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Here: andrew, katherine, daria, alex, allison, drew, max, soph, justin, arik
Not Here: sam
Visiting: no one

Rose: “I like being alive”, 3c2c healed lives (but not alex's), SKATING AS A BOARD!, Sammy's mom is here until Tuesday, surprise parties, Michael mcgarty at said surprise party (singing mo-town)
Thorn: really really really ouchy looking boo-boo, not prioritizing the “fucking” (of work) , life size vampire outside of room, no boys to see you in 3c2c, inexpressible thorn, max forgot allison's b-day card


  • we love 3c2c. and it makes a lot of money! Only during family weekend!
  • strike time! 10:00pm
  • strike jobs
    • running it: allison and drew
    • electrics in the space/props: daria
    • electrics in the room: arik
    • box office: sophie
    • furniture: sam
    • paint: max
    • costumes/green room: alex
    • upspace: Justin
    • shop: Andrew
  • chair rack set up: Andrew (9:45pm)
    • padded chairs in the dance studio
    • someone needs to spray paint PW on the bottoms of chairs
    • we learn about line spray paint

Minutes Classified


  • yay mf
  • no 112 as part of downspace deal
  • piano is not really tuned
  • they are coming to strike at 10:00pm
  • are we doing strike buddies? If mf wants to do it they can
    • they are doing it
  • including them in introductions
  • mf is fine with our Thursday plan (except not anymore)
  • 1 roll of spike and gaff
  • need to come up with a stocking list
    • will stock 1 5/8”
    • Phillips head screw bits
    • drew makes Monday home depot runs
    • drew should take money for a tank of gas, we aren't joking
  • 3 people that mf wants to gives keys to
  • daria forgets to tell mf about our bonding activity
    • 15th of November? Alex will take the date to his people

3rd slot

  • Eurydice rights maybe in mailbox
  • looking into pinter rights
  • air travel lost track of time
  • alex keegan wants to asm. Date is on Wednesday.
    • I'll email shows

greenroom thing

  • haha really understanding it yourself is the key to explaining it to other people
    • absurd laughter
    • mens dressing room turns into costume building shop
    • current greenroom into mens dressing room
    • womens dressing room into a greenroom/macy's womens room
    • greenroom into a sound room???
      • we hate the yellow work lights and that they don't have a home
      • or utility room?
    • not a problem to string wiring that far, just more wire
    • Justin and allison are secretly planning a bowling outing in addition to ice skating

Andrew business/oikos

  • running ticket distribution from the blueroom
  • offering technology
  • fire-code?
  • blurry line with sponsorship and production
  • drew's
  • getting a free webserver place, moving todd's code into free server
    • hyperlink won't have pw listed
  • come Tuesday drew's dad will have a site for Andrew (and by drew's dad we actually mean todd)
  • educate the board day about internets
    • access to the server for all
    • max generally trusts

arcadia used 4 chairs that were being used in jb

  • that are now red, very noticeably red
  • we could have the chairs professionally cleaned
  • if we try to clean them…then they might not be able to be cleaned
  • we think we should talk to mcgarty
  • honesty is the best policy


  • splattered with jello
  • 2000 dollars worth of new duv …
  • light makes it (sugar) sparkle
  • dry clean duv? Yes. Can't dry clean a chair.
  • Andrew is going to get a quote.
  • no shit all over our shit
  • we didn't really know what the deal was with this jello
  • shouldn't spill things on floor without having a floating/false floor thing
  • should the board should have known about this?
    • materials that are messy bring them to the board
    • nice to have these policies centralized in one place

fundraising deadline

  • deadline for paperwork is November 1
  • someone needs to contact Joanna in an email tonight or tomorrow
    • set up a meeting with her on Tuesday or Wednesday
    • coordinate paperwork
    • have paperwork approved by Thursday
    • has to be done during the day
    • drew is emailing Joanna
      • daria is going to be secondhand person
      • no promises this will work
    • backup is doing it during the summer

thalia study break

  • poster retrospective!
  • grass roots effort. We are like barack obama.

korea event

  • perform for us!
  • we actually aren't a performance group ha.
  • we can forward this to the directors of 3c2c. we pick cybersex.
  • should do something creative as a board! This is so random!
    • board show? But not actually. Week in the upspace!
    • can do it before daria leaves
    • mission north korea is our opportunity

Lets list the things Andrew says he'll do at pw (Andrew is mysteriously gone for this conversation)

  • mini golf
  • haunted pw
  • ….


  • we have been spending a lot of money? Maybe?
    • talking about spending a lot of money
  • so many racks.

Piano check

  • tabled
  • here


  • it is still here
  • have we read the stuff that got put online?
    • it is there, please read
  • deadline that woodpile needs to leave
    • Andrew – by strike
    • mf moves up here for revue on tuesday
    • Andrew and drew could share the theater van
  • same list as always for shows in the upspace. I have grown tired of typing it.
  • Naomi still needs a set designer
    • saying no is so important
      • alex laughs sadly. Says it is so true
  • some shaman is using it
  • lottery moved back November 15th

when you start a new topic in an email, start a new subject

space maintenance

  • bsr is moving in probably?
  • Katherine is doing it to the space right now (maintaining)
  • live bands? Maybe problems communicating in the downspace …maybe?
  • bsr loves us.
  • sound proofing…maybe not happening?
    • set of doors that shut off the elbow
    • 60 stc? Means something?

Indie maybe reviewing our theater

  • more space for a review
  • features about theater


  • chris duffy has contacted soph
  • money? We don't know about it until November 1st

wizard subcommittee met. Arik will send out a report

50th anniversary of PW NEXT YEAR

  • 50th anniversary gala
  • drew wants to chair the committee for the gala
  • pick a slot for them? For celebration

Minutes Classified

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