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pw board meeting minutes 11 may 08, 1:00 pm


They’re building
We don’t have any 3 inch screws
Andrew will try calling Alex to use his car
Do we have a system for checking that we’re supplied?

First Slot

They have a cast

Second Slot

JustinO will do it
Doug Eacho is proposing Arcadia
Sophie and Sam might propose


Alex’s show this week, Wed-Fri @ 8PM
Next week: Commencement slot
MF met with Sarah and agreed to use UpSpace when they’re not using it
They’re going to have a couple matinees

Space Maintenance

Nothing’s broken


Committee has been talking

Visions meeting

1 pm Thurs UpSpace


2 pm Monday May 19ths

Next week’s meeting

Sunday @ 1pm



UpSpace reservations were supposed to be Tuesday, but the e-mail wasn’t sent out, so we want to move it to Thursday so there’s time for publicity
Tiger Cage show!


BrownBrokers does want that week that we said they’d have.

Capture the Mammoth

is scheduled for Sunday @ 4pm. Committee is meeting tonight at 11.

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