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PW Meeting Minutes 5.10.09

Here: allison, andrew, soph, katherine, alex, albert, oona, drew, jess, sam, max, justin, megan
Not Here: lily, serge
Visiting: james

Rose: callbacks, the lady, did laundry for the first time since spring break (free washer dryer, no free time), lotta sleep last night, everything is really fucking great, birthday and following events were really wonderful, exam on tuesday and so excited to study for it (second sarcastic rose in two weeks), got impossible amount of work done yesterday, had a good week (is max giving andrew the sexy eyes from across the room?), no time for roses, nice morning at coffee exchange, oona curley!, almost have a staff for the pool this summer, providence is beautiful again, michael mcgarty, welding (and being a genius at it)

Thorn: all the work you haven’t touched with the nail of your pinkie, conjunctivitis, bro has gotten into some trouble again and court date is solo show/graduation (drew will call California), about to be what happened, can’t stay in one position for very long, felt like shit for a week and that landlords suck, what could be wrong, finally feel like doing school work the way it should be done but it isn’t physically possible to recover from this semester, planning main green illusion that there is no longer time and a crane (what happened to it!), TD didn’t show until 5 minutes ago, triangles, paper due on Thursday, tough time lately, too much time to think about life

Commencement slot

  • Thursday going to 7 and midnight (instead of 8 and midnight) – want to fit MF show in between performances
  • if you want the other times check the old minutes
    • I’m not typing them
  • Wednesday run at 9pm
  • blue room is going to be Monday
  • seating plats
    • Monday at noon
  • rights company for crumble emailed drew
    • want pictures and materials from show
  • follow the play on twitter! Crumblepw
    • twitter is taking over the world

1st slot

  • we had callbacks!
  • jess is supposed to talk to ryan lester about td/sound
  • lowry has decided to accept leber as a stage manager
  • dom wu and jess are talking about set design
  • have a costume designer – nika
    • anything to make eastern Europeans look hot
  • having a meeting with everyone on Wednesday/Thursday
  • girl marissa wants to help in any way
    • props? Asm?

capture the mammoth

  • Tuesday the 19th at 2pm

jobs bbq

  • maybe moving it? Monday at 1pm
  • albert may be skipping the jobs bbq to get wine and cheese with the faculty
    • some of us don’t approve
    • all of us but drew (and max?) don’t approve
    • lame


  • some confusion with ruthie’s reading
    • it has apparently been okayed with crumble
  • erin adam wants to use it…apparently?
  • performing brazil broke a window
    • they are going to pay to fix it


  • oh shit
    • they will meet today
  • brownbrokers hasn’t gotten money from last semester
    • they haven’t gotten anything
    • drew will look into this


  • allison
    • PRINCESS BUBBLES - update the website
      • oh yay, he did
  • soph
    • bring your mother fucking baked goods
    • it is the perfect week to catch up

minutes taken (and rewikified) by allison

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