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PW Meeting Minutes 4.19.09

Here: drew, soph, andrew, megan, allison, alex, albert, serge, jess, katherine

Not here: justin, max, sam, oona, lily

Visiting: jillian

Rose: foam, fixing speaker, solo, thesis, woke up in the mood to do homework, tim hett, the sun, bro visited for first time ever, the weather and better weather to come, soph and serge made pb&j sandwiches

Thorn: work, work, crazy week, sick (food poisoning??), too many thorns, sleep schedule, work, the future (all versions of the future, including the one where robots rule the world), work on project that is due tomorrow


  • tentative schedule for week
    • tonight at 11pm – painting set
    • tomorrow at 11 – seating plats and painting floor
    • Tuesday night – duv
    • Thursday night – setting up chairs
  • illusions will be out of there ASAP
    • andrew is so sorry
  • email jillian ticket reserves by tomorrow with house manager names
    • Friday 8 -
    • Saturday 7 and 11 – megan (7)
    • Sunday at 8 -
    • Monday 8 -
  • seating plats
    • two board representatives – some underclassmen will do it! 2!
      • send jillian the names of people tonight
  • email blurb to alex by 10 pm tonight

commencement slot

  • need a set designer/technical director – serge/megan
    • we need to hustle this week to find someone
    • right now james is set designing his own show…we aren’t that into it
  • for now, we will continue to advertise for TDs and set designers
  • james can ask for scenic help as he needs it

fall season

  • kate doyle’s scripts are in the box office
  • deadline for scripts – this Friday at 11pm (2 copies!)
  • taking lunch break for allison’s thesis reading….OR
  • changing times!
    • interviews on Saturday
    • discussion on another day…1st choice Monday, 2nd choice Wednesday
      • these times are during reading period


  • tabled


  • bbq
    • Katherine likes bbqs, she likes meat (alex doesn’t)
      • will buy meat (burgers, buns and veggies)
    • approx 22 people (?), I’m slightly confused by this number
    • people (board) will donate some monies for their own food
      • suggested 10 dollars (really??)
        • donate as your appetite sees fit

crumble interlude

  1. oona is overwhelemed by life, but she’ll be okay

adoch comes back

  • shuttle
    • someone leaves from faunce at 1pm and 2pm
      • 1pm – serge
      • 2pm – megan
      • make a sign, “MEAT board members!”
  • publicity
    • poster at the open house with a little mappy for pdubs
      • for the bbq
      • soph will make the poster
    • plug the bbq! Announce the shuttles
  • activities fair (noon on Wednesday we think?)
    • the job people will go – sam, justin…others?
  • theater info session (11am on Wednesday)
    • drew and allison will go and plug away!

space maintenance

  • EHS – need to make sure we follow exit/safety laws
    • hang exit signs
    • make sure space is configured in such a way that it doesn’t block egress
    • max is the safety person
      • should go in once a week during show to make sure that the space is safe
    • can’t leave tools in the space, could hurt someone


  • solo may be submitting grant requests


  • james
    • should talk to drew about the stuff in his email
  • max
    • make sure you contact proposal buddies
  • katherine
    • wants upspace during commencement
    • james has the upspace during the commencement
      • mf has asked him and he thinks that is fine
    • katherine is going to talk to james about this
      • could perform during reading period/finals, just not advertise with pws name
  • oona
    • circuiting in downspace sucks
      • we do have scaffolding
      • can’t do clouds

minutes taken (and rewikified) by allison

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