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HERE: andrew, alex, allison, soph, arik, katherine, sam, justin
NOT HERE: drew, daria
VISITING: james, alana, aubie

Rose: donuts, surprise party for elliot, we have a sock and buskin liason! Pineapple drinking vessels, autism and historical reenactments (not a dance move)
Thorn: missing college, treadmills make you feel like a rodent, no ihop, something in the couch I don’t understand

We are talking about the donut options We deserve good pastry.


  • james is our liason for s&b. I’m not writing down his email. It’s his last name
  • “there’s no food” but “there’s faculty!!”
  • james can bring donuts to pw anytime.
  • The meeting gets massively inappropriate here

1st slot

  • strike jobs
    • running it - drew
    • shop - andrew (eric and three pretty women)
    • electrics in the space - arik
    • electrics in the room - daria
    • paint - max
    • furniture - sam
    • costumes/green room - alex
    • booth - katherine
    • upspace – Katherine, justin
    • box – soph
    • floater – ALLISON (I just wanted to see my name in the minutes)
    • props – frosh Andrew already did
  • we haven’t been filling out fire forms. We will collectively fill them out strike
  • rights were more expensive than we told aubie. What do we do??
    • j.b. is 200 dollars over budget because of rights
    • we want to talk about this with drew and daria here
    • we will let aubie know when we know
    • jb paid for posters but a bunch of them didn’t go up
      • the cast was supposed to poster? Maybe
      • or maybe we were supposed to poster for jb when we postered for Arcadia but we never got that email
  • Katherine is house managing tonight
    • and sam is coming to help her
  • Pizza P.O. – DREW/DARIA figure this out for tomorrow!!!

2nd slot

  • yay there’s a cast
  • no TD or LD
    • arik volunteered. But we think he absolutely needs a co-TD
    • jake kline? He and jenny work together and he loves building
    • oona is willing to co-ld, but Olivia can’t do it
    • Katherine is going to make an announcement in TA25 tomorrow
    • we will pick board people by Sunday

3rd slot

  • Brandon c. with pinter
  • matt b. with Charlie, victor, romeo
  • allie with Eurydice
  • soph/max


  • did people go to playwriting classes?
    • no one went to sam’s but we got the other ones
      • see if sam can email his class
  • allison made a sign for the window
  • some confusion over whether it is this Monday or next Monday, hm
  • we have an SM
  • no LD
    • alyna???
  • people interested in being on the sub-committee need to email drew
    • Wednesday at 10

new mems

  • applications are due on the 22nd, meeting on the 25th
  • put in email


  • Alana is writing a musical about sarah palin, Katherine will play sarah
  • if obama doesn’t win, pw might be destroyed
  • need lots of liquor
  • election potluck – red and blue food only


  • do we want a fog machine?
  • would up the spectacle anti
  • it is silly that we don’t own one
  • do we need as high tech of a fogger as the one drew picked?
  • Andrew had one in high school for 350
  • conversation turns to projectors
    • this was a violent conversation 2 years ago
    • who is going to research the projectors – Andrew!
      • we are contacting paul
  • Andrew is going to find a cheap fogger that has dmx


  • we had the lottery
    • sam
    • mf oct 28 – nov 1
    • Naomi
    • tyler ?
      • this list all happened really fast and from an iphone. I do my best to keep up
  • we have a waitlist
  • might institute some sort of rule that if you blitz the system, we will disqualify people
  • based on project rather than name
  • meeting today at 2:15 downstairs with contracts
  • some music grad student wanted to use the space after finals/during winter break

Sam’s Upspace thing

  • need LD, props, set, costume….everything actually
  • if you know people, spread the word!
  • drawing in outside acting help

Space Maintenance

  • some door handle? Getting fixed very quickly
  • calling in handicapped door
  • we like two pronged approach


  • first meeting with phil the other day
  • very optimistic that the sound proofing is going happen
    • but we need to be on top of it
  • taiko needs to not exist
  • Andrew is going to talk to todd about it
    • not about taiko
  • phil is going to sit in his chair


  • DJ trio
    • there is dancing with cat masks?
    • do we trust them
    • can email song requests to sam
  • party training
    • 12-1 on Thursdays
    • who can come!!
      • katherine, alex, max, sam
    • who is trained: allison, andrew, arik, Justin
  • you are apparently supposed to register parties two weeks in advance, oops
  • they are requiring us to have party people here
    • they are all right but we have to end exactly at 2
    • but after party!?!
  • time 10-2. Make sure people know it starts at 10.
  • Andrew is bartender trained
  • party people are NOT going to be wandering in the space
  • meeting AFTER this meeting
  • having games – hopscotch and four square at 9pm
  • discussion back to theme
    • if you bring a date you get in free
    • mwhahaha you already get in free.
    • new theme. High school homecoming
  • advertising – must call it a cocktail reception in order to make it free
    • this requires us to have a guest list
    • we can only have a guest list as big as the capacity of the room
    • which isn’t as big as we want (153?)
    • this means fb invites are a little iffy
    • secret event!
    • those who rsvp get on the guest lists
    • between fb and friendships…everything will be okay
  • Andrew is going to call ally and get the down low
  • we need an event up by Tuesday
  • need an alcohol purchasing subcommittee


  • tara talked to sophie!
  • he is giving us the same amount of money this year
  • can we do it as a rolling basis? We say yes.
  • soph will email him to find out how we get the money
  • tara’s idea = have a binder with all of our charles correspondence
    • can also archive the work that was put on
  • downspace can apply too


  • Alana – would like to adopt a chair. Alana wants a payment plan and gets a letter at a time. First letter is buy one get one free.
  • chairs – apparently the money that we said we have hasn’t been donated or the SAO doesn’t know about it?? Alexio?
  • Andrew – Justin and Andrew have a project. Haunted pw. What does the upspace look like around the Halloween? Harrington is involved
  • soph – publicity
    • we are in a liminal state. The cast of jb is frustrated about publicity
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