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Present: Allison, Justin, Arik, Max, Daria, Adam, Alex (now there’s only 1…), Jessie, Kaya (guest minute-taker)

Guests: Sophie (PMing everything), Hannah Lewis (!!), Sam Alper

We miss: No one can figure out who on the board is around this semester but missing from the meeting. We think for a while, then just assume that everyone who should be here is here.

Roses and Thorns
This week's poll: is seeing Legally Blonde The Musical a rose or a thorn?


  • Borrows a pair of brown pants to play a dog in Manton Avenue Project. Everyone should go check it out. PW loves MAP.

1st Slot

  • Rehearsing and building has commenced.
  • First design run Wednesday at 9:30!
  • Doors are not locked. There a conglomerate of SMs, so “the responsibility thing has sort of gone out the window.” There is some belligerence. Sophie will lay down the law; Kaya will issue empty threats to take away keys if people don’t start locking up.
  • SAFETY: Andrew understands safety, but he must actualize it.
  • Especially the walkway. We need to have proof that it’s totally legitimately safe.
  • Back-up plans should exist in case things are deemed unsafe
  • We have trouble figuring out how safety will be demonstrated. Arik will liaise to Andrew. Because he’s the bozo and Andrew is asleep instead of at the meeting.
  • 6 shows, 2 at midnight. “Midnight show” just sounds kind of hot, you know? Anyway, it’s better than 2am.
  • Runs around an hour, they think.
  • Missing a costume designer. Please include desperate plea in email!
  • Upspace: show staff can clean shit out of the elbow. No moving the sideways piano. Arik will be there on Feb 3 (wet tech) to facilitate moving shit. Maybe they can coordinate w/ the upspace strike on the 2nd.
  • Female PMs get free printing from Sarah Doyle, because they’ve been disenfranchised. All PMs from now on should be women. Justin contemplates the potential for exploiting Hillel.

2nd Slot

  • Is it worth it to throw in a desperate plea in the email?
  • Sophie is proposing!!
  • If Allison is here, she cannot come to the meeting.

3rd Slot

  • Also goes into the email
  • Alana is mentoring

Money New Play Thing (MNPT)

Formerly Known as WITS

  • Let’s roll these gears! It comes up quick!
  • MNPT needs a new chair, because Allison can’t do it
  • What’s the concept?
  • Brownbrokers? (Sophie and Mazer perk up, and request that we tell them if we’re giving BB the space. We acquiesce). 24/48? New plays? Readings? Speakers?
  • We need to start luring in speakers.
  • General tone: WHAT’S GOING ON?
  • We’ll figure this out after our decision meeting on Saturday.

New Members

  • Weekend before weekend of spring break. That’s during MNPT / WITS. What if we are having a 24h playwriting festival during the decision meeting? We’ll figure this out on Saturday, too.
  • Everyone say “hi” to Sam.


  • Opening Feb 12 – 17. Alex is on it. BSR might put on a concert if no one on the waitlist wants it, but they have to know by Wednesday.
  • This weekend: Arik is organizing some staged readings for Friday and Saturday. Alex will email about monitors if he doesn’t just end up going to both.
  • Reservations for next semester open a week from Wednesday.
  • Alex wants a set of strip lights for the upspace.

Nude Erectors

  • Adam has not exactly started planning.
  • He should plan more in advance than Elliot and James did last year.
  • We’ll supply him with a subcommittee next week when there are more people at the meeting.


  • Adam will bring the fun and help Andrew with prom. And nude erectors. Mazer is going to get shit done, people!

Space Maintenance

is Tara

  • “The back door is permanently fucked and is always open. Fuck it.”


  • Put in email

Seating Plats



  • HOLY SHIT. Only 1 last piece
  • Drew’s been working super-hard and is a rock star
  • Now that we have them, we will sell them like bricks or stars. Who wants to pay to name a dimmer after him/herself?


  • We really, really need to make sure that Avery Piano got their dough for tuning our piano.
  • Speaking of Avery, no one has seen the appraisal that they mailed to us. Max will go find it in the PW box at the SAO.
  • Piano phone numbers for people: Joel Levine (tuner, may buy piano) = 401 - 741-9400; Avery = 401 - 421-1434 (probably won’t buy piano, but Max, you could ask them about it).
  • Who will “buy” this piano? People. Who use pianos. Especially ones that don’t work that are missing one of the wooden sticks that it should have.


  • Justin: meeting with Arik and Daria about money
  • Daria: we have a rec to East Side still… someone should buy food for Saturday!
  • Arik: He’s the web person, but only Sophie and Alex know how to use the blueroom. Alex will show Arik the way.
  • We should write up a blurb that actually describes the current proposal process and email it to Arik. Who volunteered to do this? Oh, nobody? Right. Well, everyone, if you’re inspired, go forth and write proposal guidelines!
  • Alex: WE HAVE A COMPUTER! NO, WAIT, DREW DOES. There is some confusion about who has the computer and where it is. Somewhere in the SAO or PW.

Using the Blueroom for NPF and other groups

  • Let’s use NPF as a trial run
  • Find some way to make it clear that PW isn’t BUGS, BOP, SOTG, NPF, etc… and is not responsible for their very good theatre.
  • Can we export the Blueroom?
  • Some kind of notification like “NPF was produced by NOT PW.”
  • Allison: Our minutes have a loyal fanbase. We giggle, then admit that we all used to read the minutes online, too. What fun meetings we have! Arik has a way to make it so that they’ll open directly when you link to them on the website (rather than in a word document). Alana, you should ask him about it. He’ll do that to these minutes because Kaya doesn’t know how.
  • Adam: Dentist chair. Aiden. No. Dental chair rental chair!

Next Week

Regular time, regular place.

Don’t forget Saturday’s meeting! Tentatively scheduled for 11. We’ll discuss 2nd slot and MNPT (and its potential impacts on scheduling New Members). Kaya will send an email about it on Wednesday evening.

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