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3 february 2008

in attendance: andrew, max, daria, justino, justins (and a pet par), kaya, alex, alana, mazer, albert, jessie

visiting: sophie (with entrance music!)

roses are red
and they have thorns
this poem will rhyme
just kidding it won't

1st slot

tech is going on right now
projection is a go
no seating platforms! glorious
pw practices safe sets
sometimes bozos have to be the man
but the place is a safer space for it
the show is kind of running at its own pace
there were some issues of discomfort
things seem to be going better now
we do a walkthrough of the set
we will have very specific instructions for house managers
we'll make sure people don't stand in dangerous places

house managers:
friday eight: jessie, justino
friday midnight: max, mazer
saturday eight: daria, alberto
saturday midnight: jessie, arik
sunday: justins, kaya
monday: andrew, alex, alana

kaya's business because she has to leave soon:
not going on leave per se, but will be very busy
she'll give what she can give

new members decision meeting

we decide to keep it on the 8th at 11am

2nd slot

aaron will be the production manager
there's an asm as well
we have a possible interested ald
this is gonna be a breeze

3rd slot

no one yet

new members

no one yet
get-together is thursday the 28th by 11pm


tuesday 1-4 the puppet class will use it
reservations opened, we had 17 people for 4 slots
downspace has it this week
we should make sure people come to strikes

space maintenance




seating platforms



all done! except what to do with the old ones?
we can give them to bop in alumnae if the plan actually happens
but if not we can look into selling them
we should work with the sao

week in the space

brownbrokers thursday and friday
prom on saturday – maybe with a live funk band?
andrew and mazer are in charge of prom and will take care of stuff

next week meeting



wants to play softball
we'll be better than better than dinner

the computer is in the sao and needs to be picked up by a car

the plaque will be here soon
ceremony to kick off week in the space?

no alcohol in the downspace

should we give the sao a heads up about first slot?
maybe kids shouldn't come

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