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PW Meeting Minutes 4.26.09

Here: allison, sam, megan, alex, soph, serge, drew, oona, justin, lily, albert, jess, max, katherine, andrew
Not Here: n/a
Visiting: james

Rose: billy joel and rhubarb, new rhode island experiences (vegan ice cream, gay bar), baller friends, amount and feel of the people here today, bruce, did yesterday right (burgers and beers on Lincoln field), mf plan, great 24 hour new york trip, dave and busters (clapping), star trek, niece and the weather and open mic, the weather, did laundry at 3am, all the people in life who are awesome, video chatting, internship you wanted!, the weather makes it easy to lay in the sun, bath with three other people, the weather, megan’s show

Thorn: only a month of school left, little things affect mood more than they should, no spring clothes that fit, lost fav sweatshirt and two pairs of sunglasses, went to modern diner tonight and it was really bad (it normally is really good)(prego server, he was going to give her a pass because she was pregnant….), work, pattie y, all of the bullshit (there is a lot of it out there), all of the work that you haven’t turned in, no socks, the past week, where does all the time go, sleep schedule, single life is not good for ones back, sun makes it hard to be productive, fucking paper

soph has lost her black thread

commencement slot

  • week of the 10th, the sound designers want to use the upspace to record
  • commencement slot times
    • wed at 8, thurs at 8 and 12, Friday at 3 and 7, Saturday at 3
    • strike to follow Saturday show
  • ria is going to get housing info to lily ASAP
  • we need to give lily info asap, send full name (on id), brown/banner ID, current

room, roommate preference

  • need empty tuna/cat food cans, stuffed animals (cats are preferred)
  • still no set designer
  • ryan lester is going to TD, megan and serge are going to mentor him
    • he has an exam on the 14th, set needs to be done by the 16th
  • sam is going to be a hot seat set designer
    • for sure at the moment, but we will continue the hunt

INTERLUDE with donuts, homemade, amazing, and fresh from the fryer

  • I make a huge mess with the donuts. crumbs get all over the keyboard


  • strike jobs which allison has just assigned herself
    • running it – drew when he gets here
    • shop – andrew, allison
    • electrics in the space – oona
    • electrics in the room – megan
    • furniture – ‘bert
    • paint – jess
    • costumes – alex
    • chairs – max
    • green room – katherine
    • box office – soph
    • upspace – justin
    • props – lily
  • strike at 10pm
  • work day with MF
    • we are maybe going to try to do them at the beginning semester in the


  • maybe try to do it the last two days of finals this year
    • sam will make a list of what each room needs to have done
  • make sure we have a dumpster

Fall Season

  • drew needs list of all the shows by 9am TOMORROW
  • updates
    • ioana is ready to go, she isn’t finished with her first draft, sent out script to the board, struggling with designers, marriage of Figaro, sort of…
    • jess – maybe proposing the Danube
    • mica – omnium gatherum, sam has sent her comments from her first draft, having trouble with designers
    • doug – proposing democracy (at least one copy of the script in the box office), he seems fine with designers, has submitted first draft
    • kate doyle – is on track, has every designer position filled, heidi chronicles, has not sent soph a draft yet
    • arik – is no longer proposing
    • leber – is proposing r & g are dead, has put scripts in the box, has given comments on first draft
    • justin – almost def not proposing
    • emily – is on her way, has a pretty complete staff, has sent a very drafty draft, the bacchae, translation is under copyright still, will need rights
    • emma price – the clean house, sent draft, albert sent back notes, script in the box, need to have a conversation about how to interview her since she is abroad, we are going to video chat that girl, albert took script out of the box and lost it
    • matt – is not proposing
    • sam allen – is proposing, has emailed out electronic copy of the script, the ghost sonata, is sending draft of proposal out today
  • meeting time!
    • this is so complicated.
    • ask fewer questions, 20 (15?!) minute interviews
      • generate questions from 9 – 11:30 (SATURDAY)
      • interview from 2:00-6:00, interviewing emma at 2 (also sat.)
    • sunday 10:00am until we finish
    • normal sunday meeting will be at Monday at 8pm
      • some people may have to miss


  • so many issues
  • worry comes from people using equipment that they don’t know how to use
  • drafting up some kind of contract
    • people have to pay if they break something
  • preliminary checks, and then we don’t have to agree to lend
    • if it is difficult to borrow from us, then people know what they are getting into
  • we aren’t ATR treehouse, they have people that deal with lending full time, we don’t, becomes like a business and hurts pw, we should be making theater
  • problem with having a policy and then changing it for different/special people
  • maybe having a situation where we use discretion is maybe not such a bad thing
  • thing on the website about lending
    • it is very difficult for us to lend because we have so much going on
    • if you are in a dire situation, email us and we’ll try to figure something out
  • we don’t want to be in a situation where we feel obligated to lend
  • if some groups keep asking for the same thing, we can be like, dudes, get your own equipment
    • they will take their MFAs and get themselves some fucking cable
  • have some sort of paperwork for lending to make sure we get everything back
  • high cost items and deposit?
    • university doesn’t want us taking deposits on things
  • things to consider
    • do we have it
    • will it be used
    • are they trustworthy
    • have we had good experiences with them in the past
  • we have a rule, but the rule is subjective…is this weird??

Back to Fall Slot

  • people can’t find designers and they are not proposing because of that
    • they are “required” like the old staff was “required”
  • where are all the set designers
    • they are all seniors
  • max will email all proposers and tell them that it is “required” not REQUIRED
  • change this on the wiki too, we request
  • it is up to the buddy to make sure the proposer understands what is going down
  • the qualifying is up to the buddy
  • also update home page to not say ART

mf/groups upspace thing

  • this is totes a major thing
  • creating weeks for groups
    • do we do a lottery? Proposals? Requires a description of project
  • discussion about proposals for the upstairs space
    • quality of work is important
    • but so is the ability to just get a room and just do your thing
  • it is really shitty when people win the lottery and then don’t do anything and don’t tell us until the last minute
  • we will tell people that if they bail, we’ll be done with them forever
    • ah I’m typing all of this with one hand since I have my hand raised!
  • what equals a group, university recognized
    • submit project description NOT proposal (summary)
  • sam will decide this week what the three weeks we will use for first semester
    • drew will email out first semester calendar ASAP
  • need to keep with communicating with upspace people, we can hold your lack of communication against you in the future
    • Patrick m. t. was given a grant, they can’t use the grant if they aren’t doing the performance they said they would do


  • reimbursements – diane in SAO was holding reimbursements until drew signed off on them
  • they’ve all been submitted and taken care of
  • this situation has been kind of a thing for awhile
  • do we need a bigger role for the second signatory?
    • drew is the only person who knows what is going on with the money
  • the board needs to know the money policies
    • technically we don’t give reimbursements or we will reimburse up to one half of the costume budget
  • all of these money policies are in the show packet
  • the following people need money: hollis, andrew, soph, lily, lacey, peter (?),gordie, dominic, megan
  • ria needs to give drew the art receipts, drew isn’t going to chase PMs
  • megan is the second signatory of the future!
  • maybe everyone should go to financial signatory training so people know what is going on, it’s in the fall
  • maybe drew should take a few minutes at every week’s meeting to tell us what we are spending money


  • soph and andrew need to talk about schedule
    • soph needs to know asap if she has a job
  • andrew and albert need to meet with mark cohen, albert will email andrew

capture the mammoth

  1. allison, soph, serge, justin, megan
  2. let’s meet and make some rules! And some dates!

jobs bbq

  • Wednesday the 20th

space maintenance

  • this whole training thing, 2pm on Thursday (max, jess, drew)


  • nothing


  • megan
    • the panel saw - tim and mcg want it if we aren’t going to use it
    • trade for table saw?
    • we think this is a really good thing for us to have because it is a safe saw, rather than our mad sketch table saw
    • drew is going to talk to mcgarty about it
    • can we rearrange the shop!
    • hot seats
      • only some people know how to do things, the people that know things get screwed
      • if you are really overwhelmed, then you just say that you are
      • should be able to ask for a lot of help
  • allison
    • get nice chairs out of the upspace
    • move grill back to allison’s house

minutes taken (and rewikified) by allison

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