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Here: allison, albert, drew, lily, soph, Justin, max, sam, andrew, alex, arik, jess, oona, katherine
Visiting: alana

Rose: tackle the mountain, intramural squash (do you have a team? It’s a one-person sport), allison saw justin’s parents, roses in the week ahead, cookies! (a fresh start!), the week ahead (max is going to murder), I don’t know…I don’t know (good sleep), the week ahead to be exciting!, accepted or waitlisted at nyu, family here yesterday, cabaret is over, not pregnant, this rose is like a thorn I don’t understand, insane week and awesome

Thorn: lotta stress coming up, lotta shit to turn in, had the weekend you didn’t need to have, weekend, everyone is stressed, no thorn coming to mind, bedroom (put some shit on those walls), terrible miserable sleep cycle, still not doing anything in life (guess who?), new brain might be terrible for everyone involved (entangled), cabaret is over, can’t seem to stop eating (to the detriment of school work) (you must be pregnant! That’s not a funny joke), really sleepy, set back by a whole entire year, sleep eating, laundry problems (legs will remained cross for the entirety of this meeting)

Second Slot

  • still no programs
  • soph sent a mean email, make sure we have them for tomorrow
  • strike jobs – starts at 10pm
    • running it - drew
    • shop - allison
    • electrics in the space - oona
    • electrics in the room - nothing
    • box - sophie
    • furniture – albert, jess
    • paint – max, Katherine, jess
    • props - lily
    • upspace - arik
    • green room - justin
    • costume shoppe - alex
    • booths - drew
    • seating plats – max (leave in space and de-leg)
  • inspections on tuesday!


  • here it comes
  • the poster is super fierce
  • most things are already built
  • alex will let the board know about seating plats
  • house managing
    • Friday 11pm – jess, albert, arik
    • Saturday 9pm – max, Justin, sam
    • Sunday 8pm – oona, lily
    • Monday 9pm – drew, soph
  • if you are planning on seeing it on a day when you aren’t house managing tell alex asap
  • need to awkwardly unlock the blue room Wednesday night

Third Slot

  • ria is production managing, needs to come to the meeting
  • gordie should also be coming
  • lily is bozo
  • need a hot seat deadline…maybe only missing costumes
    • 20 dollars each at salvation army
    • boaz already owns the costumes

commencement slot

  • dennis k.
  • chris tyler is in a confusing situation with senior slot
    • two plays with the same playwright
  • paul meier – he is thinking about it
  • Flynn has not gotten in touch with max
  • should we send emails to previous proposers? Sure

1st slot

  • Emily toner – bacchae
  • maybe jess
  • maybe matt bauman with the bacchae (we have this conversation every week)

Saturday the 14th sucks/vision meeting

  • 9am – 1pm on Saturday
  • allison’s apartment! 248 williams st
    • Andrew is cooking, he can do it in his sleep


  • not been party trained – soph, oona, jess, Katherine, lily
    • Thursday noon! MUST go. Or die.
  • lily and soph getting decorations
  • Christmas lights – bring them if you have them!
  • balloons and ribbon again
  • lantern lights – soph could figure out how to use them
  • schedule for Saturday
    • 4-6pm – prelim set up (in costume shoppee)
    • 6-8 is little directors
    • 8pm – load in, strike little directors
    • use helium in a careful manner
  • budget
    • 100 for alcs (actually spending more alcohol since we are charging..)
    • 100 for decorations
    • 50 dollars for mixers
    • few bags of chips
  • try to sign up for jobs now
    • two people – roaming (coordinate the efforts)
      • drew will do this, whole night
    • three people at the bar
    • one person who watches the bar, checking ID
    • drew is going to ask how we are marking over 21
    • three at the door
      • can’t answer what door now
      • outside upspace?
      • have people at doors TO the party
      • the GHM people will tell us
    • three at the actual door door (where people are paying money)
    • maybe have one person as a relief person
  • john Gordon has been contacted about DJing
    • according to downtown (down city) folks – DJ can’t drink
  • do people working on illusions of grandeur get in free?
    • if they arrive between 10-10:30
    • same for little directors
    • need to have a list
      • alex needs to email list of IoG people by Friday
  • publicity
    • soph is taking care of
    • theater listserves, email, fb event
    • put it on the front page
    • or space jam/space balls


  • some girl will email max about using a candle, cc drew
  • key for the SM for little directors, we say yes

Space Maintenance

  • in 108 there is a lot of stuff that looks like it belongs to the dome


  • how to the grants people get monies? Get receipts and give them to drew or they can use a purchase order
  • everything has been squared away with tim and hollis
  • two sets of receipts in the box office


  • oona
    • jake kline wants to build for MF before MF is in the space
    • will store set pieces in the upspace, ask ria
  • Katherine
    • little thing about feedback from megan, giving new designers a tour, job of the bozo
    • board members should know their way around our own rooms
  • drew
    • in the next two weeks people should go through their rooms of things they would like to buy, will give to ufb when he makes budget request
    • saws are missing nuts
    • check to make sure that things are in the room
    • changes coming to the structure of student activities at brown
      • will probably benefit PW
  • allison
    • overhaul of the shop
    • can we raise the money!
    • people that know tools will make a priority list
    • long term goal of making the shop not shit

minutes taken (and rewikified) by allison

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