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pw board meeting minutes 24 feb 08

in attendance

daria, tara, jessie, albert, mazer, arik, justin s, alex, max, justin o, andrew, alana
visiting: dan, aaron, sophie

2nd slot

needs run crew: alana will put it in weekly email
would like house managers to help clean up at the end of each show we resist. maybe we don't want to clean, maybe we don't want to be part of the show…
we'll find out more details and work it out
we have mops sans buckets. apparently the key to moppy happiness is buckets not only that, but having a mop is MEANINGLESS without proper bucketing
builds: monday and tuesday afternoons. can anyone help?

3rd slot

yay reckless!
looking for help with sign language: alana will contact people
looking for costume designer: dan will talk to emma
looking for stage manager and td: dan will talk to a few prospects
we can't spend any cash :-(


dan has it for “family affair”
will send alana a blurb for the weekly email
shows friday and saturday at 8 and 11
grant app in process for folding tables


uh oh: pastiche may be a deragatory postmodern term. hmm…
subcommittee will meet after this
two weeks from tomorrow!
daria will email alana a blurb for the email

pw prom

nothing new

new members

get-together on thursday night at 11:00 in the downspace
daria will get a req for pizza
alana will buy the wine
alana will get a list of everyone who's worked on shows this year
albert will write an email to send out to them

commencement slot

nothing new

first slot

mazer is the mentor

space maintenance

well…the box office…
all doors are fixed though!
oh oh oh! maybe…we could get a window on the box office that lets us…hear things?!
or a puppy? or a fish between two pains of glass? a garage door?
roll-up glass??
operation safe: arik is on it. if only we had the money to buy one!
room 112 smells awful
gas smell in downspace?

seating plats






next meeting

sunday 1:00pm



come see his musical next weekend in hillel


let's get on new directors


ross' boot? uh oh
we should redistribute kaya's jobs. arik has taken over checking the pw email.


help bringing cable back from leeds please?

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