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Here: daria, alex, soph, max, justin, drew, katherine, sam, allison, arik, lily, oona, andrew
Missing: no one!
Visiting: justin, allie, adria, patrick, alana!

Rose: graduating early! pecan pie, iron and wine concert, GIRLFRIENDS GIRLFRIENDS GIRLFRIENDS, frans open mic at tazza, so many people are here this weekend! MAGIC SHOW (x3 or something), google video chat with dan rogers and albert, fine smoothie of weekends
Thorn: bad decisions, papers, air travel stress, what are we learning in school? didn't realize you were having one of those nights until after you've had it, mice, haircut, sam is a busy little tiger, the shape relationships can take…more amorphous? What just transpired can't be encapsulated in roses and thorns…safe sex is really important…, ALBERT AS A ROBOT


  • drew told them they should come but drew didn't tell us that
  • adria may be taking the semester off but will be in providence, is this going to be a problem with her designing?
    • morgan ritchie is an interesting example
    • maybe matters to the university…but not really to us

3rd slot

  • I'm looking at alex for a reason
  • design run, Wednesday at NINE
  • alex is going to talk to drew about get a req. but not right now
  • sophie has a bunch of things
    • publicity team? Email list serve? Something regarding this might spark discussion, we never find out what this spark is
    • props designer? Run crew head? Maybe
    • we really need water….ideally water would seep out of center platform
      • audience can't touch said water
      • like a water bottle full
      • stage is made of cardboard…oh pete fallon
      • this is totally fine
    • question for arik sort of…blue room at rather than blue room
      • they can go ahead and put them on the posters
    • house manager speech – marie starts talking, stewardess gives speech, missing karma box, other theater on campus
      • instructional video in the lobby with the karma box?
      • talking about the karma box in multiple forms – lobby, programs, lit outside theater, maybe video
      • other theater on campus – doors

1st slot

  • Valerie, chris tyler, allie, mica f (spike heels), david harrington?
  • Valerie got an upspace slot…so she isn't going to be proposing
    • feb 16- whatever, can she propose for second slot? We probably have serious concerns with this

John Emigh borrows space suits from NASA, Michael dean – please contact NASA asap

Clean up day

  • yay
  • need to clean up hallways, egress
  • Andrew is taking the table back to trinity tomorrow
  • gratis is our new favorite thing, we are giving away umbrellas gratis
  • archives are labeled and sexy


  • yay, there is so much yaying in these minutes
  • alex is going to announce upspace 'season” in email
  • orientation was this morning
  • need brownbrokers blurb
  • tyler gage's slot…email MFA playwrights to see if they can do readings then
    • need to let arik know asap
    • need a specific person that can take charge of that slot
  • bb would like to buy cigarettes from us. We are going to mark them up. This maybe isn't a joke
    • maybe can't smoke them up here…but arcadia did for fun and it was fine
    • we'll take that money out of the grant
  • window key for upspace…james hart told us that someone found a key in the box office, we blame Andrew for all of this, mystery of pw
    • security cameras
  • need monitors for bb, alex is a willing volunteer
    • Thursday (lily), Friday (arik), Saturday (alex) – at 8pm
    • Friday at 11pm (soph)

Space Maintenance

  • gas smell and what to do if it happens, they need to smell
    • call facilities hotline, mention Derek henry?

McGarty Party

  • card passing around
  • this was a really weird weekend
  • Andrew will set a date…but will be a gone for a week
    • brown is paying Andrew to go to a roller coaster conference
      • this is so not fair

Wizard Subcommittee

  • they had an email meeting
  • rob wants 4 speakers that can be controlled individually
    • doing it in the downspace?
    • or moving downspace speaker to the upstairs space?
    • Saturday at 1:30pm we should all come, or come early to set up
    • posters! Same poster zones?
    • tim hett is announcing this thing to his class
  • lighting lab – would oona head this baby up?
    • December 13th
    • actually waiting until next semester. We will be preparing for lazer tag

lazer tag

  • Justin hasn't called them
  • Andrew will send out challenge email asap


  • has it been cleaned? No?
  • Andrew is going to be gone, so can someone else take this over? Meet frank
  • frank might want to steal our duv
  • lily is volunteering!


  • Justin – buaq meeting, drew is on the buac board! Change we can believe in!
    • Justin kept ufb chair off the board
  • Alex – are we all good on reverting back to old week in the space? yes
  • Alana – payment plan for chairs, alex Rosenthal felt terrible and bought Alana a chair for her birthday
  • soph – upspace has been open a bunch, archive on the walls
    • allison is making a list of what needs to be archived
    • daria is talking to phil about putting stuff on the wall
    • soph is looking at the cost of frames
  • drew – allison, alex, and daria – are making a pwaq letter
    • if you want to be on the 50th anniversary committee let drew know
  • arik – hollis is doing an installation, 24 hour performance, monitors?? Card access
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