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PW Meeting Minutes 3.1.09

Here: oona, katherine, arik, drew, lily, sophie, albert, alex (guest-taking minutes!)
Visiting: doug, gordie, leandro
Missing: justin, max, sam, andrew, jess, allison

Rose: fun safer-sex videos, casting board for a new brain, exciting romantic snow, the maids, flying people, third slot!!!!!!!, yay gordie, gayest show on television hosted by rupaul, huge hunky oiled men, mixing sound for cabaret for first time, drew fixes watches, lizzy visiting, sophomore year flashback, pierre is here, one week off, fine upstanding pw women, getting 10 hours of sleep, enjoying the reader

Thorn: snow-no more!!, frozen dead birds, disease, moderation in drugs and alcohol is depressing, girlfriend is in peru, computer hate, coughing for hours, stupid disrespectful freshmen and sophomores, chocolate turtle eaten, no more parties, sleeping in igloos, stopped watch,waking up at 8 am, upset sister, so much work, a little melancholy


  • we hear them
  • wet tech today
  • building started much later than thought – but jay built!
  • there's stuff there
  • seating plats at 11 pm monday
  • running low on money – thinking about getting program sponsored by andreas
  • do we allow sponsors in our program? Commercial organization? Getting private money as opposed to from the uni – we should talk about this during visions
    • we should steer clear (dear, near, fear, appear) – opens up the floodgates, competing for more money by shows
    • no money raising job
  • money needed not just for programs – recent props additions (beg, borrow, steal)
    • $100 over tops
    • 80 free copies a day from oona and andrew
    • black and white posters means they're not over budget
    • can apply for a grant – talk to justin
  • andrew oates (not katherine) is making the poster


  • friday 8 pm
    • alex, albert
  • saturday 8 pm
    • katherine, lily
  • saturday midnight
    • arik
  • sunday 8 pm
    • sophie, justin
  • monday 8 pm
    • oona, max
  • others sign up!!
  • no monitor in the box office so we need to print out reserves or bring laptop


  • had a production meeting – there's a lot to be done in a short amount of time but everyone is really excited
  • illusions will be built soon
  • help us if you can!
    • we'll let the board know what we need and when


  • congrats gordie!
    • gordie is great
  • auditions this week-try to accommodate cabaret peeps (free monday and tuesday)
    • thursday, friday auditions
    • callbacks saturday during the day
    • sophie will help with electronic publicity
  • one week less in the space (b/c of spring break)
  • start rehearsals a week from monday – reserve a room through pw (contact any board member)
    • hillel has good spaces
  • bozo – lily (also potentially costume designer if not found)
  • sound designer – leandro
  • set designer – james hart (needs a mentor!)….lily will email pete and peter about mentoring
  • production manager – really need one (somebody who knows the ropes)
  • costume designer – alex will e-mail some costume folk

max and justin walk in 42 minutes late. without donuts. we are all VERY ANGRY.


  • dennis kozee – thinking about look back in anger
  • paul meier hasn't emailed
  • james flynn is thinking about it
  • max is going to get in touch people


  • emily toner – bacchae
  • matt bauman may propose the same play – so awesome!


* ms. grubbs and arik are concerned – we gots so many!! too popular for our own good

  • they propose that we should start at 8 am b/c some people have to leave at 5 pm
    • albert thinks this is a bad idea
  • what do we do if we don't finish? We can't reconvene at 11 pm b/c of cabaret
    • let's meet late sunday night 11 pm if we don't finish
  • be in this room by 8:45 am on saturday so that we START at 9
  • lunch break – order lunch or bring it (lunch boxes!)
  • we'll take a 10-15 min break at some point to
  • due 5 pm wednesday – emailed to the pw address
  • bring copies of apps for yourself


  • about to be 4 apps for regular grant – need a subcommittee
  • justin will pick a time – whoever can will come within next few days

PROM (oh shit!)

  • lily and sophie went to city hall – it was unsuccessful but they will go back tomorrow with a check ($35) for the liquor license
  • matteo is making a poster – he needs details….actually fuck posters. we don't need 'em
  • last year's budget was $250 - $100 for alcs
    • we need more alcohol this year b/c we are charging
    • drew will talk to the guy at standard so that we can return unopened bottles
      • pbr, gin, vodka – keep it simple
  • minimum number of party managers at any time is 12 – we can't be intoxicated but we can have fun (some people are skeptical)
    • we're gonna try to do it right
  • lily and sophie will figure out party training – friday at noon


  • keys – what's the deal?
    • justin and andrew talked to phil – each lock will cost $75-$100 (each key costs $4)
    • new locks for upspace – would end up being really expensive
    • why are we afraid to give out keys? waybe we should do it
    • assign weeks to people for let-ins?
    • give 'em the keys!
      • drew is usually a friendly key fascist but will not be for the upspace reservees


  • needs a production meeting at the beginning of the week
  • schedule around magic show and prom
    • probably friday 8 pm, saturday afternoony
  • serge is doing it (doing what? i think lighting design)


* oona – lighting workshop needs a date (after spring break in april)

  • april 5th at 3 pm sounds great
  • two parts - 1st hour more technical shit, food break, 2nd hour more design shit
    • short text to talk about designing (the raven?)
    • the jabberwocky – ooh!
  • talk about upsideness is irrelevant
  • publicize the shit out of this – we need a poster and a cool name
    • katherine will make a poster
  • we should go through the grid and get rid of pipes that are not attached
  • clear the grid every single strike
  • arik - where is the emergency lighting box?? sao will look into getting us a new one
    • fire marshall's crew may have removed it while testing
  • oona (again) - MF is cool with money thing (donation from karma box of a new brain)
  • alex - pw owes me $48
    • the old keys fund has turned into the shmooze booze fund
    • i now have $40

minutes taken by alex, wikified by allison

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