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pw board meeting minutes 10th feb 08

In attendance

Justin S, Alex, Daria, Justin O, Tara, Jessie, Mazer, Max, Alana
Visiting: Aaron

roses are red
they like when it's sunny
thorns are not red
and not very funny

2nd slot

is cast! that's cast, not (forbetterorworse) cats
cast will come to strike tomorrow
safety meeting will be on tuesday
we talk to aaron about budget/moneyspending
5th show will be saturday 11:30pm

1st slot

strike will begin tomorrow at 9:00pm
we'll ask them what's up with spending – haven't gotten many receipts
karma box part of this speech didn't make it into the preshow recording
strike jobs:
running: andrew (with help from alex)
electrix space: justin (has to leave at 11:30)
electrix room: alana (has to leave at 11:00)
shop: tara
paint: kaya
upspace: max
costumes: jessie
booth: justin
box office: daria
props: daria
hot room: mazer (has to leave early)
let's be efficient because this set is huge
we'll see if we can borrow extra screw guns
there seems to have been a lack of respect for the space
bozos should make themselves available for people to talk about concerns
perhaps we should cozo less and bozo more
and strengthen the bozo presence in general

3rd slot

have heard from dan rogers and sarah tolan-mee

the week thing that needs a name

SPACEJAM? project SPACEJAM? we'll keep thinking
bit by bit, we're putting it together
still need something for the saturday night before prom
committee will meet this week

new members

decision meeting WILL be on march 8th, dammit!
starting at 11:00 or 11:30
mazer will be shana's board buddy
haven't heard from others so far
maybe albert has heard from some
we'll email show staff and cast lists


jd has it this week
kelly ma has it next week

space maintenance

something's up with the front door facilities doesn't seem to want to fix it I mean, yeah, we do have other doors, but guys, for real? alex hurt his eye with a coconut bra I mean, yeah, he does have another eye…

seating platforms



nothing new


the appraisal is in daria's room
it's apparently not in great shape

next week's meeting

11:15 pm on tuesday



we have a computer! where is it? it's in the sao someone with a car should, like, pick it up

new directors festival subcommittee

mazer, albert, daria, jessie, max?


charles bonas subcommittee should meet


we should invite aly (new sao person) to a meeting

let's be more active over email
stuff often gets ignored during the week

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