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Here: Arik, lily, Andrew, alex, soph, sam, oona, max, Justin (late)
Not Here: Drew, Allison

Thorn: The worst fucking group ever for a group project. NEVER EXERPIENCED SOMEONE BEING AN ASSHOLE. Old patterns. Weird week. Funky rhythm. Plastic thorn: This dude matt. Male aggression. “get the fuck over here and talk to me.” Sorry matt…Death. Thanksgiving. Justin has to write a paper. Time management. Another class dropped! TAKE BACK THE SEMESTER! Looming work ahead.
Rose: Prosciutto. Italians. Summer. Dropping Islam. Getting Girlfriend drunk. THE WEEK IS OVER. The weather. Daria’s glow. House managing. GIRLFRIENDS GIRLFRIENDS GIRLFRIENDS GIRLFRIENDS GIRLFRIENDS GIRLFRIENDS GIRLFRIENDS. The birthing process of Neanderthals. Dinner for a friend.

Grad Playwrights

  • Max met with MFA playwrights
  • They want to work with undergrads.
  • IDEA: They each have a play that they want to do a read through of. Undergrads come to read the plays. They want to have it at PW.
    • We like this idea. Undergrads would have great time. Undergrads are impressive.
    • Let’s do it!
    • 4-6pm November 22nd In the Upspace.

Week in the Space

  • Andrew enjoyed the format of one big project the whole week.
    • Brendan Pelsue and Joe and the Pony Express.
  • People thinking about different ways to use time. Getting artists thinking about how to use a week. We like this format.
  • 1st weekend in March. We should publicize that soon.
  • Let’s make it an all-board decision meeting.
    • All Board Decision meeting - Saturday 21st or Saturday 22nd of February.
    • Week in the space Proposals Due - February 18th.


  • Strike!
    • People should get here at 10:30. Strike starts at 10:45
    • Make it clear to MF that they should do their cast things before strike.
    • They will do introductions with us. Briefly.
    • Jobs
      • Allison and drew—running strike
      • Sam—furniture
      • Soph-box office
      • Justin—up space
      • Andrew—shop
      • Alex—costume
      • Max and Katherine—Paint Room
      • Arik—electrics in room
      • Daria—electrics in space, props
      • Oona—space fairy
      • Lily—costumes/costume fairy
    • SAM—make sure that we put aside the 8 chairs in furniture room during strike. And label them.
    • Let’s announce strike in our e-mail!


  • Miscommunications about use of the Upspace.
    • For the future:
      • We need to talk to MF/downspace shows about how to share upspace.
      • People need to come through Arik and Sam to use upspace during downspace shows.
      • Let’s introduce upspace folks to downspace folks.
      • The downspace shouldn’t feel pressure to lend out upspace.

3rd Slot

  • What do we need to do to help?
    • We’re okay, no, yeah, no?! Yes.
    • Alex has a APM, what does she do with him? YAY.
  • Torn: 6th show? PW needs to agree for extra HM.
    • 6th? Want to invite from outside world, but small cast, but want everyone to see it, but not half houses.
    • NOT Sun Mat. Let’s shoot higher – and fill the house.
    • Advertise as five then add a sixth show.
  • Fucking unbelievable set.
    • Pete is on top of build crew.
  • Drew Foster is on projector.
  • SOPH will send out e-mail for publicity help.
    • LILY—publicity fairy.
    • Nov. 19th 8pm or 9pm
    • Nov. 24th 9pm
    • Come!

1st Slot

  • Valerie
  • Chris Tyler
  • Allie?
  • Rights? Strindberg’s Dream Play.
    • DARIA—look into this
  • Publicize applications for this?
    • Reach out to other places
    • Freshmen!
    • Morning mail.
    • Posters!
    • Publicity for sound workshop—let’s combine postering for this?
    • WHERE?
      • The gym!
      • Let’s make posters and only put them up in strange places.
      • ALEX: Send out morning mail for sound workshop next week. Send out morning mail announcement a week before they’re due (26th).
      • Idea: Community outreach. People should come see theatre here. It’s good. We should think of other ways to advertise and hook them in.

Hot Room

  • Locks changed!
  • Chairs—MF used chairs as part of set.
    • Drew—Have you put aside the 8 chairs as “set chairs?”
  • Duv
    • “How have you found out about us good friend? Nice and tidy nice and clean nice and pressed in nice plastic bag.” –FRANK
    • $55, Andrew will pay in cash. Then get reimbursed.

Trinity Chairs

  • $100 not $1000.
  • DARIA will get thank you note/apology from board. We will all sign it during strike.
  • PW owes Drew $100.
    • DREW pay yourself $100.
    • Andrew talked to him. He still likes us.
    • $30 for glory hole plaque.
    • End of the semester is good for him.
      • 1st or 2nd week in December.

Brief interlude for see what I wanna see tix…

Wizard Subcommittee

  • Yeah.
  • Sound Workshop:
    • Rob—he’s excited. He has good hair.
      • He will be here at 12:30 or 1.
    • Time Change - 1:30 pm Saturday 22nd.
    • Electronic Publicity
      • ARIK will write a blurb.
      • SOPH will due s and b blurb. Connie’s listserv.
      • SAM will do facebook group.
      • ALEX morning mail and tech list.
      • DARIA will make ta25 announcement
    • Paper Publicity
      • KATHERINE will make a poster.
        • Special guest.
        • Trinity sound designer
        • Time/place/date.
        • Cool title “Noises Off?”
        • Basic training in sound design and sound tech.
        • No experience necessary.
      • We will poster next week.
      • E-mail it to the board.
      • We will print 50 copies.
      • Add to agenda next week—Postering Zones.
  • Lighting Lab?
    • Oona will do it.
    • Table this.
  • Wizards will meet again.

Agenda next week. Food?

Lazer Tag

  • Saturday December 13th
  • Who will write challenge e-mail?
  • JUSTIN CALL RADICAL RICK’s. 10pm. 30 people. 6 games. 1 hour.


  • We kinda covered that.
  • Weds. Reservations.
  • MF—spike tape. Ripped up the floor.
    • DARIA—ask MF what happened and to buy a bucket of paint. $19 per gallon.

Space Maintenance

  • Toilet is overflowing upstairs. PLEASE FIX.
    • Andrew will call.
  • Shop door broken
  • Dumpster is back.
  • Gas—we don’t smell it anymore.
    • It’s probs fine.


  • It’s there.


  • Brownbrokers
    • Sent a grant. Meet this week.
    • DARIA, LILY, SOPH at PW. Tuesday 11:15pm
  • Chris Duffy
    • Wants to do interviews in Africa and turn it into a performance.
    • Money for plane fares?
    • He needs to wait until next semester.
    • How much can this grant go into development?
    • Bottom line—not for plane tickets.
    • Money should be for performance.

Seating Plats

  • Lionel Butterfield fell through seating plats. It’s the second time it happened to him. Also happened to somebody else.
    • What do we do when a patron has fallen?
      • Put a rail on it.
      • ANDREW will get materials to put furring on the back.
    • SOPH will send e-mail to Lionel Butterfield.
    • ARIK will re-email quotes on seating plats.
    • ANDREW—will bring in options to next meeting.

Green Room

  • Oona will buy green paint. Andrew will help.

Waitlist and Reserves

  • Give away tix to waitlist 15 mins before show.
  • Next time—we will e-mail everybody who reserves letting them know that we will give them away.
  • Let’s enforce this policy.
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