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Here: everyone
Missing: no one
Visiting: jamie

Rose: homemade donuts, ripe calendar, fall foliage (2x), nyc, zicam, neti pots, kait is the apple of our eyes (sam alper), ROSS COWAN OFF-OFF BROADWAY
Thorn: no desserts, neti pots, kait (sam alper), site specific dance, [life in general]

2nd slot

  • seating plats – some people get screwed
    • are shows seating less this year? Only jb. Though so far we've only had jb
  • tech was fine
  • piano is going to be tuned on Friday? A fairy tuner came
  • jenny needs people to help hang duv around 11pm tomorrow – lots volunteer
  • advertising
    • we have facebook and morning mail
    • doug is emailing professors/friends
    • tableslipping/postering – we are signing up now!
      • Pembroke is termed “the wild lands”
      • Katherine is taking her acupuncture herbs
      • Katherine is forwarding us a list of all the places on Thayer that accept posters
      • we are going to do iptv slides in the future
      • video to attach facebook event (says new media)
    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO IT. We have a lot of shows, but they only have one
  • dream that the changeling is set in bollywood
  • house managing
    • Friday 8pm –allison, andrew
    • Saturday 8pm – drew, justin
    • Sunday 2pm – sam, katherine
    • Sunday 8pm – max, sophie
    • Monday 8pm – alex, daria
  • sound??
    • the board is supposed to help out hanging speakers
    • we will do it during seating platforms

3rd slot

  • nothing new, daria is looking into rights for Eurydice
  • postering in the future?? vision

2nd slot interlude

  • we check holes in tableslipping list
  • no no free meals, don't sit down and enjoy


  • we need a bozo for the show Justin is directing? Sam/sophie
  • LD? We have james hart. Though we did find the elusive alyna
  • 2 people interested in SMing
  • max is so on the lookout for a wife
  • need someone who can be there Tuesday/Wednesday to help tech, daria is going to do it
  • they are setting up after arcadia strike, long strike. Prepare to stay
  • board needs to do duv

New Members

  • schmooze – Thursday 11pm
  • albert is going to be on the daily show!!!!!! In a special body suit
  • party at sophies!
  • how many pizzas? 60 dollar budget
  • wine – budget 40 dollars. Andrew will get it. Drew will give Andrew 40 dollars in his cash. And then he will reimburse himself
  • beer fairy needs personal money. Give it to sam
    • pbr is the official beer
  • mark stokley – Katherine is board buddy!
  • drew took his board buddy to paragon. There is a lot of commotion.


  • arcadia this week
  • 3c2c. next week. All of this was in last week's email.
  • arik sent us our new upspace contract thingy


  • Saturday at 10:30 – 2:30, at andrews
  • crew to make breakfast at 9:30
  • can Andrew take some money?

Space Maintenance

  • we lost our dumpster
  • we have a transformer!!!!


  • soph is checking with donna to see if our money got through


  • arcadia got 100 dollars

Open meeting business

  • Andrew – wants to borrow benches? We say go for it after talking to upspace shows
  • drew – fundraising deadline is nov 1 for jan/feb,
  • can we come up with an official list of what is supposed to be in the first aid kit? He will email us a list of what is normally in a kit. We make our own list too. First aid person will check kits at strike
  • allison – chair rack? We are now thinking about buying one, drew is going to purchase a chair rack, we'll have it by thanksgiving, awesome
  • daria – where is mazer's money? It is apparently in the safe? Mimosa's at the vision meeting! Too sophisticated
  • sophie – election subcommittee needs to meet. This week. The subcommittee is everyone. What type of event is this? We should register this with the sao.
  • arik – more upspace stuff. Reservation dates for next semester listed. One slot is usually reserved for the board. We need to decide what week that is.
  • we want an upspace trashcan! Andrew is going to put in a facilities request, sam and arik are going to be responsible for emptying it.
  • pwaq??
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