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Here: alex, allison, arik, andrew, katherine, max, justin, soph, daria, sam
Missing: drew
Visiting: ariel, JESS!!!

Rose: funnyhouse, friendship, email, ken p., ninja cat movie, that other movie, flat mates
Thorn: providence will be underwater, mortality, poverty, disease, gender division

2nd slot

  • alex gives up
  • need a sound designer and asm
    • probably need a pw board member to do sound
    • Justin can maybe do it, but he is busy
    • max – “do you want to co-design?”
    • Justin – “you wouldn't actually help me”
    • deadline! TOMORROW
    • the wells of ta25
    • can we incorporate sound after tech? and then just go from there? there are like 4 cues
    • lovely pam will be contacted
      • WHO'S PAM?
        • the people you think of as a daughter…
        • she might be max's future wife
  • design run tomorrow 9pm, one on Thursday at like 8pm??
  • building – ria was here! Yay!
  • advertising deadline by wet tech
  • it is going to be awesome
  • painting the floor. We should paint it at some point. (the white spot in particular)
    • maybe end strike with painting?
    • they don't need it for the show


  • people read our minutes, they think they are awesome
    • yay me.
    • it is like a serial, like dickens
    • I'm taking minutes on the minutes

Back 2nd Slot

  • painting the floor/replacing it with masonite
    • in the old days of pw:
      • mcgarty on a ladder smoking a joint.
    • gotta leave gaps with masonite

History boys

  • State secret. Like the changeling.


  • yay directors.
  • auditioning tomorrow and Tuesday in Wilson
  • drew is mediating casting at midnight on Tuesday in the becker
  • LD? We want alyna. Andrew is going to talk to her.
    • Olivia?
  • SM? They all want to go to family weekend
    • committee will find a sm after auditions
    • and we will have an awesome mentor
    • should we try to find a more experienced SM?
      • they will be justin's heir
    • these are freshmen. They are not fish.
  • show packets. Are we using them? Katherine will email drew about show packet

3rd slot

  • Sandra allen with Brandon? They need to email allison
  • soph and max
  • allie
  • should hear from more people soon


  • we love phil
  • facilities is securing grates so only they can use them
  • awesome
  • easier to ask for forgiveness than permission
    • this should not be a motto for everyone
    • and maybe only a motto in college


  • Wednesday and Thursday of this week. THE HISTORY BOYS!
  • arcadia next week
  • 3c2c the week after
  • then mf ( I don't know what they are doing..)
  • then Naomi and Meredith M.
  • thing about rights for upspace shows. Not our problem.
  • the history boy folks will be doing an adaptation of in the heights for their next show

Space Maintenance

  • doors are fixed
  • we are good!


  • we gave money to doug! Yay! (this is from the general grant pool.)
    • how much did we give him??
  • grant (new works) went to the history boys. 150
  • gave 190 (also new works) to Naomi and meredith
  • 250 (new works again!) to Andrew
  • charles's assistant is in the process of wiring us money. Soph will talk to diane
  • email board after decision. 24 hours to approve

New Members

  • ariel needs a board buddy – ARIK
  • Jamie lynn harris – daria
  • max met with Andrew leber
  • drew foster got soph
  • Alexandra – drew
    • max should have fought for his love
  • reminder! Encourage prospective new members to come to meetings!


  • Andrew
    • doing a weekly magic show for 6 weeks. In his house. In his bedroom. Can he borrow a few seating plats? The constructed 3×8. He is starting the week of the 25th of October – through finals.
      • We say yes
    • old steel chairs. Where did they go? Can Andrew use them?
      • We say yes!
    • should upspace shows use the new chairs? Since we don't produce these shows, maybe we should have a chair deposit? Or watch them use them? (that thought seems so impractical now)
    • we need a rack. Max as stair chacker, etc. said they would domino. He was distressed
      • Andrew might build a rack
      • mf needs to do do group work with us
        • might have too much technical stuff for them
    • advertising thing with bdh
      • we don't know if they are targeting specific communities
      • ulterior motives?
      • we don't want to say no to things that 95% of the board doesn't understand
      • we are innocent. We want free advertising.
      • do we need the advertising?
      • TOO late to apply. The deadline is past. We think.
      • does anyone understand these politics. Daria is going to try.
      • we want to understand policies as a whole board. Not just one person.
    • politics
      • buac – came up in meeting with phil, seems like a legit group
      • trying to become governing group that will govern all activities and groups at brown
      • they seem like they will become very powerful
      • what do they do?
      • powerful groups all have representatives
      • we think it needs to be a job? How did drew get this job?
      • we want drew to tell us about buac
      • we love katherine's sweater. It says sweater. Aesthetics is pleased.
    • Attendance
      • old rule about losing voting rights? Maybe consequences?
      • we are a team!
  • daria
    • has deposit from mf, but it is a p.o.
      • daria will handle questions if this is a problem
    • we need mf fun time labor hours
      • institutional memory. Goldfish.
      • maybe green room project?
      • or kill the mice!!!!
      • nov. 8th??
      • maybe during their weekly meeting?
      • aaron malkin and kaitlyn m. killing a mouse
      • beth berger would make a pulpy mouse.
  • Segue to vision meeting. And bread and puppet. And families.
    • Vision. Saturday the 18th (?) at noon
  • daria continued
    • BSR meeting.
      • need a sound proofing estimate
      • Andrew said he would be on it? Is he?
  • Soph
    • post mortem strike
    • a lot of weird feelings about multiple levels at jb strike
    • having a board discussion after shows
    • talk about subjective things?
    • have this discussion at Monday meeting (about strike and post morteming shows. I'm really upset how poor Latin post mortemning is.)
  • we want to PROJECT THE ELECTION!
    • subcommittee – soph, Katherine, max, Justin, sam, allison, daria
    • projector from media services
    • stream from the computer
  • JESS!
  • ali g (it won't let me type my name. at my waitressing job I was called da ali g. by managers)
    • I won't be at arcadia strike
  • arik
    • upspace changes proposal? will email it out to us and then we will discuss


  • we will talk about this stuff again at our next meeting

Next Meeting

  • Monday at 11 and seating plats after
    • very important that everyone make it.
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