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Here: Megan, Daria, Sam, Drew, Jess, Justin, Oona, Serge, Alex Rosenthal!!! And Matt Gelfand!!!!
Visiting: Becca (new mems), Doug (PaTB), Lubens (because she’s coming home.)


showing up unannounced, this weekend, birthday, made shrimp last night and it was necessary, this weekend, Halloween costume, apple cider, coming back to Brown, rock and roll all night by kiss, roommate blue painted, in spite of everything Halloween was pretty fun, ex-pw board member might offer job! He is a lot like Justin!


baby shower w/out a baby (Sam says Baby! But there’s not babies), paper due tomorrow and likely gone (from Lily in the computer store- we are sorry), this weekend, paper due Tuesday, stopped understanding Logic (the class not the life), this weekend, boots from Halloween costume have destroyed left foot, Leavittsburg Ohio is my thornnn, law school, no more cones, smelly room, cleaned sheets and then didn’t sleep in them, current job ends in December because money runs out


  1. hannah is not coming, but doug says its going well
  2. a whole bunch of teaser posters will beat out the competition: this is WAR
  3. midnight show is at midnight or for the blue room 11:59
  4. get plats in the space after meeting
  5. all is well
  6. design run at 9:30 on Wednesday, everyone should come!


  1. is not here
  2. lauren tucker is their pm, spoons will get in touch
  3. they’re working. Har.


  1. shmooze is Wednesday 11pm in the upspace
  2. drew’s getting pizza and wine
  3. tell your board buddies
  4. drew or oona will email the previous six show staffs, they will talk
  5. buddy status
    • daria and ellen made breakfast
    • sam and leandro have been emailing.
    • justin has emailed gordie and he hasn’t gotten back.
    • becca and megan had breakfast, but didn’t make it.
    • lily and james have had coffee in bookstore state. Maybe pw, maybe not.


  1. wed. and thurs. at 8
  2. “as the boat approaches” written and directed by j.k. someone from the board will be at both.


  1. lights in the stairwell are fixed
  2. server is fine
  3. jessica will write a note to the janitor
  4. drew forgot another training.
    • Stephanie santucci has out a warrant for his arrest.
    • He will take her to paragon and it will all be ok.


  1. justin kuritzkes’ show needs a light board
  2. if there are solutions to these issues we should email them so sam doesn’t get worried
  3. drew should get a board from tim. He will talk to him tomorrow. We will either get a basic two scene preset or maybe a programmable one if we can.
  1. costume shop smells awful. Like dead animals and shit.

Drew Madden Speaks on Mice:

“If there’s a dead animal it’ll just go away in a week. Mice die, it smells for a week, then the smell goes away and the dead mouse is in your wall. “

“It’s prime mouse country.”

Addendum: “But it is certainly no country for old mice.”

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