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Here: allison, alex, drew, jess, andrew, lily, katherine, justin, sam, oona, albert, max, soph, arik
Not here: no one!
Visiting: alex

Rose: the deans, good saturday (2x), bruce!, obese people in formal dress, red wine, friends, excited about classes and projects, ridiculous bar in east prov, the sun, kate burton and lowry (again…together), LAZERGATE

Thorn: grumpy, no school work done, red hands, ice and cats (together), hanging bushes on brook street, sickness, never want to see drugs or alcohol again, “that's a little bit cute for a funeral”, realizing things are different than you thought they were, not knowing your deans, cranky!, broken lazers and elevator (no stairwell)

Jess's Business

  • jess bought a first aid kit with her own money, she will give drew a receipt

1st slot

  • seating plats tomorrow at 11pm
    • drew may have to miss seating plats because of a funeral
  • house managing!
    • Friday 8pm – alex, andrew
    • Friday midnight – sam, justin, lily
    • Saturday 8pm – katherine, allison
    • Saturday midnight – albert, jess
    • Sunday 8pm – oona, drew
    • Monday – sophie, max
  • HMs will probably not need to make a speech
  • probably no programs, mark hands?

2nd slot

  • we passed a show!
  • we don't have rights…drew will look into it tomorrow
    • drew will also go to ufb and ask for money
  • hot seat becomes real seat on Friday

3rd slot

  • albert talked to allie wollner
  • Andrew thinks that she is probably not proposing
    • but this may be because of some spring weekend business
  • gordie sayer is interested…proposing Art
    • needs our help finding an LD and set designer
    • we should talk to him about maybe working on Metamorphoses since
      • we are very concerned with people unfamiliar with the space
  • need to schedule meeting to revamp proposal process
    • Thursday at 11pm?? We are terrified of 11pm meetings but there would only be one agenda item maybe we could focus…
    • the topic is really important
    • let's do Thursday 11pm
      • email ideas before Thursday…so we can think
    • topics: improving the process, getting more proposals


  • Andrew is proposing
  • Katherine is asking chris tyler to make a poster to gain proposals

New Members

  • put in email
  • drew has to leave at 5pm the day of the decision meeting


  • drew will email us about it

Space Maintenance

  • mice in the space (not RATS)
  • leaking water in the upspace – dripping water on the light board
  • pete and peter – shop door safety, crash bar?? Or change lock so that you have to lock it when you leave (it doesn't lock automatically)…like some other rooms in PW


  • hollis removed the smelly trash
  • lottery is on feb. 11
  • Brandon chinn wants to do something in the upspace during commencement
  • hollis asked drew about having a key for the upspace
    • we don't want to do let ins 24 hours a day for 2 weeks
    • okay we think this is great
  • Allison will send the SCAC people another email about the flatwork show
    • she will cc sam and arik


  • some people have been asking Justin about normal grants
  • hollis is probably submitting a proposal to someone
  • bonas is only giving us 750 this semester because of the economy


  • Andrew
    • PW got the late night grant…we are responsible for the event
    • show has 4,000 dollars. Damn.
  • Oona
    • email from mike – he wants to donate 30% of the money to brain tumor
    • problem because we did not make very much from SWIWS
    • we will gamble with MF
      • normally we take 50% of profits up to 300 dollars
      • but this time we get half regardless of how much money they make
        • this is sort of a joke…but maybe not really
      • we should probably start renegotiating a new contract with MF for next year
    • epic discussions continue

minutes taken by allison. wikified by drew and allison

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