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PW Meeting Minutes 3.29.09

Here: allison, max, soph, drew, oona, albert, arik, megan, Andrew, alex, sam, Justin, jess, katherine
Not here: lily
Visiting: ria, annie

Rose: sandwich with apples in it, wicked lottery winner!, paris, good spring break, upspace show, good spring break with good food, tattoos (Katherine got a REAL tattoo with sparkles), good spring break driving with mcgarty and Amanda (and co) in the theater van, wendy’s, fresh start (missing sugar cookies!), new sleep schedule, 30 pages of thesis, nice break (this is a trend), s&b brunch, soph’s family and assorted food (and your own family), spring was everything you wanted and more and armadillos!

Thorn: npf, stolen kitchen food, terrible news from a really great friend, death in girlfriend’s family, lacking light designer, missed bus because of standing in the wrong line (this turns into a big conversation about bars and new york), forgot the posters for the lighting workshop, broken compie, don’t know what thorn is, second half of break was kind of shitty, new sleep schedule, tech, potential girlfriend trouble, holes in all pants (in crotch), migraine (i so sympathize), meeting with dean – high potential for disaster

Last week senior rose: FISHCO. Update to come at the end of the meeting.


  • annie rose! Is in the upspace!
    • dance show
      • hopefully will be an annual thing
      • interdisciplinary project – group called BUME
        • we (not the pw board we) hope the name won’t stick
      • crazy week
      • bringing coffee machine and mattress
        • apparently it is not legal to sleep in a non-dormitory room
        • hm. this is a problem for theater students
      • questions
        • could use a lot of guidance
        • need LD
        • want to know what striking involves
        • they have a projector
          • we think we have a projector screen/fabric
          • difficult to get a cord that is long enough for the projector
        • food is allowed, want to feed the audience
        • show times are Friday and Saturday at 9pm
      • send us a blurb and we can include it in email/web
      • make serge design since he skipped the meeting
        • pw is all about punishment
  • yay for having the space! Yay for having cool people in the space!

3rd slot

  • we don’t know where gordie is though
  • things are going well with the all frosh crew
  • budget is in good shape
  • gordie is slowly losing his mind, which we think is about right for this time
  • info about our strange table saw
  • have publicity person
    • should have poster design by the end of the week
    • it’s leandro! Because he only has three sound cues
  • tech is this coming weekend!
  • poster reminder
    • need to make sure to poster appropriately to avoid scary fines
    • tear down days are Tuesday


  • james Flynn
  • dennis k
  • Brandon chinn maybe?
  • proposals due april 1
    • decision meeting on Saturday

1st slot/PWs new deal

  • matt bauman
  • Emily toner
  • jess Goldschmidt
  • new deal/launch party is this Thursday!
    • need a write up of the exact details
      • max is making a handout
      • drew is writing an email
        • this will become the synopsis for the fb event
    • jess won’t be here because she will be spending time with mickey mouse
  • max is running the press conference. He is barack
    • oona is biden
    • done
  • there may be multimedia
    • drew get on the fucking email
    • sam wants movie to stay on message
      • Justin will help
      • they will make it tomorrow
  • it will be a 20 min launch party
    • it is NOT a party
    • it is a rally
    • we want people to come
    • we actually want the bdh to come
      • soph is doing it
    • and the indie
      • sam is getting in touch with the indie


  • is anyone free tomorrow?
    • 5:30 tomorrow in the becker
    • great
  • mf needs to start sending production manager to these meetings


  • the budget for next year is due in a few days
    • total pandemonium about giving things away
  • washer and dryer?!
    • favors were exchanged
    • check facilities about this (YO ANDREW)


  • someone somewhere is interested
  • great


  • soph will find out about the s&b info session/open house thing


  • annie is here
    • she needs an LD, we tell serge we volunteered him
    • he says ON FRIDAY!?
    • we use peer pressure
    • he says maybe

space maintenance

  • Andrew trapped a mouse and left it until he died
  • drew – if there is barf in our bathroom, they need to clean it immediately
    • it chilled out for awhile, it was gross
      • another functioning bathroom
  • max – forwarded report from EHS
    • read it and if it falls in your room, take care of it
    • mostly for paint room
      • need to label
      • this applies to the shop
    • a certain number of board members need to get safety trained
      • deadline for safety training is april 17th
      • safety training is like drivers ed redux
    • max used a really weird accent for no apparent reason


  • college!
  • it was amazing
  • apparently brown plays fishco to have football players come
  • sam farted because he didn’t get to go to fishco


  • Andrew
    • if we want an ad in the program for the other shore, we need to do it early tomorrow
      • drew madden is responsible!
        • for everything!
      • jess will do it
    • Andrew has a magic show Friday at the underground
  • Katherine
    • Andrew leber can get early housing
      • either have to pay or work loading frosh in
  • oona
    • Andrew leber proposing with some other director
    • we are fine with this as long as the director has a voice in the proposal
    • lighting design workshop
      • next Sunday
      • oona will put posters in the sao mailbox tomorrow
        • it is starting at 3pm
          • either meet earlier or end on time
      • megan has tech
  • arik
    • is going to take leave from the board for the rest of the semester
      • collect personal and academic life
      • we totally understand

minutes taken (and rewikified) by allison

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