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ok. with the alexes it was easy, since there was a girl alex and a boy alex, one became alexa in the minutes and one became alexio. which got confusing for me since I used to call alex rosenthal “alexa” a lot, but I managed that confusion quietly by myself. but the justins have been perplexing me since last fall. I kind of liked justino and justins, but then people thought I meant both justins when I was referring to spiegel. I feel strongly about not using a separate last initial unless it's incorporated into the name. one time last semester I even just used everyone's middle names, but that got confusing too. SO my executive decision is that justin spiegel will be justin in the minutes, and justin o'neill will be justino. no offense, justino, it's not that you're not also a “real” justin, it's just that justino kind of works, justEEno, much better than justins, which just makes it sound like we have even more justins than we already have.

with that, today's minutes:

pw board meeting minutes sunday march 16th


strike at 5:30pm today
strike jobs assigned but they're a secret

third slot

going well so far
planning to rehearse in the space tonight
speaking of speakers, the DL (from the booth) speaker is broken
daria will finish dealing with the rights

commencement slot

justin met with mark brown this week, he'll be proposing
wants to know about the timing of commencement slot: they get it after MF
meeting is saturday april 5th (alana wil miss it for reckless tech)

first slot

haven't heard anything new from anybody

musical forum

we need to think of something for them to do
paint the upspace? clean/paint the downspace floor?
maybe we should have facilities clean it, or rent a steam cleaner


dan sobel just cancelled his reservation for next week
no one applied to new directors at all
we'll email the waitlisted people for those two now free weeks
if no one can do anything we'll open it up to the public
maybe andrew will build a nine-hole mini-golf course
alana will provide golf balls from an unnamed source

spac man

phil is helping us out getting someone to look at the gas smell
there's a missing ceiling tile by the shop
we count the light bulbs in each upspace light

meeting next week

spring break!

next meeting

11:00pm monday after spring break



don't leave your food in the box office: ant infestation


the safe is here! (we cheer)
but it's at walmart (we sound sad)
someone needs a “safe-ride” (we groan)

shortest meeting ever?

pastiche! post-mortem

doesn't seem like the brownbrokers board was terribly involved
house managing for them was confusing, no one who knew what was going on

we definitely decided on them helping house manage as well

alex: shows went really well, but the process was difficult for many people should we be more involved in producing it if we ever do it again?

this was the first time doing it, still lots of things to learn and work out
also didn't get the material until rather late in the process because things came up
next year, brownbrokers would have more…time…on their hands

we don't have to decide right now

if we do a week again, we need to schedule the week very carefully
mainstage and rites and reasons both had shows this weekend too

the shows were pretty packed though

really hard to house manage
no one had an accurate house count
no one to tell us when to open the house

part of the problem was we didn't advertise how to get tickets for pastiche

daria rocks

finding rehearsal times, especially in the downspace, was really hard
tech was very poorly scheduled for brownbrokers, caused many delays

there was never a chance to run it through, so no transition rehearsal, etc.
they were rehearsing right up until the house opened

as with 3c2c, we need a really strong (possibly board member) production meeting
these problems are foreseeable, just need to be handled smoothly

people should also understand this is a week-long show, not a full production

maybe too many problems going on within pastiche
48 had a really hard time getting enough directors and actors
a lot of people were already committed to other pastiche things
a lot of other people had other shows to see elsewhere on campus
the house turnout wasn't great - a lot of the audience was the casts

maybe a 24-hour festival would have better energy

arik: maybe this isn't the best event to have in pastiche

48 is good because it was the one event people didn't have to apply to
could just come in off the street and be involved spontaneously

a lot of the people downstairs didn't come up to see the 2-minute plays first

brownbrokers started advertising an 8:30 start time because that's when they went on
we shouldn't advertise internal scheduling notes

advertise as: “pastiche! begins at 8:00 tonight, featuring…“

it took a while for prom to get started this year
last year, because of the concert beforehand, brought people right into the space
maybe there should be a prom-kickstart event next time

so do we do it again?
something for the board to decide next year

maybe next year some of the alumni playwriting grant could go towards a bigger production

the mini-musicals brought a lot of people in may get more people writing them next year

we should work on paying back the $300

would like to be reimbursed for the surprise

when will we have the ceremony?
we should also put up that glass plaque thing

what happened to the cheese grater?

work order to get it removed

works as long as lobby is quiet

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