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pw board meeting minutes 4/20

in attendance

andrew, drew, alex, albert, sam, arik, tara, jess, mazer, justino, max, daria, alana
visiting: aubie, natalie, aaron


the costume rooms are a mess - mf isn't going to use them
maybe we can clean them out as the pw/mf bonding project?
house managers:
friday@8: tara
sat@3: alex
sat@11: andrew
sun@8: drew
mon@8: arik
everyone else, email aaron right away with what night you want to go - we each get one ticket
seating platforms: monday at 11:00pm
drew will be there to help supervise
they're using their own ticketing system
house count is around 100
show uses herbal cigarettes - they'll post a sign in the lobby

commencement slot

has a cast!
first production meeting was last tuesday
is pw ok with not having a saturday show?
we think maybe we're not ok with not having actually…will discuss later
get cast/crew info to daria RIGHT NOW for commencement housing
not missing any staff! yay

first slot

auditions will be next week, more info soon
will wait until after funny house is cast
still need: costumes, co-sound?, maybe set? maybe td? props
[update: just need lighting and props at this point?]
daria is the bozo
daria will secure the rights

space maintenance

door broken. again. when fixing fails: replace that guy?

light board:
rental board has to be returned to treehouse
alex will take care of it tomorrow
it cost $30 for the weekend
what happened, anyway?
problem with the power supply
drew's looking into getting it appraised/fixed
might have to rent another one for upspace show later
we should look into the warranty - do we (still) have one?
let's go to ufb for money for this this week

new mems still need card access [update: taken care of?]
sam still needs a box office key
drew is the new key person

we'll leave the override key and the code in the sao



summer studies program contract being renegotiated
we should decide the staff by saturday


first slot dates? arik will email us calendar options when he gets them from justin


how can cats get a copy of the score?
a pit might rehearse over the summer


may 19th (monday) 1:00pm


may 15th (thursday) afternoon

next meeting

sunday 1:00pm

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