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Here: allison, alex, katherine, sam, max, andrew, arik, oona, justin, albert, soph, jess, lily
Visiting: alex

Rose: allison and sophie's hair! Cincinnati! Girl talk! Super long weekend, ate a whole bundt cake (a bishops cake), high school friend visited, lily's print (a long time ago), new iphone case/manhandling, text from babysitting kids (hey!), watched the princess diaries II, visited girlfriend, ice skating (no broken tailbone), girlfriend visited – classy dinner at bravo (bravo!), suitemate bought a vacuum, only one day of classes this week, wonderful weekend in new york, lovely weekend in new york (again), it's cool

Thorn: pants (size and grain), ate a bundt cake, cold, ran all the way here and was late, nutrition (or lack thereof), potential dyslexia (whoopi g. has it so it isn't a big deal), lost, no work done, class tomorrow, summer job (look, I included it!), lost suitcase in a taxi (impromptu therapy session. Rose: waist down I'm great.), no thorns, shittiest piece of writing in life

2nd slot

  • rose: get to be gordie today, thorn: didn't tell gordie about the meeting or new time for the meeting
  • td: jay danver
  • sd: Dylan is interested but he has band practice
    • mark has a full inbox, big directing faux pas
  • design run/production meeting this Friday, starts at 9pm, pm at 11pm

3rd slot

  • silence
  • sweet mixer, but no interested emails
  • liz morgan, gordie sayer?
  • please email interested parties and tell them to email albert


  • two proposals, andrew and kate doyle
  • due tomorrow at 5pm
  • 11:30am on Saturday, no interviews, upspace
  • albert??

New members

  • march 4th at 5pm, two weeks from Wednesday
  • schmooze next Thursday at 11pm, people will be really tired

Vision Meeting

  • tomorrow night at 11pm
  • katherine's living room, 147 governor
  • allison will mail out vision meeting minutes
  • end at 1am
  • be on time and be focused
  • not going to be philosophical


  • prom subcommittee needs to meet, will meet BEFORE next week
  • does anyone know when the gala is??
  • lily will set up the meeting and run it

scac flatwork show/archives

  • pile of things in the box office, 25 hot posters
  • divided by decade
  • soph emailed peter

little director thing

  • 6 people applied
  • 4 projects
    • doug eacho – family time pinter
    • ionna - adaptation of richard forman
    • chris - original piece
    • liz morgan – the bear
  • need a stage manager and lighting designer, meeting at 10pm tomorrow


  • lottery happened
  • arik will email everyone, announce season in email
  • hollis would like help with strike Thursday at some time TBD
  • no reservation for next week

space maintenance

  • dumpster is coming on Thursday
  • phil charged the door to PW (shop door), the SAO doesn't have the money to do it
    • send diane an email, check won't come through until august, then they might have money to take care of it
    • 60 or 80 dollars
  • upset they didn't have any of our signatories sign off on it


  • nothing


  • Andrew
    • possible radical change to PW, possibly adding a third paid position for alumni renovations (tech point person)
      • look after new beautiful lights and thrust stage
      • any time a show goes up there, the person will be there to teach the people setting up
      • student worker MUST BE TRAINED BY TIM HETT
      • phil likes having PW board members holding these positions because we are responsible folks
      • we think this is really great for PW, would give us contact with theater people we might not normally see
        • arik might be interested
  • arik
    • nick L. was cleaning up stuff upstairs, do we want more things? Like wood, he will leave stuff outside the shop
  • drew
    • paul L. someone is putting on some show and wants people to help, is using our greenbook (Katherine put drew's name under the actor category). He is a stalker.
      • what are you wearing?!
  • soph
    • new proposal page! we've realized why we were getting bad proposals
  • allison
    • adding people to the greenbook
    • VISION NOTE – task of archiving everything we've ever done is too daunting
    • alex/Allison/max – make list of people who have worked on shows recently
  • alex K
    • suggestion! Other theater groups came to TA3 and frosh are working for those other groups, why isn't PW going to TA3? Because they are excited
      • liason to classes TA3, TA25, Litarts
        • max is going to be the liason!!! He will organize visits for 3slots
  • Andrew part II
    • Andrew is going to miss 3rd slot decision meeting, going home
    • alex will be missing part of 3rd slot too

minutes taken by allison. wikified by drew and allison

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