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Here: allison, drew, justin, max, sam, soph, katherine, andrew, alex, lily, daria, arik, oona (very briefly)
Visiting: aaron malkin

Rose: DONUTS! Signing a lease! 3rd slot! Friends from preschool, watercolors, magic Show, mommy coming, everything, new facial hair, weekly workout time, Rory! Sam’s facial hair is gone
Thorn: not shaking the sadness, not wanting the election to be over, magic show, most Stressed in life, sam’s facial hair is gone


  • max just predicted so much stuff
  • we each get one ticket
    • email alex peyser by tomorrow at 5pm (very important!)
    • house managers
      • Friday 8pm – allison
      • Saturday 8pm – Katherine
      • Sunday 2pm – max
      • Sunday 8pm – lily
      • Monday 8pm – Justin
  • work together event! Aaron says probably – November 15th
    • 11am! – 4ish?
    • can paint bottoms of chairs, clean
  • seating plats at 11pm
    • daria is going to be there or oona

Air Travel!

  • auditions are on facebook
  • auditions will hopefully be in tf green somewhere – 112/108
  • poster by noon tomorrow
    • max postering wriston and keeney
    • a bunch of us can’t poster until 5:30
    • script is online and going to be in the becker
      • pretend copyright
      • putting it on the pw homepage, announcing auditions on the web
  • tableslipping starting at dinner…we think. New conversation about Metcalf being open on Sundays, using andrew’s engin password to print tableslips
  • soph is sending out tableslipping times
    • there is so much enthusiasm for table slipping times!
  • allison is emailing gale
  • allison bozo!

1st slot

  • chris tyler
  • allie wollner
  • Valerie hsuing
  • albert?
  • we aren’t going to do individual mentors, encourage all applicants to approach other people on the board
  • daria is going to start looking into rights


  • general campaign
    • drew met with Joanna, it is like getting into the white house
    • we have to be very careful (wall street professionals. Don’t like to be played), so many shoutouts just now
    • brown has SUCH absurdly strict rules about fundraising
    • Joanna likes us
    • $15,000 goal
    • normally 5% return which is AWFUL
    • phone banking for barack obama
    • drew wrote an awesome email despite being really tired, 50th anniversary plan, we might be able to contact famous people through high up people
    • we aren’t sure if we can say donate 50 dollars and get a chair
    • big discussion about ufb and ideology
      • we are the rogue student group at the rogue university
  • pledging
    • board members pledging to donate a certain amount of money a certain years after getting out of brown
  • auctions
    • silent auction – mostly self explanatory concept, for 50th
  • pwaq
    • can’t send out pwaqs unless advancement office knows
    • well this is actually a lie…we don’t HAVE to talk to them
    • can help us give us more members
    • weird to have someone else give us input on our newsletter
    • we think we should take it to them and then discuss their feedback
      • want to keep the tone of pw in these emails!
    • like one by the 24th, pwaq! Allison, alex, daria!
  • purchasing list
    • tabled
  • jobs list
    • add fundraising person to the jobs list
    • serves as a contact with the advancement office, we don’t have to be fundraising at the time
    • drew will do it
    • eventually will have a trainee

Hot Room

  • can change the lock! Make it only open by 23
  • we don’t have to pay for it
  • duv isn’t going to be an issue we think
    • not terrible if they have to get duv through us
  • we really need to change these locks!! our chairs are going all over the place
  • we don’t need extra keys

Old Dimmers/Lighting Fixtures

  • we have old dimmers sitting in the women’s dressing room
  • we want to find a home for them
  • the gamm would like them because they have a very sad dimmer situation
    • want to foster relationship with the gamm
    • goodwill is a great thing to have
    • great karma
  • we love dade
  • will they advertise our shows? Put us in the program to say thank you?
  • old lighting fixtures give them to the gamm

Trinity Rep/Chairs

  • speaking of Michael mcgarty…
  • chairs were not cleaned…not cleaned successfully
  • mcgarty was pissed off, so was drew, mcgarty talked drew off the ledge
  • originally we weren’t going to be able to borrow stuff from the dept. or trinity
  • very difficult to borrow things, very hard to keep one person accountable
  • current greenroom maybe also a 23 key…storage space
  • drew hopes he never has to work at trinity in his life
  • want a brass plaque for the glory hole
  • we want an apology thank you party for mcgarty
  • when we borrow stuff we need to make sure the board knows we borrowed it

Wizard Subcommittee

  • Saturday the 22nd sound workshop with Rob afternoon
  • the board should really try to make it
  • would also like to do a lighting workshop this semester
  • do some scattered workshops in the spring
  • start publicity 2 weeks in advance (agenda for next week!)
  • directing in the space vs. how to direct or directors forum
  • talking about resources, money

Jello Duv

  • Andrew is going to get a quote for next weekend for real this time
  • maybe clean it once a year

Lazer Tag

  • bring dates for next week


  • MF had their thing, it was great and very pretty
  • same list as always still
  • MFA playwrights want to work with undergrads, max is going to talk to them
  • just give it to the music grad student
  • reservations go up November 12

Space Maintenance

  • 108 lets out high pitched noise when the door is open…vortex
  • dumpster is gone, coming back for strike

piano check

  • there


  • nothing
  • soph is putting together a binder as an archive
  • soph is going to email people that used the grant for achievable material
  • downspace shows can apply for new works grant but not for normal grant


  • sam – what was drew’s email about rules? What substance was he on?
  • soph and daria – going to get nice green paint for green room. We think darker rather than bright
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