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HERE: max, justin, sam, andrew, katherine, alex, arik, daria, soph, allison
VISITING: ally (wants to propose for 3rd slot)

Rose: bros, donuts!!!, google docs
Thorn: nothing politically correct, humidity

Notable quotes/moments:
“sam, were all your hookups cheap and small” – daria
there has been a lack of sharing donut stories. Awkward silence.
“is your car okay?” – “no! it's fucked!”
“tropical storm hanna fucks with shit”
“the optimistic queen [bed], nice”

1st Slot

  • everything is great.
  • Design run on Tuesday.
  • Drew is mapping budget (whatever this means. Something about seeing where specifically our money goes. It sounds complicated)

2nd Slot

  • everything is good (as opposed to great)
  • justin met with doug E. we still don't know how to say his last name. if you are reading this doug, let us know!
  • daria is doing rights
  • Due Wednesday at 5pm
  • Dave Harrington needs to talk to Justin. (make sure no vomit)
  • Soph and max are still proposing.
  • No cats. We cry.
  • Meeting on Saturday. Time to be decided via email.

Day in the Space (DITS)

  • We were really happy about dits! Yay freshmen!

3rd Slot

  • allison mentors! Andrew calls dibs on the next slot.
  • Sam might propose


  • we love it.
  • Drew is interested in chairing it
  • Justin wants to stage manage! Haha!
  • Allison will send out information from last year. (or alexio if he finds it first)
  • Alex might be interested. (in chairing)
  • Maybe we will pick a selection committee and see where the chips fall.
  • We will decide selection committee later
  • SPECIAL CLARIFYING NOTE TYPED AFTER THE FACT – since we have a small board right now, we've decided that Drew will be in charge of all organizational related aspects of 3c2c until the selection committee decides on the plays for the festival. At that time, board members who submitted plays and were not chosen can become part of the organizational/artistic direction side.

Audition forum

  • We abolish the term “workshop”
  • Katherine has made a mustache with her hair.
  • We think we are going to do it after a few auditions when people get sad and confused.
  • My name is Katherine cooper and I have not been cast.
  • Maybe do it a little after 3c2c so we feel good about ourselves when all of our attendees get cast. Our forum helped you!!

Political fundraiser/rally thing

  • we feel kind of weird about political fundraising, but we think we have the power to bring the community together like that
  • for WITS maybe arts week at brown?
  • we like voter registration
  • we think alexio made a great point that we don't need to have an event to get people in the space, we could just register them when they are already here
  • some people feel strange about making a “political gesture”
  • but others feel that brown needs more “political gestures”
  • max will blame the board when obama loses the election
  • maybe have a register to vote table in the lobby, because we wouldn't be forcing ourselves on people
  • we need to talk to aubie if he is down with this.
  • we should consider things that are important to us and pick something to fundraise
  • some theater organizations are also charities
  • bring an idea that is important to you next week


  • did mf pay us from the spring?
  • we think they did.
  • we paid back phil with that money..? maybe that was cash from reckless?
  • should ask mf
  • TO DO: daria email them!!
  • they haven't done our together time. But soph has an idea for it. See: business.


  • we found mazers money!!!
  • we want mazer to come home to us. We want alums to come home to us.
  • upspace is open week of sept. 22nd.
  • sam says yay!
  • we want to attempt a game. 4square.
  • we are getting nice alcohol for pregame homecoming.
  • sam is the underage alcohol fairy.
  • date 26th or 27th? So the 27th!
  • mazer paraphernalia? We don't want to take away from the group atmosphere?
  • maybe name drinks after alums? Definitely after mazer
  • want a group party training – Andrew will figure out party training.
  • “Ah what the fuck was that! A book!”


  • sneakiest thing ever done by pw. (we've done some pretty sneaky things. Like lazer tag.
  • if BSR isn't here, the university has to rent a super trailer for 250,000
  • the U. would rather spend money on our building.
  • we love BSR.
  • the U. is sending a sound proofing guy in for an estimate. And paying for him.
  • we think they will be less of a sound threat than cobab.
  • we need to clean out the elbow! ASAP. We think we'll have a week's notice


  • we still have 1 person using the upspace from our lottery of last year
  • she is wanting to do a week long reading/bake off thing. (jenna Horton)
  • we have a week open from the sept. 22nd – sept. 26th


  • all of our Astroturf got stolen. Maybe facilities moved it.
  • Jesse Geiger (3rd year directing mfa) – wants to use space for callbacks on a Saturday, the week of JB. Only problem – 2nd slot would probably be auditioning then and we think they should probably get first dibs on this space.
  • can jesse reserve 112? Arik is going to help him.
  • we should tell him we'll let him know after we pass a show
  • will reserve a room as a backup
  • the cave is a hard hat zone.

Space maintenance

  • no mice, no mercy
  • some people wanted mercy, but they didn't see the super amounts of poo
  • an exterminator?
  • alex is bringing her kittens. It is a great idea!! But a little like our backup plan for the flies, where we would bring increasingly larger animals into the space to wipe out the other animals.
  • door to mens dressing room is broken
  • yellow toilets (womens 1st floor)


  • going once, twice. gone.

Seating plats

  • going once, twice. gone.


  • arik – what do we want to do with liaisons? They should go to one board meeting.
  • trash can in the box office!! Sexy Swedish trash can. We also want speakers in the box.
  • arik/soph/drew/allison/others – turn mens dressing room into a green room. And use everyone in one room and two bathrooms.
  • Make some sort of a monitor.
  • clean out dressing rooms! Make mf help us!!
  • Andrew -concerned with changing the purpose of the rooms since we had to fight for the purpose they currently have. Our solution – change the name of the “greenroom” to “mens dressing room”
  • bsr needs a storage room, so maybe give them our green room for storage as an act of goodwill. Before we do this, we need to figure out what to do with everything in the greenroom, props room, dressing rooms, and costume room.
  • we need a hardcore dumpster day.
  • stencil committee will meet this week! Allison will send email.
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