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Here: Drew, Daria, Jess, Oona, Megan, Serge, Lily
Missing: Sam
Visiting: Doug, Hannah (PAtB!)


sleep, cheese, awesome dr. who, attempt to grow a beard during rehearsal process, new umbrella (and jeans, always), plans for delicious dinner, delicious mama food to eat, bacarro for dinner w/o paying, no roses, russian 5mizza song


people being environmentally unresponsible with water bottles, grumpiness, nightmares about awesome dr. who, homework for this week, mice, short burma club play that has not happened yet, paper due tomorrow, no friend in boston/thesis pages at noon/jack gill is sleeping through jeopardy audition, lots to do, no sleep


  1. hannah is PMing!
  2. drew is talking to chris tyler about the program add swapping idea
    • we will put a line about leavittsburg in the program, not a ¼ pg. add
  3. are we ok with actors as house managers
    • as long as they have board oversight and they do the karma box, then we’re cool
  4. doug has a full staff! And a full name! tis Douglas.
    • megan helped a lot, so mad props, she will be invited next door for dinner
  5. lets put it in the email asking for assistants


  1. justin has a nice idea: house manager reports!
    • send a quick email about money, number of people, any notable events
  2. strike jobs
    • drew- running it
    • oons- electrics in the womb
    • jones- B.O
    • lily- costumes
    • jess- paint room
    • daria- props
    • megan- shop
    • serge- electrics in space
    • sam- furniture, upspace


  1. the board will help jess if she needs it
    • serge and lily will hang out post their techs
    • margaret will have help!
  2. jess will make the program
  3. house managing
    • fri: megan, oons
    • sat @8: jessica
    • sat @12: sam
    • sun: serge, drew
    • mon: justin, daria


  • This would be a good week to get hit by a car –L.G


  • @ 10-3pm with lunch 12:30-1
  • we will need a dumpster
  1. clean out the shop
  2. costume shop
    • clean it all out
    • figure out if we want to build a cutting table, but don’t actually
  3. wire new monitor system
  4. paint the upspace: floor and walls
  5. box office: archiving, clean up
    • megan and daria will bring scanners
    • daria will spearhead the archive


  1. the outlets need face plates and to be a little more grounded
  2. we can’t have nice pneumatic things
    • our circuits don’t support them
    • it’ll cost a lot of money to replace all of our wiring
    • it is maybe not worth it


  • light in the stairwell is still not fixed
  • justin put a work order in, we are powerless
  • Friday at 3:30 we will meet about alumni party at john street
  • oona will probably be there, as will daria
  • has business! Philly is a great town!
  • Drew says no
  • Whoops.

Drew uses too much bottled water
But he listens to Christmas music to look forward
Because he loves Christmas like a little child
And he has a Christmas sweater
We will do secret santa sometime soon

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