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pw board meeting minutes 19 feb 08, 11:15 pm

in attendance

andrew, tara, max, jessie, arik, mazer, justin o, albert, daria, justin s, alex, alana
visiting: aly, sophie, kelly, sam, aaron

2nd slot

there's water. AND a pool. they might be the same thing.
it's all under control! according to mcgarty, “it might even work! I mean, it won't, it'll leak, but it MIGHT work…“
guys…let's get a whale. he and the tiger can be friends.
how to we publicize a splash zone? and…er…a frosting zone?
cake crossbow! alex sits and says “crossbow” for a while

3rd slot

no one knows, it's like a big mystery. we'll find out tomorrow…
best guess: dan proposing reckless, mark (re)proposing cats, sarah no longer proposing

commencement slot

justino will be the slot mentor
aaron would like to talk to us about the pillowman


the schedule is set! hooray:
monday: strike.
tuesday: workshops.
wednesday: readings, part 1.
thursday: brownbrokers. 48 begins.
friday: brownbrokers.
saturday: 48 hour presentation and then prom!
sunday: readings, part 2.
monday: strike.

pw prom update

let's get party manager trained. together. aww.
no liquor license needed, won't publicize, guest list will be our email list
budget questionmark
live funk band is a possibility
we should have pw foods, or inverse pw foods: wasabi peas, wrapped pigs, pita wafers, etc.


kelly ma has it this week
shows friday and saturday at 7:00 (30 minute performance) with talkback after on friday
strike will be after saturday's show
we'll help out with publicity
letin at 7:30pm on thursday: justino (will be downstairs)
alex will help kelly set up a mic

friday: jessie
saturday: justin s

space maintenance

the back door has…issues. what else is new.


big love might apply for cake funding. alex tells us that cake is a choice.
choose wisely, kids.
dan stops by to drop off a grant app and chill
subcommittee will meet this week: justin s (fearless leader), alex, arik, alana

seating platforms



we'll keep thinking. hard.


the appraisal is in the cash box
max will work on selling it. possibly to himself.

next meeting

11:15 pm on sunday


will be missing some meetings etc. coming up. feel better!

we have new 4×8 platforms! hooray!
will retrieve the table saw wheel
will work on softball

alana/new mems:
please claim board buddies!
ok we're all set for now. email them!

shana: mazer
drew: justin o
emma: andrew
sam: justin s
cara: daria
john: tara

server keeps going down
maybe time to get a new server?
the computer is set up! hooray!
it'll have ALL SORTS of word processing programs
with justin s's help, will rewrite the proposal page on the website so it's only one instead of three

that's all, folks!

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