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Here: katherine, oona, alex, sam, Justin, allison, daria, drew, arik, andrew
Missing: lily, soph, max
Visiting: no one

Rose: thanksgiving (x4), pumpkin cheesecake, ice cream, getting shit done (in the future), new lip balm, milk (movie), new socks with no holes, done in a week (not fair)
Thorn: murder week (QUOTES), rain, creepy grandma, residual feeling panic (x2), no heat, disappointing thanksgiving (x3)

3rd slot

  • publicity
    • need to sign up for tableslipping (but she didn’t send out times)
      • vdub dinner tomorrow – oona
      • every day has a gap or so
      • Andrew leber signed up to do so many of the gaps
      • alex will email out times
    • posters are outside the becker (not on tear down boards)
  • house managers
    • Friday: alex, daria
    • Saturday: drew, arik
    • Saturday 11: justin
    • Sunday:
    • Monday: katherine, allison
    • FILL IN GAPS if your name is Soph, Max, Lily, Oona, Andrew
  • seating plats tomorrow – 11:30pm
  • arik needs pluggie things for rope lights but drew says the dept. doesn’t have any

1st slot

  • allie wollner is currently the only person proposing
  • lot of initial excitement from young people but they have conflicts now
  • proposals are due Wednesday
  • meeting on Saturday – 10:30 if only one proposal


  • liz e was supposed to forward it to mf
  • no Friday and Saturday EVER (IN UNISON)
  • daria suggests an ice skating contest, drew suggests guns
  • things are very up in the air for sam….sam has some jew in him
  • do Saturday afternoon??? Justin will make verbal contact
    • Saturday afternoon
    • Thursday afternoon
    • Sunday morning/afternoon/evening
  • we have to say goodbye to daria before we leave. we get super sad
  • does justin need a woman to do this job? can’t show cleavage over the phone
    • money vs. sex…the economy?
  • the rules dictate exclusivity
  • three teams are a clusterfuck
  • katherine is taking her ex off gchat
  • sam is more interested in 3 teams now that we are calling it a 3some


  • we can do it
  • start and late jan/early feb
  • drew is looking at pwaq

end of semester

  • nevermind

mcgarty party

  • andrew has not invited mcgarty
  • he has made verbal contact
  • mcgarty called andrew – this was the verbal contact
  • next Friday, 7pm
  • each chip in 5 dollars, sam and drew will buy booze


  • third week in a row unlocked
    • today maybe from airtravel
  • upspace orientation with cast tomorrow and production crew
  • grad student play thing
  • brian someone with music

space maintenance

  • pete brought up point about getting locked into the shop if hurt
  • maybe talk to dade about building a locking tool cage
  • maybe change lock to require locking as you leave rather than automatic
  • daria smelled gas and called it in
  • katherine smelled gas all the time in keeney
  • gas smell used to be super strong
  • maybe have them overhaul after airtravel since people won’t be in the space


  • lily isn’t here
  • moving on from frank
  • calling duv people to see what they recommend
  • dry cleaner on Thayer


  • Andrew – applying for late night fund grant, based on groups not on individuals,how do people about putting pw down as the sponsor? Where is going to be? He doesn’t know yet. upspace/week in the space
    • don’t have problems if it doesn’t mess with firecode, do it for the money and then we’ll talk after
  • drew – SECRET SANTA. Picking names tomorrow. No money – make it or steal it. Except for CHOCOLATE. Steal money. 5 dolla, give gifts next Sunday at the meeting.
    • next meeting Sunday at noon
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