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PW Meeting Minutes 5.4.09

Here: allison, alex, lily, megan, albert, serge, katherine, oona, sam, justin, drew, soph, jess
Not here: max, andrew

Rose: Saturday night roommate/bff treated to al forno (the story continues for a long time and it was great!), oona’s shoes, so so happy about being in the rock ALWAYS, solo, things are looking up, finished paper this morning and went on a walk with dan rogers (AH), Friday night, (WHERE’S THE CAKE MOTHERFUCKERS!), our JOKE!, drew’s drunk, solo (is done), the directing!, “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY” – dan rogers, like what is happening with play and thought he hated it, lot more time, nice to sleep and not eat the gourm, parents not getting thesis reading, alex is done with work

Thorn: haven’t started finals really yet but should have, hole in pants, lost super black notebook/diary (and it has his name in), solo, sick (SWINE FLU – oona hates this joke!), dan is going away, brain to model, taxi cabs don’t accept plastic, paper due tomorrow that hasn’t been started (research starts at midnight), swine flu, really awkward people exist and he had forgotten, don’t know how you feel about show being over, broken mirror, joke interview question, sit through 3 hours of student presentations

Commencement Slot

  • jess is the bozo!! she won’t be there for the thing on Thursday
  • email this week
    • tuna fish can thing and the stuffed cat thing
  • this Thursday is their first design run, 9pm

First Slot

  • YAY
  • jess has posters and table slips
    • only got them for four meals at the ratty
      • fuck the vdub
    • can anyone do dinner at the ratty tomorrow?
      • lily thinks she can do it
    • jess may call us if she needs help (with the slipping)
  • auditions are tomorrow
    • fb will invite people eventually
    • 112 t.f. green tomorrow, Wilson 109 on Wednesday
    • callbacks on Sunday
    • everyone can still audition for Tartuffe
  • need staff asap
    • set designer/td – leber, lester, people, megan maybe?
    • puppet buddy – timmy someone

Capture the Mammoth

  • subcommittee needs to meet!
  • soph, allison, justin, megan, serge
    • Wednesday is apparently not free
  • we will meet after this meeting


  • it still isn’t worked out
  • megan just gave a very accurate quote
    • soph will send a text massage

jobs bbq

  • Wednesday the 20th
  • when is the 20th
  • 2pm


  • performing brazil is in there currently
  • during crumble/cramble, the chop is recording some stuff
  • ruthie wanted it for her period


  • new committee needs to meet about solo stuff
    • jones and katherine will phone date decide
  • right now 1 application, maybe 2 applications
    • albert will donate tv stuff to pw after his show
  • need to have a decision by tomorrow
  • need the receipts asap or a credit card statement

space maintenance

  • door still needs to be fixed


  • megan
    • still need stuff with money reimbursement
      • can ask stuff at the bursars office
  • lily
    • same business
  • alex
    • not staying on board in the fall
  • allison
    • need to update the website/home page
  • sam
    • performing brazil is looking for someone to help them with really

basic lighting

  • soph
    • mf is also looking for really basic lighting for commencement
  • drew
    • is looking for a subwoofer to borrow for 4 weeks
    • things are looking up
      • 99% chance we’ll have the rights for clean house
  • katherine
    • party Friday! 147 governor, probably party time
  • justin
    • what’s the status on the washer dryer
    • we can do it
    • but the university won’t help us pay for it

minutes taken (and rewikified) by allison

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