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Here: Daria, drew, alex, sam, allison, sophie, arik, Justin
Not Here: Max, Andrew
Visiting: Alex, John, Sam, lauren

Rose: everyone (including cats) in bed, painting pumpkins and watermelons, thesis!, Brown, grad party
Thorn: missing shoe, falling behind in work for serious, forgot to tell board buddy to Come to the meeting (drew we are sorry)

2nd slot

  • it’s happening!
  • a certain Andrew evans printed in the programs upside down
  • a girl got stuck in the platforms
  • door gets super stuck
  • strike jobs
    • running it - andrew
    • shop - sam
    • electrics in the space - daria
    • electrics in the room – arik
    • box office – sophie
    • upspace – Justin
    • hot room – max
    • costumes/green room – alex
    • booth paint room?
    • props - daria
  • new strike stuff
    • Andrew is going to be like yay show A welcome show B
    • board introduction
    • announce rooms
    • strike at 11:15pm
    • encourage people to introduce themselves


  • no stage manager
  • alex can stage manager
    • she is coming to the production meeting
  • production meeting tonight
    • telling people who is going what night for tech
  • publicity
    • mateo is doing the poster design
    • we are putting posters outside the becker on Tuesday
    • same poster zone
      • new Thayer zone – alex and soph will split
    • 100 posters! Crazy!
    • tableslipping?
      • soph is emailing drew all this stuff about slipping
      • same tableslipping times
    • facebook event
    • alex is going to do morning mail, Friday?
    • soph on events calendar
  • cast reservation policy, enforce policy
  • meet and greet/ritual
    • do something for opening night, not enough time to meet
    • one card that everyone signs
    • candy (2 bags) – sam will! And get a card!
    • card will be in the box office before Friday
  • house managing
    • Friday 8pm – sam! Justin!
    • Saturday 8pm – Justin, daria
    • Sunday 2pm -arik
    • Sunday 8pm - drew
    • Monday 8pm – daria, allison


  • drew
    • drills, only make 18v with lithium ion batteries, 200 dollars per drill, 1,200 dollars total, Milwaukee had best reviews
    • need to get a check from the university
    • Milwaukee YES
    • here for 3c2c strike
    • ordering gel rack, 350 dollars
    • seating plats are going to be so expensive that it doesn’t make a difference in terms of budget
    • order some plastic bins for the costume room/green room
    • monitors
      • this should be part of a green room discussion
      • right now it works to turn up really loud
    • brownbrokers – if shows from mini music festival can apply for the new works grant? They can apply. Soph thinks they can apply as a festival, event, they have a week in the upspace
  • daria
    • mf owes us work time
    • aubie is going to buy our piano
    • we thinking building with them is a bad idea
    • Saturday the 15th – alex is going to think about the best plan of action
    • drew has a plan for the mice
      • irrigating for the box office. We are going to teach them how farm
      • drew is scared of mice
      • when we clean, we leave a mess
  • back to drew.
    • piano fell on drew. We discuss how such a thing can happen
    • we are going to see how much the piano tuners will give us and then have them take it off our hands
    • we need to get rid of it by the end of the semester
  • sam
    • general internet presence
    • sort of a marketing plan, how we present ourselves
    • need a designer
    • sam and arik will talk, while they make donuts
  • allison
    • karma box is gone
    • history boys put it back
    • STOLEN.
    • random bike, hopefully a board member bike
    • new one should be a restoration of the old
    • workshops
      • someone needs to be in charge
      • the WIZARD (sam) and arik
      • small subcommittee – sam, arik, daria
      • for what things do we do workshops, things beyond tech? directing? Clowning? Etc.
  • New Members
    • people are applying
    • 9am on Saturday morning
    • keep talking to your board buddies


  • mens dressing room into a greenroom
  • monitor in system in upspace too
  • so you can hear shows in downspace and upspace! (sound)
  • we say go for it
  • paint it GREEN. A pretty calming green.
  • should have it ready for when mf comes
  • sam starts to feel horrible on the new couches
  • daria is going to help pick the green, with sophie
  • a trashcan!!! We need to empty the upspace cans

Interlude about house managing

  • daria is going to run downstairs to help sam, nm

Box Office

  • going to buy a new monitor for box

3rd slot

  • Eurydice
  • air travel
  • Brandon chin and Sandra are proposing two pinter one acts
  • daria needs look into rights
  • we end up talking about this preplanning issue
    • we can’t pass a show unless it has rights, and we can’t look into rights unless they tell us what show
    • encourage assistants

1st slot

  • Andrew and alex


  • nothing new and exciting
  • music grad student
    • we feel like they can’t enter the lottery
    • he wants to use a week that no one else wants to use
    • interested in week of December 15th
    • is anyone going to be here to do let-ins?
    • we can’t open up that week as a slot because it is during finals
    • do we have a responsibility to grad students to open it up to lots of other grad students? We will let people know, grad student slot for the 2 weeks of finals.
    • we should email gale, spencer and the consortium
    • we think finals might actually an easier time to do let-ins
  • Meredith m. and Naomi are looking for a set designer, should email tech list

Space Maintenance

  • drew is writing a letter to important people about the door downstairs, want to keep phil in the loop
  • funny space maintenance story – lionel made Andrew run to save people, 2 facilities guys are trying to take down the door to the dance studio, some people were really panicked. Some people were dancing, Andrew went to unlock it and the door handle came off
  • new garbage cans, daria and Andrew will empty them


  • nothing
  • does anyone have receipts for drew? Andrew can give them whenever
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