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had a lovely day, feelin good, sensible night, birthday party with strangers that was wonderful, all of us, not going to strike, feel pretty good/gossip girl, bop’s spring show, daria looks hot, lots of sleep


Missed Tartuffe falling asleep in John St, not enough hours in the day, lots of work, classes and spencers class and work, last night, homework day, second strike in a week, Hitler youth haircut, no one will clean up the backyard


  1. still needs a TD
  2. still have james hart
  3. lumber!
  4. board member needs to step up if no-one can do it
  5. sam allen? Lily will ask
  6. meeting today at 3:30
  7. megan will not build the set
  8. serge will talk to adam wyron
  9. oona will build the platform if nobody else can do it, and ask the board for help, we will all step up
  10. dry tech on Saturday, wet tech on Sunday (Monday if absolutely necessary)


  1. welcome!
  2. also needs a TD!
  3. assistant lighting design: megan knows some girl named margaret
  4. lily is bozo for now


  1. we have at least 5 directors applying!
  2. we need an sm and ld: first years!! Grab the freshman!
  3. directors meeting is 11pm on Monday
  4. creative meeting is 11:15 on Tuesday


  1. we need to email him from last semester
  2. serge can take over from daria, he can get in touch with soph


  1. meeting Monday at 10pm


  1. drew’s gonna get it tuned. Stat.


  1. schedule is up on the website
  2. 24 hour performance from wed. to thurs.
  3. justin kuritzkes wants to use seating plats


  1. jones did a work order for the lightbulbs
  2. drew: whats up with the msds sheets for the paint room? Do we have them?
  3. 24 hr. card access
  4. after midnight, please have a buddy with you if you’re in the building


  1. megan has emailed everyone about their money: sophie, lacey, ariel, albert, gordie: anyone else please email megan
  2. people give their receipts to megan- all shows no exceptions
  3. megan is the person that goes to the sao next semester


  1. no pw homecoming this year: sad, but we will deal. We will have a Christmas party. Or just prom.


  1. andrew’s shit. We need to call him. And then probably throw it out.
  2. email person: daria and Justin will attempt to log checking it as sao hours
  3. grants: putting them on hold until further notice
  4. when we can fundraise again, we will reopen grants
  5. new mems cannot be sat. nov. 7th. EVERYONE bring calendars Monday.
  6. put it in the email
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