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Here: soph, drew, allison, alex, arik, jess, max, albert, oona, lily, katherine, drew
Not here: justin, sam, andrew
Visiting: hollis, aubie

Rose: back (x4), snow, san fran, new beginnings! winter break, pristine kitchen, not in a car, rose is having so many roses, squash, making out, OBAMA, the west wing, albert is back

Thorn: shit-ton of writing (x3), unpacking/cleaning, don't want to take 116, cats aren't used to pvd, gf going to peru, didn't realize if you wanted to have friends you should join the pw, impending doom, ratty, garlic breath, having to think about things in terms of roses and thorns, too much butternut squash soup, sinking feeling of inadequacy, tired (lame thorn) Katherine owes donuts. She will bring them next time.


  • aubie is a prospective board member
  • he is passing out toothpicks
  • hollis is in the upspace feb 10 – forward
  • doing an installation piece, collaborating with a sculptor who is in India
  • will be in dialogue with PD
  • want 24 hour card access, system to let people in at any time
    • should be able to get full access no problem, drew is dealing with it somehow
    • there is a phone in the upspace booth, t.f. green number
  • interested in inhabiting the space
  • hollis will be at PD strike
    • understands some objects will be large
    • storing stuff in the green room (though we don't know which GR)
      • stuff is trash
      • if trash gets gross hollis has some place else to put it
  • the pleasure bowl, the pleasure gutter, the pleasure dregs…

First Slot

  • the dome!
  • it is apparently going
  • aren't responsive to emails..which is sort of a problem
  • production meeting tomorrow night
  • “it's really fun. we don't know”
  • it's good and safe! And they all seem really happy – INCLUDING the people in it, cast of 13
    • if any of the 13 get cast in the other shore…then they are gone but still a part of the dome
  • no vomiting

Second Slot

  • mark brown II is proposing angels in america but he doesn't know what part
    • drew is looking into rights
      • some frosh designed sets for the BUGS show…maybe she would be interested?
  • Caitlin mckenna
  • need to morning mail it (update: can't use morning mail anymore)
  • Justin o'neil is thinking about it…jones doesn't have a play that he likes
  • brace yourself for not getting into the other shore
    • start thinking now…smart people do it

Third slot

  • albert is mentoring!
    • Allison will send alex and albert an email about slot mentoring
  • spring weekend is a different date but our calendar is still right
  • drew has the weekend for next year too
  • allie wollner, chris tyler

PWs week in the upstairs space

  • we will talk about this next week
  • new directors…actually mid-to-old directors
    • feel free to try something NEW
    • directors workshop
    • directing the new
    • (directing)stylz – corny and unintimidating so that people will like it


  • drew has pwaq
    • he is meeting with Joanna on Thursday
  • pw asks questions


  • hollis seems great
  • valerie has dropped (16-21?)
  • Karin freed has dropped (23-28)
    • karin and arik – staged reading festival?
  • going to advertise for an open slot…if we don't hear by next week, we will decide
  • lottery for a week from next Wednesday, pick our week NEXT SUNDAY
  • late night fund – val applied and dropped
    • only supposed to apply to the late night fund for one thing a year
    • anyway – we applied for something last fall
    • had 3 people apply with PW as a sponsor
    • first Friday and late night fund are different things
      • late night fund has to go past 1am, no alcohol, fri or sat
      • has to be a one-time thing (not a slot)
    • in the future, projects need to go through the board to use PW as their sponsor
      • proposals will come from the board

Space Maintenance

  • it is here!
  • MICROWAVE – keep it clean
  • jd nasaw donated his furniture to pw
  • hazardous communication training….


  • allison – talk about upspace, etc. in emails on Saturday so we can spend our meetings talking about projects
  • drew – is green room ready for PD
    • Katherine and oona are going to work on it tomorrow
  • drew attempted to repair the speaker, just got a new speaker
    • cost = expenditure budget
  • drew has a list of money per show, arcadia won
  • if second slot requires rights, going to go to UFB to get $$
  • drew might not be here next Sunday – he doesn't have season tickets so no worries

minutes taken by allison. wikified by drew and allison

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