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PW meeting minutes 4.5.09

Here: megan, allison, andrew, albert, oona, serge, drew, soph, alex, lily, max, justin
Not here: jess, sam, katherine
Visiting: jillian, gordie, james

Rose: fortune (you will be fortunate in EVERYTHING), dry tech, birthday! Michael Douglas (no explanation needed), think the next few weeks will be nice, new tattoo, dad gave thesis idea, costume shop bonding, art!, the sun, future good month, ratty’s apple raisin chutney, woke up at 630 am and went to Newport, Poland, just got back from making a sexual education video (this week is sex week! There is also a sex dance…but it is a safe sex dance), bunny rabbit cupcakes

Thorn: school work, no thorn, too many group projects, the weekend, when to finish projects, want a dog, knee problem persists, getting lost on the way to the doctor (hand held GPS!), didn’t make it to church and feel guilty, north korea, right hand (children/ max r. dropping things on it), not being able to speak Russian with alex, woke up at 630 am, an ex italian prime minister, burned self during gold fish trick (get rich quick!), anxiety

3rd slot

  • wet tech is later today
    • none of the actors can come to the normal time
      • we decide not to go into the reasons for this
  • set is almost all built
    • still needs painting
  • gordie is going to the fabric store
    • mcgarty is ignoring calls
      • we’re thinking that rather than using the theater van, we’ll use a car
  • seating plats
    • tomorrow at 11pm!
      • james needs a ground plan
      • james needs to talk to Andrew about plats by 8pm tomorrow
      • space for plats needs to be cleaned
  • house managing
    • Friday 8pm – albert, allison, andrew
    • Saturday 8pm – serge, lily
    • Saturday midnight – soph
    • Sunday 8pm – megan, max, drew
    • Monday 8pm – oona, alex, Justin



  • a new brain
    • jillian is bringing in a floor plan next week
      • 100 seats
    • moving into space next Monday night
    • set designer quit
      • we will try to be around
  • pw met with mf
    • everything in the contract is good
    • awesome
  • mf asked for a week in the upstairs space
    • proposal = make two weeks a semester for “groups”
      • so, mf could do a cabaret, or bop could do a scenes concert
      • will discuss next week


  • yay!
  • auditions
    • probably this week
      • Thursday 7:30-10:30
      • Friday 3:00-6:00, 7:00-10:00
      • callbacks tbd, Sunday probably
    • james will send drew an email requesting rooms for auditions
  • need to gather commencement housing situation
    • drew will get it for commencement show
    • lily will submit it to everyone else
    • apps are due april 23, but it is flexible
  • still need props, sound and set
    • Michael mcgarty at 3pm tomorrow
    • will email list serve
    • kate doyle will never do props again
    • ask leber
  • alex keegan is interested in assistant directing
    • james will get in touch with her


  • megan and serge don’t have card access (post midnight. i don’t need two bullets)
  • soph doesn’t have post midnight access
  • email full name and SISD numbers to board list

new societies!

  • BUNS! – brown university neil simon (chaired by drew madden)
  • BUTS! – brown university tom stoppard (chaired by andrew leber)

Fall season

  • max has a little announcement and a little push
    • leber = oona
    • arik = drew
    • Emily toner = lily
    • ioana = max
    • doug = alex
    • jess Goldschmidt = allison (megan)
    • matt bauman = we will wait
  • serge should volunteer to be someone’s shadow
  • serge is changing the website to reflect the fall season not SLOTS
    • say need to email MAX
  • only get a buddy if they email max
  • can’t wait for our BDH article, how sarcastic will it be
  • we LOVE the video
    • I found it!
    • they shot almost 3 hours of film

upstairs space

  • whole sex video thing
    • they want to use the upspace for filming
      • sam needs to step up the email communication
    • lighting workshop is until 5pm
    • it is art’s space right now
      • should talk to gordie about this
  • will be putting elevator key on the bulletin board in the box


  • mini orientation for theater groups
    • at 11am on Wednesday during adoch
  • there is a 3 hour chunk that is listed as theater open house, 1pm-4pm
    • just will have signs, this is boring, come eat a burger
  • will make an announcement at the mini orientation
  • should we have a shuttle service!
    • on the hour, every hour
      • 1pm and 2pm
  • will talk more NEXT WEEK

space maintenance

  • talked to phil about washer and dryer situation
    • sao won’t be paying for them
  • drew will be a point person
  • downspace door is whack
    • alex called and they didn’t do anything
    • alex should log in and see if they have a work order in her name
    • will put in a new work order
  • need to do steps for your room
    • the deadlines are upon us
      • should have everything done by strike
      • Andrew (and allison) need to set a date for shop land

* jess needs to email out spread sheet for hazardous materials

  • ASAP!!!!!! SO ASAP!
  • drew and jess need hazmat training
  • someone from MF needs to get hazmat training


  • soph has nothing but she still has money
  • Justin forwarded drew an email and he responded to it

upspace group slots

  • cat 3 groups are consistently good for proposals
  • going to continue to discuss when everyone else is here


  • drew
    • will not be at the meeting next week because of easter
  • Justin
    • might be missing next weeks meeting for easter too
  • lily
    • wants a reimbursement, drew has it, will be in her box
    • might have to bounce at some point because her bro is having a baby
  • andrew
    • needs diane to sign something
      • drew has signed at least one of the forms
    • can NPF borrow lights/cable
      • we decided a no lights no cable policy
      • policy exists because we don’t get any reimbursement from


  • soph
    • borrowed some black fabric

minutes taken (and rewikified) by allison

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