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PW Meeting Minutes 4.12.09

Here: alex, jess, sam, allison, megan, serge, andrew, oona, max, lily, soph

Not Here: albert, drew, justin, katherine

Visiting: jillian

Rose: DJing queer alliance party, mass, went home for sister’s birthday, fun weekend, ken was here! Brother’s baby is due next weekend! Easter egg hunt (that alex won and didn’t ruin), happy, doug brown (head of the writing fellows program), sam is powering through, our smiling faces, bff came to visit this weekend, someone dropped their baby at mass (we have a reenactment, we are crying. hysterically), thesis done, taking a vacation at brown

Thorn: maybe no lunch, mass, two papers (sort of) need to write, no idea that next weekend was spring weekend, have to meet with west African dance family, a dream – had to get bar mitzvahed again but you were your current age (the description is really long), have to write an 8 page paper and study german (but feeling german!), horribly hung over, passover and too many carbs, mass, zander what would grubbs has been returned, no work done

JESS HAD AN AMAZING BURP (getting goldschmidted!)
sam steals soph’s iced coffee

Mcgarty party this Tuesday!


  • brought most recent ground plan
    • house count 100
  • they are ready for strike and build tomorrow at 10pm
  • will be emailing drew to find out type of paint for the floor

3rd slot

  • strike jobs
    • running it - drew
    • shop – allison, andrew
    • electrics in the space – oona
    • electrics in the room – megan
    • paint – katherine, max, jess
    • furniture – albert
    • box office – soph
    • costume stuff – alex
    • upspace – Justin, serge, sam
    • green room - lily
  • make sure you do your EHS stuff!

interlude for fusion

  • fusion borrowed stuff from us
    • we are extraordinary
  • we would like them to bring it back
    • but we have a plan, katherine’s car is the plan

interlude about theater in other places

  • our strikes our better than yale
    • fuck yale
  • we are extraordinary


  • jess hiccupped
  • sterba – is pretending to be a student but called back
    • we think it is sort of unfair to cast non students
      • esp. since we said no to lacey
  • we don’t have a bozo!
    • jess is doing it!
    • she will email james about sterba

fall slot

  • leber might not propose
  • jess might not propose
  • need buddies for:
    • mica - sam
    • justino - jess
  • max met with ioana
    • is it bad if the show is like 5 hours long? max said no
    • dinner theater!
    • can’t decide between 1st slot or both
    • sending a draft to max on Wednesday
  • oona has been meeting with leber
    • might not propose because he can’t find the designers he wants
    • she talking to him again tomorrow
  • lily met with emily toner
    • Emily has some people that she is talking to
    • lily is good at riffing
  • soph has kate doyle
    • hopefully meeting on Wednesday
    • maybe do the interviews on Saturday
      • 10 hours is way too long for this business
      • maybe the proposal buddy generates questions
        • or. We assign a person (not the buddy) to a proposal to generate questions
    • maybe we can do this all in one day since we aren’t spending time generating questions
    • cutting FAT
  • have we updated page with proposal questions?
    • like what slot do you prefer?
    • maybe have a 1 page form – soph will do it
  • need to turn in scripts ASAP! Like NOW! Multiple copies
  • need to have a box outside the door – jess will do
  • we need to take a breather at some point, 30 min
  • we are going to yes, no, maybe that shit

lending stuff

  • tabled


  • tabled conversation about group slot, upspace philosophy
  • “cover letter” – name, date, project description, etc. etc.


  • peeps are interested, will know more next week
  • andrew and albert are meeting with mark cohen next weekend

space maintenance

  • strike inspection
  • hazmat training
    • jess is emailing max to tell him when she can’t do it


  • lily
    • drew give me my money
    • lots of people need money (peter scheidt, meta, the dome…)
      • drew – please solve this
      • small financial crisis
  • soph
    • can soph borrow an upspace bench for Monday – Wednesday
    • can she use some scrap wood to make a drop box

minutes taken (and rewikified) by allison

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