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no homework done since midterm, re-emergent lesbian, living in a house next year x 2, jet setting, good morning Baltimore! another housee


lots of homework, don’t like set design, jet setting, 47 or maybe 36 dollars wasted on stupid public transportation, no immediate thorns but midterms loom


  1. house managers!
    • FRIDAY: Jess
    • SUNDAY @ 2:
    • SUNDAY @8: Megan
    • MONDAY: Drew, Serge
  2. house manager speech is in portugese with projections
  3. should a board member dumb show the karma box?
  4. in general we want to do this ourselves, with the karma box. we get more money.


  1. doug needs a TD
    1. megan will talk to clara
    2. maybe jay will help?
    3. drew will take them to paragon!!!!!
  2. doug has a week less than he thought he did. What the fuck.
  3. OK doug presses on! He is champ!
  4. auditions! this thurs. 7-11, fri. 4-6, 7-10
  5. callbacks sat. whenevs
    1. 3c2c people ask their directors about auditioning
    2. scripts are in the becker
  6. doug will do fbook, lily will do s&b email please (
  7. rights are done.


  1. marissa might want to SM!
  2. get a freshmen!! Lubens will mentor
  3. megan will email connie!!!!!! About sm for 3c2c and play about the baby
  4. leandro will LD! amazing!!!
  5. drew will contact margaret and ask her to assist leandro
  6. daria will bozo her show, sam his, serge his, drew will bozo james, jess will bozo traffic
  7. directors can talk to leandro starting Friday
  8. acting space is about 10×20 ft.
  9. jess will email directors to check in, ask them if there’s a tech time they can’t do


  1. megan is LD-ing!
  2. drew will contact a freshman on his floor about poss. designing.


  1. drew needs Morgan's exact translation for rights


  1. BUGS closet doesn’t lock
  2. need a dumpster for strike on the 19th
  3. megan and drew need to meet about the shop.


  1. purchasing new speakers
  2. this weekend! 9am at someones house please- lily??


  1. need a new date
  2. let’s do Saturday- Nov. 14th


  • board needs the dates up on the website, also can you update the written dates under the calendar on the website?
  • andrew’s shit is gone!! Rejoice!
  • we can plug the air compressor into a dimmer but only if we know what we’re doing
  • is writing a play in New York and doing fancy New York things!
  • he might be not around sometimes, but hopefully not when its important
  • Daria and Serge are doing Bonas, we had money from it last semester
  • 50th anniversary!
    • drew and jess will set up a meeting time
    • we will have skits! And a chocolate fountain! Never again!
  • who is the email person? It is Serge.
  • money is fine
  • we should do something with wizards. Eventually.
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