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Here: allison, alex, andrew, lily, max, soph, sam, justin, drew, arik, daria
Not Here: katherine, oona
Visiting: stacy, dave, andrew, jay

Rose: cupcakes, donuts, hanging out with dogs and getting paid, snow, air travel, sweatshirt, no stress about work, pleasure dome! sausage egg and cheese, going to see twilight

Thorn: papers! (quotes), work, presentation for golub, want a snow day and drink hot chocolate, friends that you give a lot to and they don't give back, the crash that will inevitably come, going back to school

Drew has a first snow sweater….
Cupcakes mean hooking up with a former board member

Pleasure Dome

  • staff
    • aaron malkin as stage manager?
    • eric actually wants to LD…we think?
      • andrew is going to talk to him
    • timmy simmons (sculptor) wants to get involved in sets
      • peter getting involved?
    • need a PM and a TD (and SM too)
  • strike
    • they want to keep most of the we don't have to take it down
      • they will let us know after the meeting/during the meeting
  • auditions
    • this week, Tuesday and Wednesday night
    • callbacks on Thursday
    • jay is designing a poster, will send it to drew by 2am tonight
    • andrew s. will send sophie a blurb
    • they also want to put up college jeopardy posters to get a weird surprised set of people
      • will make sure that they know what they are getting into
    • 8.5x11 – 75 standard, 25 weird
    • soph will make a facebook page
    • email pattie y. about people interested in performance studies
    • in the downstage space
  • early housing
    • 15th of January
    • email lily with SISD, banner, name, email, phone number, room #
  • bozo = sophie
  • strike at 10pm
  • projector – air travel sweet talked media services, usually have to pay
  • run dates feb 6-9

Air Travel

  • strike
    • running it – drew
    • shop – andrew
    • electrics in the room – arik
    • electrics in the space – oona
    • props – daria
    • paint – max
    • furniture – sam
    • upspace – Justin
    • costumes/shop – alex
    • box office – soph
    • green room – Justin

2nd slot

  • alex is the mentor!

Holiday Party

  • sam and drew are getting alcohol this week, 5 dolla per person
  • mcgarty is getting here at 7 (or 7:30. Or 8:00…or let's be real. we have no idea when he is coming)
  • 5:30 pm Friday – Secret Santa

Lazer Tag

  • mf didn't respond to our email, we think they are just ignoring us
  • Justin doesn't remember when he scheduled us… 8:00pm (Saturday night)
    • we are canceling air travel so that we can play today!
  • semi-threatening email to mf to make sure they are confirmed
    • ask how many cars they have
  • car situation…
    • people should look into borrowing a car
    • we need 5 cars we think…drew, katherine, alex peyser…


  • drew is doing rights, part of the treasurer's job since they have to pay rights, work with the sao
  • alex as second signatory
  • andrew and daria are discussing the princess of tf green job


  • drew got the authorization to fix/replace the speaker…1000 dollars
  • can't plug a straight circuit into a dimmable plug…blows the power cube more things I don't understand
  • either need to buy parts (but they don't make the speaker anymore) or replace equipment
  • it could have been a bigger problem…blown the dimmer panel
    • could have blown the projector we don't own
  • should only do things that we know how to do …or have seen someone do
    • or call

Seating Platforms

  • wooden platforms are NOT to code
  • can make our current ones work
  • need new clamps ….slide clamps. Put 2×4 in between to keep it from torquing
  • lips – we will buy some 1×1

UPDATE ON PD and the airplane

  • they just want the wings (no legs)
  • want the cabin as is
  • need to talk to pete and pete
  • interested in idea of accumulation
  • don't want any of the lights taken down
  • keep lightboard in the room…in a salt bath
  • not going to traditional scenic design…going to grab a bunch of artists and people to live in the space and just work and accumulate..
  • probably not a traditional TD either
  • andy Warhol factory


  • this will make pleasure dome so very happy
    • pleasure dome wants to set up a meeting with them
    • things are getting so meta
    • forward email to dave and andrew
  • we can offer to btv the ability to pay for the filming rights
  • we will have a tape of air travel if they want that


  • duv company emailed us back. We can dry clean
  • drew can call his dry cleaner at home since his mom has a great relationship with their dry cleaner
  • don't use the place on Thayer. guy is sketch.
  • can try woolite
    • hang it over the truss in the upspace and can clean both sides


  • grad student playwrights (and gm) are doing something in the upspace
  • are doing a bakeoff…gave them ingredients
  • writing plays by Wednesday, rehearsing on Thursday, performing on Friday
  • anyone interested in directing and/or acting
  • 5 directors total
  • 9pm or 10pm…on Friday
  • Saturday during the day…hang out, informal reading of plays
    • how are we going to advertise this?
    • it needs a name
    • fb event
    • send a blurb to alex


  • drew – any receipts from this semester are due to him by December 12th, grants, shows, whatever. After Friday sorry.
    • going to get brooms from home depot
    • air travel didn't follow rec rules. Spent lots of cash without asking
      • drew is going to make a list of acceptable places to spend cash, will give to production staff at the beginning of the process
      • MUST communicate this with pleasure dome
  • allison – need money from MF by December 12th in cash, DARIA
  • soph – modern dance group needs rehearsal space. fine.

minutes taken by allison. wikified by drew and allison

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