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9 march 2008 pw board meeting minutes

in attendance

mazer, arik, justin o,k tara, jessie, justin s, max, andrew, daria, alex, alana
visiting: dan byers, aaron cutler, kelly ma

dan's business

wants theater kids to act in film kids' films can't put it in the email, but: we'll announce before shows, he can poster in pw and on the leeds call board, have connie or the theater department send an email to kids,

kelly's business

how big is the house going to be? we think around 75 we decide for strike tomorrow:
some people may not be able to make it because of rehearsal
we think being at strike is kind of mandatory.
well. if they want any say in what the lights will be etc. they'll have to be at strike
kelly's tech will be at 10:30 or so after the performance on wednesday
getting furniture, props and costumes
they'd like a light backstage for the orchestra

aaron's business

rights are now available for the pillowman
he'd like to reapply for commencement slot
he applied for rights last week so we shall see
wants to know what issues we have from last year and what he can do differently
we say be forthcoming with us, keep us in the loop
since none of the actors last year were seniors, it might be sticky
but actually none of the four is available or interested so ok
if he doesn't hear back about rights soon pw will try

second slot

the shows are going well, yay
strike tomorrow will start at 9:45
justin o will email the cast and crew
staged reading and 48 hour people should come, daria will email
set will come down, lights stay up, duv will come down except back wall, then back up
matt will focus monday night
emptying the pool is the first thing
if anyone has a screw gun, please bring it
seating platforms: center section can stay, sides get rearranged
we're still missing vise grips all over the place
running strike: alex
electrix in the space: justin
electrix room: alana
shop: andrew
props: daria
furniture: albert
costumes and greenroom etc: jessie
cleaning and upsetting upspace: tara
stair chacker etc: mazer
box office: arik


daria brought some posters, everyone please put some up
the posters are awesome, thanks jessie
there are tableslips in the box office


GET PARTY TRAINED FOR REAL. this friday at 3:00

pastiche strike

will be 5:00 on sunday. same as mainstage strike. whatevs

the plaque

previous order cancelled, new order in with providence company
if we get confirmation by tomorrow, we'll invite the invitee
how much should we be spending on pw prom?
if brownbrokers takes in money, do we keep it? yes. since we're producing it
geez we can't even pay for pizza for strike out of our social fund right now
maybe we can ask if we can use other funds for food considering circumstances
ok let's talk about other pastiche stuff during the pastiche meeting

house managers

wednesday 8:00pm: alex, tara
thursday 8:00pm: mazer, andrew, alana
friday 8:00pm: justin s, daria
friday midnight: arik, justin o
saturday 8:00pm: arik, daria
sunday 3:00: jessie
what will house managing entail?
we'll lead them up here, then back down

third slot

the show should be cast by now
rehearsals will probably start tomorrow
alana's been talking to some sign language people
jessie will bozo

commencement slot

justin o's meeting with mark brown this week
and aaron came and talked to us today

first slot

emma is applying
aubie might propose something
someone else may have mentioned possibly doing something
these meetings will be the first two after spring break
wait since spring weekend's early, 1st slot would be saturday of spring weekend
fuck that shit. let's push it back a week.
we'll push the deadline back a week too.

new mems



then dan sobel
new directors proposals due on wendesday: reminder in email

space maintenance

sketchy brown bit andrew
a door bit some girl
the gas smell is probably the furnace


we need to get a copy of the appraisal

next meeting

sunday at 1:00pm here

let's talk more about prom

andrew and mazer are event coordinators
mazer doesn't want to fund it himself. wtf
alana and andrew will bartend



we got an email response from an alum

we're running into problems scheduling our ladders
they'll definitely be back before 6:00 on monday
hopefully bugs can get their new ladders soon
we will TOTALLY store their ladders if we can use them while they're here
fourteen feet sounds good


signing up for softball tomorrow


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