sign

Day in the Space

  1. 2:30 pm Sunday
    • meeting at 11 am, clean at 12:30
  2. talk it up at both events
  3. OONA will email MF: tell em to help clean, bring money for pizza and they're in.


  1. shit happens to the space every year - should graduating seniors be the PW caretakers?
    • yes, it's a nice honor. But they should have a junior on it with them.
    • next year, we pay attention.

SEGUEWAY... Upspace light board is fucked.

  1. DREW is taking it in this week: will get quote, report back
    • 1500 for repair or 3000 for new?
  2. OONA will ask Tim again about mainstage board

Moral: Take Better Care of Our Light Boards


  1. 1 or 2 big meetings. want to use the downspace
    • we say no. at least for this sunday, but pretty much no.
  2. DARIA is BSRozo
    • live music Thursdays are a problem - offer them mondays instead on show weeks.


  1. Advertise it to the froshies!
    • auditions: wed. 5:30-8:30, thurs. 7-11, fri. 4-5:30 and 8-11.
  2. OONA is Bozo
  3. needs a costume designer


  1. JUSTIN is the new captain
  2. LILY will advertise on fbook
  3. Due. Wed. 23rd, meeting tentatively that Saturday
  4. Proposal Buddies
    • Drew: Ariel
    • Oona: Lee
    • Lily: Doug


  1. Grad student plays went to RandR
    • this is sad. we want to build new and exciting ties with these awesome or soon to be awesome playwrights!
    • idea of little directors festival, except with grad plays, put forth by SAM. to be discussed with Erik Ehn and at the VISION MEETING: bring calendars on Sunday.
  2. Lottery is Wed. 16th.
    • OONA and DREW will email MF/BBrokes about whether or not they want a week.
    • LILY will make a fbook event


  1. posters for lighting design.
    • maybe in the Green Room? maybe a library? to be discussed.
  1. shop needs to be cleaned
    • concur and defer for a later time/day with MF. preliminary clean on sunday.
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