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pw board meeting minutes 2 march 08

in attendance

arik, max, justin s, andrew, mazer, alex, daria, tara, alana
visiting: aaron, emma, dan

introductions, roses, and thorns

2nd slot

dry tech went well, wet tech going on now
alex will teach aaron about the online blueroom on monday night
seating platforms 11:15pm on monday
family affair will leave the platforms in the lobby, pieces in hot room
rights haven't come through yet, but they said it would be ok
we'll keep bugging them, hopefully we'll be able to get in touch

house managers

friday 8:00: alex, max
saturday 8:00: tara, mazer
saturday 11:30: arik, justin o (?)
sunday 8:00: justin, andrew
monday 8:00: daria, alana

house managers will be trained before each show and help with cleanup during the end of the performance. we'll only have to do the easy stuff. at least one person from each night is ok doing this.

3rd slot

auditions will be this week, exact days to be determined
dan will email info to alana for the email
scripts are in the becker
board is welcome to sit in on auditions
we'll ask about being added to the greenbook on audition forms
still looking for costume designer, tech director, and asm

commencement slot

aaron will come in and talk to us next week

first slot

emma might propose “god sees dog”



plays due on monday, we'll meet tuesday night to decide


will do 8pm shows friday and saturday, plus midnight Friday are we giving them money?
we'll give them $90 ($30 per show)
reqs make us happy
they'll cover their own publicity


alana will ask matt


it might be in the mail, it might not
we'd like to unveil it on Saturday
andrew will look into it
we'll make sure necessary person(s) are available

pw prom

will start 10:30pm saturday night
we need to get party manager trained! all of us. unless we are already.

new members

applications due 5pm on wednesday
meeting at 11am on Saturday

upstairs space

“family affair” went really well
they'll strike today at 4:00pm
pastiche has it this week, then big love, then dan sovel
people really really really shouldn't bring drinks to upspace shows
sucks to be the man, but sometimes it's necessary
let's make an upspace archive
we'll ask in the email for cast/crew lists, pictures, etc.

new directors

proposals due a week from monday
mazer will send alana a blurb for the email
anyone can apply regardless of experience
maybe new directors and pastiche can poster together. aww.

space maintenance

the gas smell persists
maybe all our doors will be replaced?
we have a carrot grater in the box office window! it allows us to hear!


is now private. google justin, you'll see.



c.b. subcommittee will meet right after this for no longer than 12 minutes


softball or dodgeball?


our safe is coming
where do we put astroturf? we decide the elbow.
constitution: we'll make a google doc that we can all edit
“pw dark day” (an electrics room cleaning/cable fixing extravaganza) should happen
outreach to other theater groups
application turnouts have been relatively low this year for many groups
let's coordinate and communicate more?


our adoch barbecue is scheduled

next meeting

sunday 1:00pm

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