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Here: allison, alex, soph, sam, max, drew, lily, oona, albert, justin, jess, katherine
Not: andrew, arik
Visiting: alex, hollis

Rose: weather, he's not that into you, self-indulgent day, new comforter, no work yesterday, sake bombing, bff!, going dancing, kait's birthday, bath tub in the upstairs space, the dome, dinner where all the women cooked, delta tau pledge event (post dramatic theater), going to nyc for friends and theater, musical review

Thorn: not being outside today, burnt coffee, feeling awkward, early wakeup, sake bombing, needing to go to sleep early, up late tonight with the trash, whenever you have free time you feel guilty because you aren't writing solo, business time (??), someone has an anonymously invited drew to a party (some think this is a rose)

We like albert's shoes. Always.
Alex is getting facebook notifications in german


  • information on the blog
  • posters with schedules
  • hollis wants our trash specifically (because we are implicated in the dome)
    • we all have trash
    • bring preferably before the end of the dome, bring to strike!
  • nudity!
    • piece is going to be viewed through the booth, one at a time
    • sign outside the door explaining that there may be nudity during viewing
  • tub will be filled with water
    • caulked at the bottom
    • not a ton of water
  • drew will be giving them keys

1st slot

  • we think it is exactly what we wanted it to be
  • strike starting at 10:00pm
    • drew, oona and jess
  • strike jobs
    • running strike – allison and drew
    • shop – andrew
    • electrics in the space – oona
    • electrics in the room – arik
    • hot room – max
    • paint – max
    • furniture – albert
    • box office – sophie
    • green room – sam
    • costume shoppe – alex
    • upspace – EVERYONE

2nd slot

  • drew and james saved the day
  • we are missing synchronized swimming!!!
    • mark brown doesn't know about the pool thing yet
  • lily has a new thorn, wtf lily
  • mark brown II and gordie need to come to board meetings
  • we have a TD – jay!!
  • katherine is having an awkward conversation with the donut teller
  • we need to find out if new works conflicts with our meetings

3rd slot

  • morgan may be interested in proposing, soph and albert will talk to him
  • gordie still interested
  • wollner isn't getting back to albert, we don't think she is interested
    • andrew will talk to her
  • so many side conversations
  • we are defining our mixer info session thing for 3rd slot AND WITS
    • Thursday at 11pm – midnight
    • for directors to find staff and staff to find directors
    • email and morning mail

back to first slot

  • we are making zero money
  • on shows where we make the speech, we tend to make money
  • maybe this is from the economy
  • collect donations before AND after…have box outside box window with a sign that says our free theater isn't free to produce business, then! Stand by the door after
  • discuss more next week!
  • before you open the door. Yo! This is the karma box (for the rest of the dome)

Back to 3rd slot

  • max will make a poster (in B&W)
    • need poster ASAP
    • email to andrew or oona


  • kate doyle – she isn't sure what she wants to do. Stage readings?
  • andrew
  • poster for WITS designed by andrew oates
  • poster together with 3rd slot
  • decision meeting 21st, Saturday.

New Members

  • due on the 4th, meet on the 7th
  • feb 26 at 11pm = schmooze
  • albert is going to be morgan's board buddy
  • justin k, jillian, james h, john r.(wow the j's may take over the A's…) morgan, doug e.

SCAC flatwork show

  • soph is going to talk to peter

Vision Meeting

  • probably need to have 2 meetings, one for proposal process and one for vision
    • try to have proposal process meeting AFTER new mems
  • could do proposal process meeting on March 14th
  • next wed (18th) at 11pm for normal vision

New Directors Stylz

  • proposals are due this Friday
  • albert and soph need to have an application ready for TODAY
  • talk it up!!!


  • sam and katherine have been meeting about the web
    • they've created a plan
  • we can share our thoughts on the website
  • then katherine and sam will start looking for designers
  • more a matter of aesthetics and streamlining
  • going to make a facebook organization thing. you can be a fan of pw


  • trying to have a lack of tone in reference to homecoming
  • committee that meets and then reports to the full board
  • we have major cred and we can never do it again
  • organized cra, like free swim
  • march 14th (Saturday night)
  • the bent got broke
  • committee – soph, drew, sam, andrew (others? I wasn't paying extreme attention to this list)


  • committee gave hollis 100 dollars
  • ioana got 150 dollars

Space Maintenance

  • shop door – can unlatch/unlock door without handle


  • oona – need to start talking about wizards…new subcommittee – jess, oona, arik, sam, don't wait for visions

minutes taken by allison. wikified by drew and allison

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