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Here: oona, alex, lily, justin, andrew, soph, arik, sam, allison
Not here: max, katherine, daria, drew
Visiting: no one

Cookies are what you bring when you miss something and feel really bad

Rose: eating fudge with gf, thanksgiving, dogs! food! sister coming to air travel, andrew's roller coaster conference, albert! cookies, Ives is experiencing a renaissance
Thorn: cocoon, drunk driving, only home for 24 hrs, FRANK, andrew's parents love hannah more than him

3rd slot

  • we love the set. reminds us of model airplanes
  • soph is starting to feel a little overwhelmed and is going to ask us for help
    • put up guerrilla posters
    • sign up for publicity slots
  • anyone who is free at 11pm tonight…alex is going to come in
  • we feel like props are doing all right – need a floatation device
  • soph wrote a press release yesterday and sent it to lots of people – projo, phoenix, bsr, etc/
    • soph is going to archive her process (publicity)
    • this show is extreme publicity
    • posters will be in the becker

1st slot

  • Andrew is meeting with allie tomorrow
  • chris tyler is going to wait
  • Valerie isn't because of the upstairs space
  • mica is MIA

sound workshop

  • it happened! people came!
  • set goals for future workshops – specific things we want to learn
  • is an hour too short? some people will ask questions and make things longer
  • we had some people stick around to chat – maybe have a “design” workshop with the super interested people


  • FRANK is sort of sketch
  • lily talked to him and he was an enthusiastic guy
    • we were going to do a test sheet so we maybe didn't ruin all of our duv
    • we were going to use the nice duv with the rip
      • he stood us up TWICE …he has claimed to have car trouble both times
      • lily wanted to say used that excuse yesterday
      • we think we may need to find a different guy…one that won't steal our duv
  • andrew is going to call the duv company
  • allison gets to share her knowledge of dry cleaning from wikipedia!!
  • the duv is in the hot room and divided …and they need to remain that way so lily doesn't have to resort them
  • store duv in old greenroom
  • alex is going to call the people to pick up our “clothing to donate”
  • starting to turn green room into utility closet

mcgarty party

  • we should figure out a date! friday dec 12th 7:00pm
  • we will bring some snacks
  • andrew spaced on giving him the card. But will do it this week

lazer tag

  • lazergate had a booth at andrew's conference
  • andrew played on so many cool things
  • is it sketch?
  • all we want is RADICAL RICKS
  • we should try to drive around and find where it moved to
    • the economy killed radical ricks!! closed since august
  • andrew will send the email with “location tbd”
  • justin is going to call lazergate and learns what needs to be learned


  • allison sent out archiving report
  • soph looked up frames …7 dollars a frame
    • wholesale/bulk frames?
  • we want to start putting frames up right away
  • aaron brothers?
  • will discuss more archive specifics over email/next meeting

Upstairs space

  • brownbrokers was in here
  • upstairs space shows need to make their ticket policy more explicit
  • brownbrokers didn't have a producer…we should maybe make this a required thing – a contact person
  • they could maybe start using our new ticketing thing
  • one of the chairs…scuffed paint. we cry tears that the destruction has already begun. can the upspace still use the chairs? we don't decide anything with the hope that we can again receive 80+ emails about chairs…ha
  • brownbrokers may have forgotten that we gave them the board week in the space
  • need to make sure that people are reminded of orientation stuff
    • need to make lists of everything that they borrow
    • need to make sure if people want to share the space, they need to go through pw not through the person that
  • air travel and then grad student playwright thing

space maintenance

  • andrew smelled the gas! and called the people
  • so did arik. but they weren't very nice to him
  • let andrew know if you get lip when you call about the gas
  • crazy dynamics…whooping some ass
  • a gas ghost!!


  • alex and allison are writing it! (we wrote it!)


  • lily – how many brooms do we have? we need more. push ones.
    • centralize brooms in new utility closet! lily is willing to spearhead this project
    • 2 brooms, 2 industrial dustpans

next weeks meeting

  • 11:15pm on Sunday
  • and we closed with an amazing lionel story
    • house managers should check bathrooms and make sure they aren't super gross.
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