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HERE: soph, justin, andrew, daria, alex, Katherine, sam
MISSING: drew, max

Rose: ice cream, coffee, things are good, favorite socks, donuts not yet
Thorn: being unenthused, HOMEWORK, no raincoat yet

2nd slot

  • we have an LD! James hart
  • we actually don’t need a sound designer
  • they tried the piano up in the elbow to see if you could hear it in the space
  • design run tomorrow, production meeting to follow
  • TD? Ria is interested but can’t start until next week, but jenny thinks this will be fine
    • but now we haven’t heard anything back from ria
    • maybe have a board td until ria can start?
    • arik can probably do it for a week or whatever
      • arik is going to the production meeting
    • we have the rights. 300 dollars
    • it might be helpful to have several board members come to design runs
      • run is at 9pm tomorrow


  • 200 per show per semester
  • but ufb isn’t really into us asking for more money because we have a lot of raised funds
  • in the spring give ufb a history
  • JB rights
    • we seem to all be in agreement that we should give aubie the money
    • but where do we get the money from?
    • give it to him from grants
    • but if we get a lot of good grant proposals, then we can take it out of raised funds
      • we have already paid for rights, so that has basically already happened

3rd slot

  • Eurydice – alli
  • Brandon chin – pinter shorts (ask him to talk to daria)
  • matt b. - ??
  • mica - ? yay freshmen
  • soph and max

New Members

  • drew foster – I met him in the ratty
  • date recap: 22nd applications 25th meeting
  • Andrew l?
  • aubie?
  • Raphael?


  • we have plays!
  • director apps due Monday
  • is sam’s script on the website? Yes the iphone tells us
  • director decision meeting Tuesday at 11pm
  • is drew staying in charge? Maybe max? daria?
  • do we have an SM and LD
    • Andrew L? he is owning pw
    • I’m sorry I’m not there you can’t go in

Costume Room

  • allison and alex are cleaning, throwing out and donating

Upstairs Space

  • jenna Horton – using it for rehearsal? We don’t know how we feel about this
    • Katherine is going to ask jenna and jd if they can do some sort of workshop/preview at the end of the week
      • actually sam/arik are going to ask
  • we want the space to generate work
  • we haven’t had anything in the space this semester
  • perhaps the beauty of the upspace lottery system causes it to sit empty sometimes
  • maybe you should have to propose with a project and part of getting your deposit back is doing a performance
  • maybe up the deposit? To like 150? We need to find a way to make people follow the contract
  • two questions? Who is involved? Please describe your project?
    • and this is the gateway to being in the lottery
  • implement this for the next lottery at the end of october


  • doug eacho sent Justin a grant application
    • sub-committee – Katherine, Andrew
  • sophie – has a proposal from sam
    • sub-committee – daria, alex (@10:30 on Tuesday, becker)
    • problem – charles hasn’t emailed back soph and we don’t have the money yet
      • call tara

Space Maintenance

  • door outside photo booth nook, during JB too
  • but it has always been locked before this!
  • someone has keys? Facilities keys not a tf green key
  • back door to second floor. Not effective because it doesn’t lock/shut
  • mens dressing room door – doesn’t lock now? But fixed?
  • soph maybe doesn’t have card access


  • need to fix it
  • nasty inside, do it after the meeting!


  • all the information out on the table!!!
    • from 10-11 pretty calm, about 75 people at 11
    • then people started to pour in
    • in the past we’ve had an invite list and party managers
      • hasn’t been an issue other years
      • haven’t really been following party formalities
    • bitting in the ass
      • lack of protocols
      • room was WAY over capacity
      • didn’t have a guest list
        • Andrew talked to ally about it
      • how are we checking ID?
      • frats are much better at this than we are
    • other big problem
      • because door into nook was unlocked, think a lot of people were sneaking in
    • midnight – crazy past capacity
      • ghm guys manned the doors
      • after about 30 minutes we were back under capacity
    • ally is fine, Andrew talked to her
      • also emailed phil
    • what happened to our trust with sao? Is it going to be okay? We think so
    • PHIL SENT US AN AMAZING EMAIL. He hopes everyone a good time.
    • need to be more clear on board responsibilities
    • next time we are going to decide what kind of party we are going to have
      • nice dance theater party
      • or crazy real party
    • we don’t like alarmist vibes – we deal with problems better when we are calm
    • put photos on fb and on the website and then if people want bigger ones, they should email Andrew


  • Daria – vision meeting? Before new members! BRUNCH
    • Saturday the 18th, morning
  • Soph – weird vibes?
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