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Here: soph, oona, serge, alex, drew, justin, arik, albert, katherine, jess, megan, sam, allison, lily, andrew
Not Here: max
Visiting: gordie, melissa

Rose: here with us because you can’t be in boston, life’s okay, get to wear sockless shoes, horoscope (bath with bubbles and scented candles), ice cream cake!, home was awesome, beautiful weather, phone date, mcgarty!, spring break, lily sent oona her astrological chart, ratty peeps loved PW prom, long morning walk, 8 hours with Michael McGarty (and he put a screw through his finger…why?!), going to snap out of the crappy week blues, love male friends, magic show opened!, progression from awkward dancing – full on making out
Thorn: friend cancelled, EMS, out of socks (wearing sockless shoes), stomach cramp while running (psychological missing brown), complication of life, only speaking in Italian when drunk, turning off alarm and not releasing it, door guy at prime dance hours, complicated, distracted past week, all over the place (blame the astrological chart), roommate and roommate’s girl said your name, don’t want to find things to do with visiting friend, last week of life sucked, entire week shitty,


  • Melissa picked up her upspace key and left us

Justin is the official PW liaison to BUNS (brown university neil simon)

  • We throw the hipster make out party of the year!


  • how are we going to preset between the two runs? Someone will work it out
  • strike (10:45)
    • leading – drew
    • shop – allison, andrew
    • electrics in the space – oona
    • electrics in the room – arik
    • upspace – Justin
    • paint – max, jess
    • green room - sam
    • box – soph
    • costume shoppe – alex

EHS inspection

  • went pretty well, no major issues
  • when we hang duv we have to hang the temporary exit sign
  • need to make sure to have 3ft exit
  • furniture room doesn’t require a 3 ft exit because it is a storage room
  • lighting cable – cable with tape could be covering some sort of wiring problem
    • cut connectors off of bad cable
  • threw out small black ladder
    • we need to find yellow and blue ladder, we think we found it
  • they would prefer that we not get pneumatic tools
    • emphasis on prefer
    • what sort of training is involved?
  • paint room
    • waste container needs to seal waste container at all times
    • all containers have to be labeled
    • no food related container
    • interjection about label makers
      • Katherine’s dad labeled a dog “good dog”

3rd slot

  • apology for ignoring lily’s email
  • only position we don’t have is costume designer
    • it looks like lily will be the turtle neck queen
  • trying to build everything before spring break, awesome
  • hang lights after the break
  • things are looking good
  • production meeting happened earlier today, it was good
    • ria has been gone because of a family emergency
      • budget is pending situation
      • she is coming back on Monday, so things should be fine
  • have a td – someone who lives with ellen shadburn
    • he is an engineer
    • james wants to also be the technical director, fine by us
  • rights are taken care of
    • easy to get rights from this company

Commencement slot

  • we are missing max
  • soph is trying to convince chris tyler to propose something not harris
  • pw has done the bacchae three times

1st slot

  • meet with Emily and tell her that we are considering changes to system
    • focus on writing the proposal and quality
    • only real change is the deadline

Vision Meeting Proposals part II

  • Wednesday at 11pm

Prom Post

  • soph has to get the helium tank back on Monday
    • bring the nozzle!!!!!!
  • cash bag! We grossed about 1,100
    • made like 500 dollars! We rock
  • the bar made around 200 dollars
  • lionel was very happy overall
    • he is going to right up a good report
    • sometimes he was sort of pissy
      • next time we have a party, we may have to pay to have extra GHM people
      • probably a 100 dollars per GHM person
      • people were sneaking drinks out into the hallway
  • we should use a stamp instead of writing PW on hands
  • we love tim hett
  • drug sitch – snuck into the dressing room from bathroom
    • liability with party – we assume responsibility for anything that happens during our party, we couldn’t have controlled it, but still our problem


  • TSDA open house – need to find out if it is an open house or info session
  • barbeque – 1pm, no beer, yay orange soda
  • have Andrew check what he actually signed up for (activities fair or some other event which I forgot)


  • drew would like to lead renegotiating, he needs a good cop to his bad cop
    • sam and drew have a good relationship
  • 6 peeps from the PW board want to attend this meeting
  • ask MF to bring in a list of stuff they want to discuss from the current contract
    • we will do the same
  • oona will send an email to mf
  • need to figure this out before April 8th because that is when our budget is due to UFB
  • unified board front before we meet with them
  • drew will email current contract to the board
  • bonding activity
    • we are refusing to let them sort beads for 3 hours
    • props room needs to be cleaned
    • electrics room thing – gave a lot of broken lights to the gamm
      • the organization of the room sucks, more space now!
      • need to put shelving in the utility closet
    • 4×8 plats
    • new benches
    • work day after the brain

Space Maintenance

  • the door to the downspace has been weird, after you lock it you can still pull it open
  • someone needs to call facilities to reboot the power in the shop
    • EHS is looking into the outlets in the shop
    • when PW was renovated they only put normal outlets in, not outlets for tools
  • women’s bathroom has lots of barf?
  • when can we alert them to mice? After strike maybe?
    • we could just buy mousetraps ourselves
      • we will buy mousetraps, super strong ones
        • drew explains how they are super
          • oona thinks this sounds like the game mousetrap
            • when I played mousetrap in my youth, some plastic piece was always broken so it wouldn’t work


  • all of justin’s money is gone
    • email board list of projects we gave money to
  • nothing for new works grant


  • poster for lighting workshop – Katherine will do it or find someone
  • april 5th at 3pm in the upstairs space lighting workshop
    • 3-4 – technical business about lights
    • 4-5 – design stuff
  • minimal set-up, not more than an hour to set up
  • publicity ASAP, poster by Wednesday
  • sam is getting off wizards as a job
  • lily is willing to join now that sam is gone


  • arik
    • keys and reservations – is it their space for the week?
      • we need a schedule from upspace reservations
      • if someone (reservation free) doesn’t get to use the space, then they don’t get to use the space
    • sort of overwhelmed this semester, considering leave taking
      • transfer of some jobs
        • jobs:
          • upspace – sam, serge
          • wizards – oona, jess
          • web - serge
          • email - oona
          • electrics room - oona
  • Andrew
    • want to unload back of stage with magic people before the general strike crew gets behind the stage
  • allison
    • may need to take a step back
  • drew
    • need to send a metamorphoses program to the rights company
      • soph made a program
      • soph will do that, email to drew as pdf
      • drew will send soph notes and she will edit it
    • receipt passing moment!
  • lily
    • calendar stuff today?
      • school is starting a week later, that sucks
      • teching 3rd slot during thansgiving break (same for senior slot)
      • the calendar is a perfect storm
      • send out an email about what they decide
      • publish dates ASAP
      • will email dates out to us today
  • albert
    • allison and albert are in the same boat
    • may not be able to bounce into all meetings
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