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30 march: our first ever post-spring break 2008 pw board meeting!!!!1!11!!! :-D

in attendance

alex, sophie, justino, arik, jess, albert, tara, jessie, sam, drew, mazer, max, alana
visiting: shelby (visiting pw, brown, colleges, yay)
missing: justin, andrew, most of max's hair, a sense of concentration
special: alex sits in the comfy rocking chair on a wheeled plat so that he can “rock and roll”

we begin with a very giddy roses and thorns

3rd slot

a wall of pw is white. pw = Pretty White. painting the floor white at midnight the set's in pretty good shape, will be structurally done by tech they'd like to fire a gun. a blank, specifically. thanks for the clarification, drew
don't think we have to clear that with anyone, we're all super-safe
safety superstars
there now exists a costume designer! hip hip hurrah!
the show needs a broken white ibook. alana has a broken white ibook.
of course she does.
how are we going to keep the floor clean? don't even worry about it.
we might have issues repainting it black because this white primer might chip up
might have to strip them before we repaint. wait…there's black underneath the white right?
OUR FLOOR IS GOING TO BE AN OREO! it will be delicious.
might change the midnight show to sunday to avoid spring weekend drunkenness
will anyone come at midnight on a school night? maybe they can do 8 and 11, or 7 and 10

commencement slot

aaron cutler and sarah tolan-mee so far, maybe brandon
reminder: meeting this saturday
who's missing this meeting? alana, max, daria, sam late
meeting time will be determined based on how many props we have.
props = proposals
alana tells about how last year's almost-pillowman is still on her greenbook page
we will make absolutely certain we have rights for everything
oh, and cats is probably proposing

first slot

mazer: “first slot is me. I know nothing.”
andrew might propose something, he's been talking about it to everyone but mazer.
albert will be talking to mazer too. maybe emma price too.
reminder: meeting will be the Saturday the 19th
oh, and cats is probably proposing


no one in it this week, sadly
we're tryin ta find sumthin ta put innit
maybe andrew will build the golf course!
alana will lend every board member a different colored ball

space maintenance

we're maybe trying to get a bigger dumpster? phil's helping us
phil's also helping us get rid of the gas smell
they've stopped talking to tara (“you again?! what now?!)
this is why we need a new spac man person every semester
maybe we can unveil the surprise before reckless


writing grants due on tuesday

all that stuff we normally table




doesn't want us to hate her, but may take next semester off
but says we can tell her not to go if we want
“you could tell me not to go! say it to me. tell me not to go. tell me
that you're hurt, tell me you're relieved, tell me that you're bored –
anything. but don't assume I know. tell me what you feel!” (sorry, secretary had a “sunday in the park with george” moment)
still working things out, she'll keep us updated


whazzup with those ladders?
bugs/bop are asking for money from ufb to buy a 14' ladder, we'd store it
drew tells us about amazing new ladder technology which excites me
let's get a new ladder, guys! maybe it will make fries.


1. can someone send the email this week? jessie will. thanks jessie! alana will send an ingredient list thingy with the minutes. this will help alana not to die quite as much.
2. light hangs all this week, any help muchly appreciated
3. bia says hi! alana realizes alex is the only other person in the room who was actually on the board with him.


do new mems have any questions about anything?
oh, new mems (and everyone) should be here for commencement week
alex explains quotes. we don't snap 'round here, we quote, yo.


1. capture the mammoth! alana and justin already had a preliminary conversation
2. daria will be in italy next spring. happy news but also sad
3. yay pistachios :-)


1. so. the tiger cage. pretty great right? let's do something in it.
2. bugs can haz dmx cable to borrow plz? we say okays.


noo mems can has keys plz? kthnx.

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