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HERE: max, drew, andrew, alex, allison, arik, katherine, sam
NOT HERE: sophie, justin
VISITING: doug, jess, and someone whose name begins with an a and I'm not even going to try to spell it, andrew, caylee

Rose: enjoying reading things, playing dress up
Thorn: no mosquito nets, sweating, American psycho


  • Jess
    • costume perusal, we say YES

1st slot

  • tech!!!
  • seating plats tomorrow at 11pm
  • House managing
    • Friday 19th 8pm – alex, drew
    • Saturday 20th 8pm – allison, drew
    • Saturday 20th at 1130pm – max, andrew
    • Sunday 21st at 8pm – Katherine
    • Monday 22nd at 8pm – arik
    • SAM pick a time to house manage! Like Sunday or Monday!

2nd slot

  • YAY
  • drew is the bozo!
  • dialect coach – Alicia coneys!! We love her! Same for JD
  • we finally learn how to say doug's last name! (E-co for those of you who are interested)
  • james hart is ASMing/Sound designer
  • TD???? Arik? If he doesn't get cast. Maybe Andrew/eric maybe??
  • two lighting designer leads – oona and alyna (we don't know her last name)
    • arik is going to look her name up on the tech list
  • RIGHTS! Daria is working on it.
    • TO DO DARIA: call them on MONDAY!!!!
  • grants – talk to Justin
  • CAC grants (applications due oct. 1)
  • publicizing auditions – doug will send file to Andrew and he will print scanning sides and emailing them to andrew
  • jesse Geiger can use the space on saturday
  • Auditions!!
    • we want to hold them this week.
    • if they would rather be in mf, they'll fill out a preference card
    • if you get called back for arcadia, you won't audition for senior slot until after the cast list is posted (Friday morning)
    • when!?? Tuesday night, Wednesday night, wed afternoon. venue TBD (not anymore! WILSON)
  • things to hold the board accountable for
    • Paint – sam, Andrew, max, Katherine, alex,
    • Daria, allison, arik , justin
    • Lights – daria, alex, arik, drew, sam, andrew
    • Sound – max, arik, justin
    • Publicity – allison (pubco), sophie, alex, daria (if it works with s&b)
    • Builds – alex, Andrew, max, arik, sam, Katherine, daria, drew, allison
    • Costumes – daria, Andrew, alex, allison

3rd slot

  • Brandon chinn with pinter?
  • no other leads


  • allison made perspective dates…with 30 and 60 degree angles
    • dates:
      • plays be due sept. 22
      • selection committee meets sept 24th evening
      • director proposals due sept. 29th
      • auditions oct. 2-3
      • show October 24th – 27th
  • drew in charge! Until after play selection
  • allison, sam, Katherine, daria – poster due Wednesday by midnight
  • selection committee – will decide next week
  • max will talk to greg moss, elmo T.M, sam marx, and dan about 3c2c and see if they want us to come to the class to talk? Or if they want to just announce it themselves
  • arik is giving the dates for playwriting classes but you can look them up yourself
  • need SM and LD
    • alyna maybe??
    • frosh?


  • drew proposes to take 50 dollars from show budget and we'll cover whatever goes over
  • pw likes symbolism time vs. money
  • we are now proposing that we handle the man-power and they handle the money
  • we put this policy into effect IMMEDIATELY
  • board is responsible for distributing table slips and postering
  • will design if they want
  • should go into show packet (DREW)


  • will do auditions in WILSON (note will says room number TBD, put website on posters/tableslips for more information)
  • will sign up for tableslipping etc over email
  • will have to poster twice since rip down day is Tuesday
  • “I HATE WRITING THOSE EMAILS!” - alex - Everyone is judging alex on the “basis of these goddamn emails”
  • “e-co” – where did that name come from. No one knows. It comes from Jamestown

Chair fundraising

  • we are going to have a telethon and web broadcast
  • you are elusive if you use gmail
  • jan/feb need information by November 1 for fundraising slot
  • can only have current brown students fundraise once per year
  • ALEXIO – can you register us and get names and stuff? Then we will call everyone!


  • need a theme
  • multicultural homecoming? New Orleans masked ball!
  • aesthetics feels great. And almost sexual. Definitely sexual.
  • we should pass out masks
  • where is the money coming from?
  • mazer is giving 100 dollars to alcohol
  • we will have to take money from raised funds
  • want to get everyone masks from the oriental trading company
    • maybe byo mask.
    • 200 for food and drink
    • 50 for decorations
  • who is the GSM staff?
  • I GET BRIGHT RED. We'll hide daria and she'll be wearing a mask we are supposed to be sober when staffing a party
  • subcommittee
    • Katherine, sam, sophie, Justin, max, daria, alex, allison
  • party training – andrew is going to send an email after talking to ally
    • Katherine, drew, sam, alex, Andrew, sophie, max all need training


  • no updates, daria and Andrew are setting up weekly meetings
  • bsr would be there this summer, next academic year, and next summer


  • there comes a time in humanity when we have to recognize that we are the superior breed
  • this speech is so relevant to today
  • we put all the mice in a barrel and get a gun and shoot them (max will do it personally, we don't have to come and watch)
  • or we will give one mouse a gun
  • it's a duel! Burr and Hamilton
  • let's stop crying! And get rid of them!
  • strange attraction with salsa jars. MAN AND TOMATO
  • max is calling Alana
    • max is going to send her a mouse…and dye its fur rainbow colors
  • buy the hardest shit they've got…take it from the cash box


  • don't take money out of the safe without talking to drew
  • sophie needs to take money for chairs


  • don't have it filled for next week
  • jenna Horton is staying in, yay jenna Horton
  • the lottery is this Wednesday!!! (the 17th)
  • policy changed to email arik anytime on Wednesday (until midnight)
  • sam and arik will meet and do the lottery
  • will send out Thursday morning
  • need to cancel at least 4 weeks in advance to get deposit back
  • jesse Geiger on Saturday


  • Andrew (guest) wants to kill the props room.
  • Daria – wait you're taking my room….wait. just do it.
  • Daria and Katherine are going to clean women's dressing room before seating plats
  • move stuff (i.e. that couch outside the box) into dressing room
  • DREW – going to get another pair of vice grips for tomorrow night
  • Andrew is labeling everything during strike


  • nothing new
  • this is a lie
  • need someone to clean the drain out front
  • need soap in mens bathroom (downstairs)


  • tabled, do it next week
  • again. Also a lie.
  • we don't like due date for nov. 1 for bonas grant. We like rolling application
  • “bonus” grant? Hahaha. “new works grant” “alumni grant for new works


  • Trevor gave daria the money during commencement, so we have it somewhere
  • MF needs to come help us with the greenroom project? Lets see if MF wants to come to first slot strike


  • max doesn't think it is a good idea
  • we want them to be involved but we don't want them to take opportunities for undergrad
  • especially because they are mfa directing candidates and have opportunities
  • none of our money comes from graduates
  • can they use the upspace? We feel weird about this.
  • just because they are grad students doesn't mean they aren't flaky
  • we say we have less of a problem….unless undergrads are involved in acting
  • want the space to be used
  • if they want to integrate with us awesome. If they just want to just take our stuff…not so much.


  • meeting moved to oct. 25
  • applications due oct. 22
  • will be in email next week!
  • DONE


  • arik – we got the awkward email about giving monologues about slavery
  • Katherine – can Katherine use the upspace today? Jb has a run tonight
  • allison – section upspace? Nope!
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