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HERE: Andrew, Allison, Daria, Soph, Justin, Max, Sam, Katherine
WE MISS: drew, arik, alex

Rose: elliot b. quick, homemade donuts
Thorn: bike crashes, getting hit with a fish

First Slot

  • What is a bozo doing? Daria is acting like an assistant PM
  • The set is built like a rock.
  • Monday production meeting 10pm
  • We think we got early housing – some people did their bears shift and then left.
  • There is a possibility that a section of seating platforms will be raised 5ftish off the ground, but it will be safe and Andrew will keep us posted.

Second Slot

  • Two proposals so far: Sophie/max doing max’s play and Doug eacho – arcadia
  • Maybe cats. We are happy
  • Proposals due: Sept 10th at 5pm
  • Decision meeting: Sept 13th at 9am (ish)

Activities Fair

  • Sept 4th from 7-10 (maybe 6:30 – 9) soph and allison are checking


  • Katherine shows up! With cookies! Called haystacks! Renamed to hey sex

Activities fair continued

  • Everyone so far is participating. Soph is only a ½ though because of S&B
  • We will bring: scrapbooks, crappy wooden signs and food (Hey sex and projectile food)


  • Cookies mean I don’t have AIDS. We realize this is probably not good.

Activities fair continued

  • Flyer – Andrew making them. Will include information about day in the space, pw in general, Jb….anything else that will make us seem super cool.

Leeds thing

  • Sept 3 at 9pm
  • We would love to revive dark and flashlights
  • Inflatable cowboy suit and cow suit!
  • We want to include everyone!!!
  • Tuesday 2:30pm script writing meeting in upspace, everyone is welcome

Day in the Space

  • Saturday the 6th from 1-3pm
  • Andrew will make table slips to hand out at orientation
  • We are baking instead of ordering pizza (because we are apparently poor)
  • Katherine, allison, Andrew, daria (allison will send out baking schedule)
  • Soph will send out morning mail email thing

Clean up!

  • Drew is cleaning the electrics room
  • Saturday morning at 11am. (group cleanup)
  • Daria can clean some other time if she wants.

Summer Studies

  • Fucking awesome
  • “We should date! We should date!” – some summer studies girl
  • It was awkward. Andrew might have asked her out. But he wasn’t into it.
  • Everyone dips.
  • Theaterbridgers are angsty
  • “I can beat this. But you’ll always be stupid.”

Manton Ave.

  • It wasn’t mantons fault that they didn’t put the seating platforms away because we have terribly shitty platforms and they didn’t know how to take them down.
  • They couldn’t take down the lights because they were over the platforms.
  • But they should have taken down the duv.
  • She wants to be on our email list (arik!). She being Jenny.
  • She wants to know if anyone wants to volunteer down there. Email her directly if you are interesting.
  • Liason to manton – Andrew (only because he is on their email list)
  • Someone on the board should be around next year when they do it during summer. OR
  • We will meet with her before the end of the school year before she uses the space.


  • Aubie needs keys. We think. But maybe not.


  • Done.
  • Max is hazmat and paint safety.
  • Sam is furniture
  • Katherine is liason to S&B and she is going to go to a meeting and everything.


  • Arik is debriefing Sam on Monday
  • And he knows everything (he being arik)
  • Andrew might want the given up week. He will talk to arik.

BUSINESS a category early

  • All about archives!
  • University saves records.
  • But we don’t want the man to have it.
  • We are going to digitize them and give them to the man. Maybe.
  • We want to do RENT the high school musical.
  • Exploratory committee…about high school musical. It was a joke. But mf is actually considering it.
  • Jobs are on the website.
  • We are going to make a seal. PW doesn’t not count as a seal (not the animal). It is two letters!
  • Justin claims that it is echoed everywhere!
  • We create a new position: Branding/new media/aesthetics – Sam, Katherine. Soph is liasoning.

Space Maintenance

  • Building is fine.
  • Some door is broken. But isn’t it always. But Andrew is going to call it in.


  • Andrew – the university wants to house bsr in tf green in the band rooms. We think bsr is really nice. We hate cobab. Bsr and pw are fighting the same fight.
  • Soph – new publicity person at the department is awesome. We don’t miss brian gaston. She wants to be on our email list (arik). (she being the new publicity person. I don’t know her name)
  • We don’t like the inconsistency of the spelling of theater/theatre.
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