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MINUTES 11/22/09

PRESENT: Everyone! Plus Deepali, James and Leandro new mems YAYYYYYY
MISSING: No one!
VISITING: Lauren Tucker (workingggg)

ROSES: good lasagna, found out that a scary dick guy lives in the fairy house, almost thanksgiving!, thanksgiving with roomies!, mccormack, african dance, sisters sonograms, stomach level cravings, great weekend and paper extension!, leavittsburg good, working has been pain free, leavittsburg is ending, good dream

THORNS: dry nasal passages, thesis workshop, vectorworks, terrible dream, abstract algebra, too many thorns, drama-y weekend, beard growth itchy, dropped a full length mirror on left foot, kicked off all the covers, first time to boston just sucked, so much to do and no doing

INTERJECTION: Beard growth is a very noble enterprise –L.G


  1. wet tech! right now!
  2. drew saved lauren’s life with sound design
  3. figured out the cyc
  4. production meeting tonight w/questions answered
  5. will call oona later (or drew if its past midnight) with more things that come up during tech


  1. lee and morgan figured it out, morgan is auditioning after lee but still this semester
    • yay no quarrels, all is well, we are all adults and lovely people
    • serge is bozo for morgan, drew is bozo for wud, they will email and check in
    • we don’t want to go too late in the semester with auditions
  2. they will publicize themselves
  3. discussion about manned vs. unmanned auditions
    • we decide unmanned, so that people don’t feel like they’re auditioning before they even get in the room


  1. TUESDAY DEC. 8TH is the date. Bring it on.
  2. oona is sending the challenge email

INTERJECTION: There’s a Drew and Oona party in Leeds Theater tonight. Bring your dance face.


  1. 9pm Monday the 14th
  2. pick names next week
  3. make it, steal it, chocolate (in which case no budget), or $5


  1. door is broken, literally
    • door will be fixed apparently
  2. leandro got a work order number for the drain
  3. the costume shop still intermittently smells terrible
    • lily is gonna throw a lot of shit away and then if it still smells we can get facilities in there


  1. needs keys
    • Drew ordered them for the coming week
  1. last night’s “event” advertised as a party
    • lots of beer just sitting in the space
    • band got rid of the beer
    • yeshi wasn’t even here at the beginning
    • serge and megan and whoever shut down the party
    • basically, they broke the contract
    • we need to talk to yeshi
    • sam and oona will meet with her
  2. we are bringing back monitors
    • even for art installation type things, we need to be here
    • our official policy is no alcohol in the space
  3. we are still doing keys, at least through the end of the semester and we will reevaluate next semester
  1. approached by Rob Jarbadibbadaban, NPF Playwriting coordinator, about having one of the NPF shows in the upspace
    • we say no
  1. 50th anniversary partyyyy
    • We are meeting Sunday 29th at 10pm in the Upspace to discuss
  1. Jess and James need to email Megan director stuff

Next Sunday Meeting at 11pm

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