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Here: alex, albert, allison, andrew, sophie, lily, oona, katherine, jess, sam, max, justin, arik
Not here: drew
Visiting: alex

Rose: ratty oatmeal apple raisin goop, being back, lady gaga, rose and thorn, sophie's new haircut (just sexy, not ugly sexy), sophie's party, single ladies, slow cooker steel cut oats, nice slice, sophie had a birthday! returning to brown has been great, high school friend visited (and they slept in the same bed, had a jello fight), obama ordering a cheeseburger on air force one, girlfriend visited this weekend, two movies!!!

Thorn: cost of books, sunday brunch at the ratty, not ever making out with penelope cruz, skinning your knee while trying to pee, ice, totally lost enthusiasm for the semester, shit has to get done today, lot of work, cold, more classes you want to take than you can take, sick while girlfriend was here, emotional upheaval and no way to communicate it

everyone should rent the movie don't move
sundays are alex's days of despair
what the fuck is that…oh yeah, we put crasins in that
do you know his hair extensions are fake?

1st slot!

  • set has started to be constructed, will be done by the time the show goes up
    • but not for dry tech…there will be progress
  • has been some confusion because they don't have a script until tonight
    • we think this makes complete sense
  • we have a props master…but “they” won't give her a list of props
    • kate doyle is the props master
    • we think they won't give her a list because the script doesn't exist
    • we'll get the leber back and the props room will be clean
      • we will give kate access to the props room
      • she is concerned about the time situation
  • having a trial and error tech
    • because no one knows what anything looks like
  • tech is not tech…it is the PLEASURE DOME
  • need to make sure designers aren't completely overwhelmed
    • show ideas through doing
  • this is a different way of working – everyone and everything will be fine!
    • don't want people to think it is bad because it is different
  • what should alex k. do when she gets the script?
    • email it to staff and have the SM print copies
  • poster will be done by Thursday
  • “other” publicity – going to spray paint old tvs with pleasure dome and leave them around campus
  • if you find a tv bring it to the dome
  • dome wants to have six performances – two midnight shows
  • how long is the dome (other than infinite) – an hour and twenty minutes
  • put show times on the website
  • put tv hunt in the email
  • old tvs will go into dave harringtons bedroom
    • like a best buy in your bedroom

second slot!

  • caitlin mckenna is ignoring alex
  • mark brown is ignoring alex too…but not sophie
    • maybe angels in america …with a strange concept
      • soph is encouraging him to just do the play
      • MB is spending today reading other plays

third slot!

  • albert is the mentor, he's chilling out
  • he hasn't done shit…but he is going to start doing shit soon

week in the space

  • katherine will mentor


  • we discuss them


  • monitors for
    • Thursday 8:00pm - katherine
    • Friday 7:30 – oona
    • Friday 11:00 - arik
    • Saturday 9:00pm – jess
  • if you are monitoring…arrive 30 min early, fire speech, house manager stuff
  • arik is releasing tickets on the blue room
  • board week's in the space
    • week of march 10-16
  • hollis having a second week…unless someone else wants it


  • oona is going to check to see if they paid us


  • soph needs to check with bonas
  • section of the app – have to check a box explaining if you're getting other funding


  • justin – look over minutes from the vision meeting so we can make sure we aren't omitting anything
  • katherine – spend some time brainstorming for wizard workshops
  • allison – scac flatwork show is happening! they have the upspace, we will have a show opening party, cac probably can give us some money for this. maybe we can give us some money for this. participating groups are PW, the Indie and BSR.
  • arik – upspace lottery opening - feb 4th or 11th…do the 11th

minutes taken by allison. wikified by drew and allison

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