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Here: allison, andrew, arik, alex, albert, sophie, oona, lily, sam, justin, max
Not Here: drew, jess
Visiting: gordie, john, megan

Rose: wonderful meeting with andrew, hockey, directing SOTG, music, magic trick the board did, tim hett has started calling oona ms. Thing, hockey again, feel incredibly happy this morning, dressing up, good evening, so much work that you can't think about your personal life, love rainy days, good week, not stressed out until today at breakfast

Thorn: sick, sore, fire in young O (sprinklers went off! this sucks), andrew is on a higher plane of existence than justin, didn't wear waterproof boots, have to be at tech tonight (but not right now!), rehearsal, empty suite/raph deported, possibly doing something stupid last night, not taking very good care of self, have a lot to do but don't know what, falling apart personal life, hungover for the first time in a long time, personal life stupid, realized a major assignment due tomorrow

Donut explanation: they are late, girlfriend demanded donuts before going to peru

Charlotte bronte is an idiot. She inserts a ghost.

Second Slot

  • production meeting/run on Friday
  • budget figured out, megan probably has a budget under 300
  • need a poster designer, Katherine has some names, we discuss
  • trying to get mark brown an interview in the BDH
  • megan wants to know where you get fabric for a cyc
  • Harrington and starner moved their shit
  • publicity responsibilities (which are PWs and which are shows?)
    • soph could do electronic publicity and emails
    • show is responsible for paper publicity, facebook event
      • join as a fan of PW
  • agent wants a copy of all emails we send
  • possible issue with rights wording…working it out
  • there is a pool. But not a contractual pool…TWO pools?!?!
  • make sure mark is communicating with designers
    • have gordie CCed on all emails
  • meeting tomorrow night
  • design run Wednesday
  • bitches need keys, albert will call drew
  • tech list!
  • dennis doesn't want to run sound for the show
    • can Jamie run lights and sound?

Total communication break down regarding board buddies


  • hooray!
  • ha! Dennis k. may be interested in sound board op/designer
    • when visiting TA3 announce it
    • talk to caleb, james hinton
  • allison bozo
    • publicity – will someone head it up?!
      • cultivation! Soph would mentor, lily will actually do it
  • can poster designer forward poster to soph so that she can go over it
  • intense 2.5 days, keep some space in the schedule so you can help
  • soph and alex should meet for scheduling stuff

Little Directors

  • auditions are tomorrow and Tuesday
  • people visiting classes on Tuesday, announce auditions in TA3
  • max is going to compile a thing that says what people need to announce
  • shows rehearsing in upspace all this week
    • let ins
      • if upspace had a different lock, life would be so much easier
        • we should actually consider this
        • we may be willing to front the bill ourselves
        • we are collecting money in the donut box…justin is so confused
  • have a stage manager – ellen shad.
    • she's a find
    • SMed 12 ophelia's in NYC this summer
  • meeting in upspace during off days between cab performances
  • need a lighting designer
    • estes is banned from doing it
    • oona is going to give serg a call
  • email the tech list

sidenote: wizards meeting…they thought they had a time, but they don't

  • magic workshop – only teach B list tricks

Third Slot

  • liz m, sam/justin k, gordie have said surely proposing
    • everyone is looking for a set designer
      • need to wander the halls of list
      • there is a VA listserve
  • morgan has disappeared
  • meeting next Saturday – 9am!

New Members

  • sam's buddy wanted to be here but she has the flu
  • schmooze 11pm on Thursday
    • alex will get the wine – 3 boxes, blush is considered
    • we have cups in the box office, or slap the bag
      • pete fallon's father slapped the bag
    • pizza is so expensive
      • some 28” pizza…or 48”
      • lily will do the price check on pizza, liaison to pizza
      • it is a new economy
      • cut pizza smaller, or buy a pizza cutter
      • he's just not that IN to you

Commencement Slot

  • max knows nothing
  • chris tyler, james flynn, paul meier
  • april 1

1st Slot

  • no one knows anything
  • jess goldschmidt, emily toner (bacchae)
  • april 8th


  • lily and soph met
  • lily is going to the SAO to talk about liquor licenses
    • then they are going to acquire said license
  • talking to peeps about designing a poster – Mateo
  • Andrew is asking phil about cheating policy
  • lily and soph are going to talk to people about DJing
    • john Gordon gets back today


  • still trash here, arik is talking to hollis
  • oona is taking projector screen on behalf of mike williams
  • melissa keegan is taking the week after week in the space
  • couches in the hall that need to be moved

Discussion about meeting in the green room

  • we can't see each other
  • something sort of “clubby” in the green room
    • upspace as a neutral space
  • we want couches in the upstairs space!
  • green room over 112

Upspace continued

  • need couches to be more accessible in the elbow
  • broken piano is going to be gone, drew is going to deal with it
    • maybe we'll smash it and then throw it out
    • haha there is so much confusion about which piano we are talking about
    • we are talking about the shitty piano. With no legs.
      • not the baby grand
  • we will clean the elbow during strike

space maintenance

  • move the couch
  • wood by the shop that were gifted by nick l.
    • move both of these things after the meeting
  • haz mat training
    • max has talked to henry humpert (?)
      • he is all set for hazardous communication
    • max and albert will do these meetings together
  • there are mouse in the box office big time
    • gordie has mouse catching skillz
    • Alana didn't want deadly traps, but Alana isn't here
      • “they need to die”, “we are going to die”
    • environmental health and safety concern
    • Andrew is going to check to see if you can place a facilities order online
    • clean your room by this Wednesday
    • accumulating poop in small spaces in the problem


  • Justin will have a grant app soon
  • maybe Melissa K. too


  • oona
    • MF has been asking about fireproofing, screws
      • cyc thing is natural fiber, needs fireproofing
  • Katherine
    • receipts from MMF (mini musical festival) in box, should just stay there
    • loose cash in box office drawer
      • from dome

minutes taken by allison. wikified by allison and drew

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